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Mark is CEO & CMO of Loyalty360. He has significant experience in selling, designing and administering prepaid, loyalty/CRM programs, as well as data-driven marketing communication programs.

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  • Evergage Increases the Clarity of Digital Customer Engagement

    Two driving forces behind customer engagement strategies today are 1:1 personalization and real-time digital integration. The ability to provide an individualized customer experience that connects websites, mobile apps and various online... Read More

  • Customer Experience Challenge of Listening: Talking Points Versus Active Listening

    As we prepare for the 2015 Engagement & Experience Expo, we have had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to stalwarts within the customer experience and brand engagement industry. When reflecting... Read More

  • Meineke Repairs the Car Care Industry’s Approach to Customer Engagement

    For most auto owners, proper car care and maintenance is a fact of life. Attracting and retaining these drivers as loyal customers is an essential part of the automotive care... Read More

  • Noodles & Company Creates High Impact Guest Experiences that Resonate Across Communities

    People crave authentic connections. Just like sleeping or eating, it’s often considered to be a fundamental need. New mobile and social technologies constantly purport to bring us closer... Read More

  • AARP’s Loyalty Program Engages, Educates, and Rewards a Highly Active Community

    AARP is on a mission to help aging people live better lives. As a nonprofit organization, the social impact that AARP makes can be seen throughout its extremely diverse array... Read More

  • Essilor Clearly Sees the Value of an Exceptional Customer Experience

    Essilor is on a mission. Not only does the world’s leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of eyeglass lenses want to “help the world see better,” it... Read More

  • rDialogue Unifies Customer Engagement, Experience, and Loyalty for a Modern Marketing Landscape

    We do not live in a world of mass marketing. Not anymore. The old method of designing one overarching message to target and influence a vast audience is no longer... Read More

  • DataCandy Q&A: A Simple, Relevant, and Integrated Customer Experience

    There is a growing realization that relevance and simplicity are now crucial customer experience characteristics. The world, and almost everything in it, is becoming increasingly complex. A multitude of traditional,... Read More

  • The Economist Finds a Connection Between Customer Experience and Revenue

    It is hard to underestimate value of a customer experience that prioritizes a highly interpersonal and humanized touch. With the proliferation of new digital and social technologies, however, many brands... Read More

  • A Community-Centric Culture Defines Costa’s Authentic Customer Experience

    It would be hard to understate the importance of community. Communities bind and tie people together, create strong support networks, and generate shared understandings than generate trust and loyalty. Communities... Read More

  • 7-Eleven Actively Listens and Responds to Win Customer Loyalty

    7-Eleven’s mission to provide a customer experience that offers consumers “whatever they need, whenever they need it” has seen the brand evolve far beyond the original... Read More

  • Global Hotel Alliance Discovers a New Echelon of Global Customer Engagement

    Ask someone to recount a memorable trip, or an exciting experience away from home, and they probably won’t mention how many loyalty program points they earned at the... Read More

  • Home Shopping Network Connects Customer Journeys to Build Brand Loyalty

    Great marketing has always been about great storytelling, but today customer engagement also encompasses so much more. Brands now need to deliver the right message at the right time and... Read More

  • eatbigfish Shows How Business Limitations Can Lead to Customer Engagement Opportunities

    Setbacks, limitations, and constraints are all part of life. There will always be challenges to best and obstacles to overcome. This has always been the case for those trying to... Read More

  • Prudential Individual Life Insurance Ensures Customer Loyalty through Relevancy

    For decades, Prudential Individual Life Insurance has been there for people seeking to protect what they value most. Dedicated to helping families find security in a dynamic and changing world,... Read More

  • Airlines Trying to Create a Better Customer Experience

    For Richard Garlick, global travel and hospitality lead for J.D. Power, there still remains “a lot of hassle” with the airline customer experience, “but in a... Read More

  • Tony Roma’s Builds Customer and Community Relationships to Drive Brand Loyalty

    Tony Roma’s does not operate a formal loyalty program, but that does not mean it considers customer loyalty to be any less vital. Considerations of customer loyalty are... Read More

  • For Avis Budget Group, Customer Experience Drives Brand Differentiation

    When Jeannine Haas, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, at Avis Budget Group, joined the company three years ago, she was excited about the opportunity to redefine and build upon the... Read More

  • The Hospitable Customer Experience of Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort Attracts More Than Gamers

    Customer experiences are changing in the casino industry. No longer seeking to only build brand loyalty by catering to avid gamers, some of the most forward thinking organizations are beginning... Read More

  • Rite Aid Q&A: A Major Coalition Loyalty Program Becomes a Reality in the U.S.

    Plenti is a new coalition loyalty program that will let consumers quickly collect points and redeem rewards by engaging with several major brands. As the first loyalty program of its... Read More

  • Technology Paves the Road to Customer Engagement Success at Church’s Chicken

    Changing and evolving with the times, especially as the country’s third-largest quick-service restaurant chain, is critical when it comes to customer engagement and staying relevant with memorable customer... Read More

  • Single-channel Companies Struggle with True Customer Engagement, Customer Journey Marketing

    As Nancy Shaver, Principal Consultant, Experian Marketing Services views it, single-channel marketers struggle to find true customer engagement and   understand real customer journeys. “Single-channel folks really are... Read More

  • MaritzCX Guides Brands Struggling to Find Footing in a Challenging Customer Experience Landscape

    Customer loyalty can shift with the click of a mouse, which makes implementing effective customer engagement programs increasingly difficult. Socially connected, mobile savvy, and digitally empowered customers are demanding more... Read More

  • Klein Tools Builds Upon Generations of Advocacy through Digital Customer Engagement

    For 158 years, Klein Tools has been a family-owned and operated company that has manufactured some of the highest quality hand tools in existence. A well-respected name in the industry, Klein... Read More

  • Customer Relationship Management is Driving Force Behind Opus Bank

    Founded in 2010, when the financial industry was knee-deep in the Great Recession, Opus Bank emerged like a breath of fresh air. The bank, focused on successful entrepreneurs and business leaders... Read More

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club Rewards Loyal Customers

    BJ’s Wholesale Club is well known for its high-quality assortment at everyday low prices, and that’s how officials say they’ve attracted and retained loyal... Read More

  • The James Hotel Combines Beauty and Elite Customer Experience for its Loyalty Guests

    The James is redefining luxury boutique hotels in New York, Chicago and soon in West Hollywood for its loyal guests. The hotel focuses on providing beautiful designs and outstanding customer... Read More

  • Delicious and Nutritious, Two Reasons Why Sunsweet Prunes Equal Sweet Customer Experiences

    Sunsweet is a co-operative of prune growers synonymous with quality fruit and healthy products. Roughly 300 growers in Central California nurture, grow, and harvest several tons of French prune plums each... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy is a Cut Above at TONI&GUY

    In a highly competitive business where customer loyalty is hard to come by, Debbie Webster, President of Academy and Salon Divisions for TONI&GUY Hairdressing, told Loyalty360 that the... Read More

  • Pegasystems Looks Ahead to a New Era of Real-time Customer Engagement Solutions

    Pegasystems is quite adept at staying ahead of the customer engagement curve. And these days, that is no easy task. The world is changing fast, and customer expectations are changing... Read More

  • Wyndham Rewards Reimagines the Possibilities of a Hotel Loyalty Program

    Hotels have been notorious for making it increasingly difficult for travelers to earn points, redeem rewards, and to successfully participate in loyalty programs in general. Whether it’s an... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty Is About Channel Choice and Meeting the Customer in Preferred Channel

    For Matthew Storm, Director, Innovation & Solutions, NICE Systems, brand loyalty is about channel choice. Storm participated in an enlightening interview with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s software... Read More

  • Gilt’s Fashion Sense is Tailor Made for A Personalized Customer Experience

    For most retailers, successfully appealing to the distinctive styles and trends of individual tastes can be a very effective mode of customer engagement. For fashion retailers in particular, it is... Read More

  • Taco John’s Guest-Centric Customer Engagement Program Pleases More Than Just Diners

    Taco John’s has become one of America’s leading quick-serve Mexican restaurants for a good reason. After realizing that successful customer engagement depends on hearing what guests... Read More

  • Chevy Shifts Into a New Paradigm of Connected Customer Engagement

    Innovative brands like Chevy are beginning to look beyond the confines of its own industry to curate the personalized customer experiences that drivers want. Competition among automakers has always been... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty is All About Preferences at La Quinta Inns & Suites

    For Rob Taylor, Director of Loyalty Marketing for La Quinta Returns, the loyalty program at La Quinta Inns & Suites, customer loyalty is a result of focusing on the right... Read More

  • SCENE Q&A: Strategic Alliance Expands Customer Engagement

    The momentum of SCENE, a joint venture between Cineplex and Scotiabank, has continued to build. As Canada’s fastest growing loyalty program, SCENE has recently announced a new partnership... Read More

  • Hyatt Looks Beyond the Hotel Industry to Build Brand Loyalty

    In our rapidly changing consumer landscape, brands can no longer afford to maintain an insular industry perspective. Savvy marketers are now extending their gaze far beyond the boundaries of their... Read More

  • Recyclebank: Rewards, Education and Metrics to Achieve Real-World Impact

    Recyclebank CEO Javier Flaim is excited about where the organization is headed, and hopes that more customer engagement becomes a reality in 2015. Recyclebank uses a mix of education, rewards, customer... Read More

  • The Continued Renaissance of Loyalty: The Challenge of Simplicity in the Age of Complexity

    The interest in customer loyalty has never been greater. We launched our Brand Forum this past summer with an increased focus on brands to understand the challenges they are facing... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Kristi Gole, Global Hotel Alliance

    Kristi is a passionate marketing executive who extends the concept of loyalty across the entire customer experience. She serves as the Director of Loyalty Marketing for Global Hotel Alliance, the... Read More

  • Safeway Stays Close to Customers, Reaps Brand Loyalty

    Safeway has an intensely close relationship with its customers that has resulted in memorable customer experiences, superb customer engagement, a highly successful loyalty program, and top-notch brand loyalty. The program... Read More

  • Bringing Amazing Customer Experiences to Life at Finish Line

    Finish Line’s Winners Circle loyalty program has been highly successful, so much so that company officials wanted to enhance the customer experience with the launch of a new... Read More

  • Schnuck Markets Nourishes and Engages its Loyal Customers

    Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The family-owned company, led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Todd Schnuck, has always held... Read More

  • Mapco’s My Reward$ Loyalty Program Going Strong

    Howard Curtis, Director of Marketing & CRM for Mapco Express, participated in a compelling interview with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s customer loyalty and customer engagement efforts, along... Read More

  • IHG Rewards Club Gets Personal and Focuses on Innovation

    As “the world’s first and largest hotel loyalty program”, IHG® Rewards Club from InterContinental Hotels Group has a history of being innovative and driving value... Read More

  • LG Electronics Building Customer Relationships from the Ground Up

    Having only entered the market in 2005, LG Electronics has a lot to prove in the considered purchase category, which includes products like appliances and televisions. Transforming customer engagement into customer... Read More

  • Publix Super Markets Treats Customers Like Royalty

    On its company website, Publix offers the following message aimed at always delivering exemplary customer service: “Publix aims to be a great employer. We hire associates who have a... Read More

  • New Balance Reshapes Customer-centric Path Toward Loyalty

    Rob DeMartini, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Balance, Inc. sat down with Loyalty360 to discuss the loyalty and customer experience industry and what path his company views on the... Read More

  • Taco John’s® Teams Up with InMoment to Optimize Customer Feedback

    Taco John’s®, a Mexican quick service restaurant chain with locations in 25 states, not only feeds its hungry customers daily–it listens to them every day as... Read More

  • BigDoor provides Big Insights for Loyalty Programs

    BigDoor provides loyalty solutions to some of the biggest brands today, partnering with companies to power full loyalty programs or augment existing ones. Equipped with insight from working with a... Read More

  • Red Lion Hotels: Where Everyone Knows Your Customer’s Name

    Bill Linehan, Chief Marketing Officer for Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLHC), wants employees to know the names of every customer who walks through their doors. RLHC wants to shift the... Read More

  • Setting the Pace with Loyalty: Stride Rite Shifts as Its Customers Shift

    Listening to and understanding your customers might seem like a small task in the loyalty industry, but it often eludes brand officials. The essence of capturing mind share and, ultimately,... Read More

  • Author Says Leadership Absolutely Drives Customer-centric Companies

    Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp., an independent research and publishing firm focused on customer-centric business management, and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of CustomerThink.com, believes wholeheartedly in the absolute linchpin to... Read More

  • The Challenge of Listening: Lost in Translation! The Adjacent Possible!!

    I have had the fortune - or perhaps the misfortune - of traveling more this year than in the past 18 months and I have had the opportunity to attend more... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low, Cannon told attendees during his session, ... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview, Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada

    Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada participated in a compelling Q&A with Loyalty360 CEO, Mark Johnson, to discuss challenges in the loyalty industry, where customer data is... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Danielle Anderson, Director of Digital Experience, Harris+Hoole

    Danielle Anderson, Director of Digital Experience, Harris+Hoole, presented a session on the coffee shop chain’s app, which includes a virtual loyalty card, at PayExpo 2014 (June 11-12) in... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low for the iconic global brand, Cannon... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview, Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada

    Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada participated in a compelling Q&A with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson to discuss challenges in the loyalty industry, where customer data is... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview with J.D. Power: Consumers Win Out in the Long Run

    J.D. Power III altered the way the industry viewed customer service, customer satisfaction, and the customer experience. He is the “voice” behind the term “Voice of... Read More

  • Understanding the Journey: An Opportunity to Learn from Your Peers

    An interesting test that arises when building a loyalty program (as part of a larger loyalty process) is the effective benchmarking of your program against those of your competitors and... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: David Overman, Rewards Manager, BB&T

    David Overman, Rewards Manager, BB&T has been in his current position for about 18 months, since his company decided to place a greater emphasis on managing its rewards program. ... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Sarah Mendez, Marketing Director, Mister Car Wash

    Sarah Mendez, Marketing Director, Mister Car Wash, told Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson that her company is starting to define itself as more member-centric. Mendez participated in an engaging interview with... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Nakati Edwards, VP, Online Marketing, AARP

    Nakati Edwards, VP, Online Marketing for AARP, participated in a scintillating interview with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson to discuss AARP’s freshly launched loyalty program−“Rewards for... Read More

  • Embracing the History of New York City: A Loyalty360 Interview with Gerald Barad of Triumph Hotels

    From polished Midtown luxury to chic downtown style, Triumph Hotels is a collection of six boutique Manhattan hotels with each offering a distinct take on the city experience.... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne

    Online retailer Overstock.com was recently named No. 3 in the 2014 Customer Loyalty and Engagement Index conducted by research specialist Brand Keys. The ratings are set by customers who have purchased... Read More

  • DD Perks Loyalty Program: A Loyalty360 Interview with Scott Hudler of Dunkin’ Brands

    Dunkin’ Donuts launched its DD Perks Rewards loyalty program on Jan. 27. The program offers guests nationwide points toward free Dunkin’ Donuts beverages for every visit they make at... Read More

  • Predictions for Marketers in 2014

    We all are conscious of the current economic environment and some of the uncertainty in the political environment and, therefore, these impacts will flow into the marketing and... Read More

  • “Giving” Consumers a Choice: A Loyalty360 Interview with PlanG Founder/CEO Marti Beller

    PlanG provides a central hub exclusively for charitable donations where members can track their giving and even generate helpful reports to show the impact they’re making. PlanG currently... Read More

  • JetBlue Sitting Pretty Amid Airline Consolidation

    From the early 1970s through the early 2000s, there were as many as 10 major U.S. airlines. In the wake of bankruptcies and mergers ─ most recently the merger of American... Read More

  • Ford Motor Company Targets Customer Loyalty and Advocacy: A Loyalty 360 Interview with Andrew Ashman

    Andrew Ashman, Global Consumer Experience Manager for Ford Motor Company, told Loyalty 360 that his company conducted a plethora of research to determine the best way to move from satisfying customers... Read More

  • Padres’ Loyalty Program Aims Toward Year-Round Engagement: A Loyalty 360 Interview with Mike Hele

    The name of the relatively new San Diego Padres’ loyalty membership program is simply “Padres Membership” – an ode to a traditional golf club “membership”... Read More

  • Re-imagining Sephora’s BEAUTY INSIDER: A Loyalty 360 Interview with Sarah Choi

    In 2007 Sephora launched the BEAUTY INSIDER client loyalty program as a way of thanking clients with special products, exclusive events, and an all-access pass to personalized beauty. The program is... Read More

  • Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings: Loyalty 360 Interview with Deirdre Bannon, VP, Product, SocialGuide

    On Oct. 7 Nielsen announced the commercial launch of Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, the first-ever measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings... Read More

  • A Loyalty 360 Interview with Jed Paulson: Director of Marketing and Ecommerce for Free People

    Specialty clothing brand Free People – included under the Urban Outfitters umbrella -- features the latest trends and vintage collections for women who live free through fashion, art, music, and... Read More

  • A Loyalty 360 Interview with Eben Sermon: eBay’s EU Marketing and Loyalty Director

    Eben Sermon, Director Relationship Marketing and Loyalty (EU) at eBay, participated in a riveting interview with Loyalty 360 CEO Mark Johnson. Sermon discussed several topics, including customer-centricity, the importance of engagement... Read More

  • Loyalty 360 Interview with Kobie Marketing: Bram Hechtkopf, VP Business Development and Marketing

    With a growth rate of 66% for the past four consecutive years, Kobie Marketing – the pioneer of omnichannel loyalty and a recognized leader in the loyalty marketing industry, has... Read More

  • The Behavior Lab, Gamification: A Loyalty 360 Interview with Badgeville CEO Ken Comee

    Badgeville -- the No. 1-ranked gamification and behavior management platform – recently launched The Behavior Lab, which is the industry's first center of excellence for behavior management solutions. The... Read More

  • Price Sensitive Consumers Can Be Loyal: A Loyalty 360 Interview with dunnhumby VP Media Solutions

    Price sensitive consumers can be loyal, high spending shoppers, and active brand advocates, according to new research from customer science company dunnhumby. Justin Petty, Vice President of Media Solutions, dunnhumby,... Read More

  • The Challenge of Data…

    It is interesting this idea of data (big, small, transaction, structured, unstructured, modeled), and if I have read one article on “big data,” I have read 10,000. The uniqueness... Read More

  • J.D. Power: The “Voice” Behind Voice of the Customer

    Having the opportunity to interview J.D. Power was quite compelling. Having been somewhat familiar with him and the awards that bear his name, I knew there was more than... Read More

  • Give Customers What They Want – A Loyalty 360 Interview with Clarus Marketing CEO Tom Caporaso

    Tom Caporaso is the CEO of Clarus Marketing Group, which creates and markets high-value subscription websites designed to save consumers time and money. Clarus is one of the pioneers of... Read More

  • The Challenge to Create Loyalty and Relevancy in the Airline Industry!

    In the inaugural survey ("Rising above the Clouds:  Charting a course for renewed airline consumer loyalty,") from Deloitte LLP. it was revealed that 72 percent of high-frequency business travelers participate... Read More

  • What’s Old is New with Customer Loyalty at Fairytale Brownies

    David Kravetz, Co-founder, Catalog & Web Team Leader, at Fairytale Brownies, told Loyalty 360 that his company began discussing loyalty initiatives and/or programs a few years back and were unsure... Read More

  • Convergence Key to Marketing Now and in Future—Loyalty 360 Interview with Experian’s Jeffery Hassemer

    When asked where the loyalty industry is headed, Jeffery Hassemer, SVP Global Product Strategy and Marketing for Experian Marketing Services, didn’t hesitate when he responded with one word:... Read More

  • Engage with Moosejaw and “Love the Madness”: A Loyalty 360 Interview with CEO Eoin Comerford

    Outdoor sporting goods and apparel merchant Moosejaw is known for its solid messaging, interactive and energetic marketing, not taking itself too seriously, and making customers laugh. Customer engagement may be... Read More

  • From CMO to CPO (Chief Professor Officer) - Loyalty 360 Interview with Simon Uwins

    Simon Uwins is currently an adjunct lecturer at the University of Southern California, and his website promotes the following taglines: “Visionary and Inspirational Marketing Leader” and “Creating... Read More

  • Engaging Youth

    Youth engagement has been defined in some circles as “involving young people in the creation of their own destinies." Creating, encouraging, and maintaining engagement in youth sports can be... Read More

  • Loyalty 360 Interview: Laura Rick of the Miami Dolphins

    Laura Rick is Director of Member Retention for the Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins launched The Fin Club loyalty rewards program last year. How would you like... Read More

  • Listening to the Customer Pays Off at JetBlue

    Many brands pay lip service to the ongoing quest of “listening to the customer”, but at JetBlue Airways it’s not just another catchphrase. It’s... Read More

  • Loyalty 360 Interview: Richard Char of Citi Enterprise Payments

    Richard Char is the Managing Director and Global Head of Digital Networks and Retail Services for Citi Enterprise Payments (CEP) – which, among other things, delivers offers on behalf of... Read More

  • 6 Trends in Mobile Customer Engagement

    Mobile is an exciting, engaging, and seemingly ever-changing form of communication. There seem to be new ways of engaging customers via mobile every day. Below we take a look at... Read More

  • The Importance of Short-Term Engagement for Long Term Loyalty

    Loyalty is THE prized possession for all brands. Aware of the financial benefits and incremental ancillary attributes of having truly loyal customers, many organizations still fail to truly pursue a... Read More

  • The New Marketing Paradigm

    Planning for 2013, we reflect on the gains, opportunities and challenges overcome during the course of this year. Looking back on the anticipated trends for 2012, I noticed that a number of... Read More

  • The 4 C’s of Loyalty: Collaboration, Community, Content & Commerce

    As the challenging economic environment persists, we continue to see opportunities to create true brand loyalty in the market. We also see dissonance in the expectations ... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Groupon Challenge New vs. Old

    First off, I am not writing this article as a “band wagon” piece to jump in on the financial results released by Groupon last week, and did not... Read More

  • Four Cornerstones of Loyalty & the Expectation Matching Paradox

    Prevalent in the marketplace today, one of the things we continue to see and was eloquently discussed at the 2012 Loyalty Expo is the idea of “Hostages.” ... Read More

  • Customer Retention & Engagement Remain Top Challenges for 2012

    Marketers are at a very critical juncture. Customer loyalty, versus acquisition, is critical for driving sustainable growth. Yet, businesses report that retaining and engaging customers remains one of their greatest... Read More

  • The Challenge of Engagement: The Paradox of the “Golden Rule”

    At the recent inaugural Engagement Expo, the refrain from marketers (although more inquisitive and loquacious) remained the same: brand engagement and loyalty in this economic environment continues to be a... Read More