Customer Experience Landscape

Customer Experience Landscape: A State of the Industry Report, Shaped by Industry Feedback

Customer Experience is more than just a buzz word – it’s a critical leg of the journey. CX Landscape is an honest and unbiased assessment of the CX strategies in the market today. Building on the insights uncovered in the 2014 report and incorporating feedback from Loyalty360 members, this year’s study will explore year-over-year shifts in strategic direction, investment, business impact, channel strategy and more. Attendees to Engagement & Experience Expo 2015 will receive a free summary of the CX Landscape report. The report will provide business intelligence on CX budgets, metrics, performance benchmarks, challenges and innovations.

With the 2014 CX Landscape: The State of the Industry report, Loyalty360 assessed the current and future states of customer experience. By surveying more than 250 brands, the study evaluated the definition and scope of CX, processes, frameworks, challenges, technology adoption, innovations and knowledge gaps. To access the full report, including an executive summary, key findings, benchmarks on critical CX metrics, analysis of more than 20 survey questions and comparisons to winners of the Loyalty360 CX Awards, click the “Add to Cart" button at the bottom of this page. 

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