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Study: Starbucks, Costa Coffee Tops at UK Social Media Customer Engagement

When it comes to engaging with customers through social media, the efforts of two major coffee companies are percolating the most. According to eDigitalResearch.com, a London-based company that insight… Read More

Pelipod Boosts Loyalty, Experience By Taking the Waiting Game Out of Home Delivery

It’s no surprise that now more than ever shoppers are making their purchases online; preferring the method because it saves time and hassle. But challenges still come when… Read More

Air “Fair”: CellPoint Mobile Protects Airlines from Mooched Miles and Loyalty Fraud

In a perfect world, traveling would always be an enjoyable experience. If the Muppet Movie was any indication of reality, people could travel “footloose and fancy free,” like… Read More

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What Do Italian Drivers Want From Tomorrow’s Car Infotainment Systems?

In a competitive global marketplace, one key way for auto manufacturers to keep customers satisfied is to anticipate and meet their future wants and desires. We asked drivers what multi-media and entertainment features they might want in tomorrow’s… Read More

Retail Parks: Sustainable Investment or Hype?

Retail parks are currently a hot topic of conversation: This retail format is increasingly the first choice among retailers and consumers, and investors are now following suit. GfK retail expert Manuel Jahn explores why retail parks constitute a sustainable investment… Read More

Emerging Markets set the Pace for Technology Devices in 2015

Ask many companies what will be the most attractive market for their technology devices in 2015 and don’t be surprised if the default answer is China. But it’s time for sellers of these products to carry out… Read More

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Customer service can be your brand differentiator, and it seems that a large percentage of retailers (but true in just…