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  • Bridging the Gap Between B2B and B2C

    With the holiday spirit upon us, there is more emphasis on consumer behaviors and drivers. However, as we look towards 2016, I find myself thinking about the fact that at the... Read More

  • Curating Change—Not Just Wall Art

    Digital transformation is a reoccurring theme in today’s business environment. As companies work tirelessly to adapt to customer demands, they are faced with new business challenges.  To... Read More

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Building CX Maturity and Momentum

    Two years ago, I was part of an effort to create, develop and formalize the CX program for my organization—and still play a critical role in managing this... Read More

  • Surveys are Alive and Well

    A few years ago, surveys were the only source of customer feedback used to support a company’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) efforts.  Fast forward and we... Read More

  • Journey Mapping Has a New Customer – The Marketing Department

    There is no denying that consumers are in charge of the way business is conducted today. Customer expectations, buying habits and communications channels are shifting the development of marketing strategies.... Read More

  • Eliminating the “Graffiti” in Your Customer Experience Program

    There’s no disputing the fact that executive sponsorship is key to driving the success of customer experience programs. While an effective customer experience program is “owned”... Read More

  • Creating Communities to Connect with Customers

    As we see the end of 2014 and the beginning of a new year, many of us are involved in 2015 strategic planning activities.  For those customer experience professionals who are... Read More

  • What Customer Service Week Teaches Us About Creating Successful Customer Experiences

    This month, we not only celebrate Customer Service Week, but also an annual Customer Experience Day. Given our industry, these “holidays” give us a great excuse to pause... Read More

  • The Maturation of Customer Experience – Observations from Customer Conversations

    Recently, I spent a few days with Verint customers at the annual Driving Innovation™ user conference in Orlando Florida. During my time there, I felt proud of the deep... Read More

  • Exceptional Employee Engagement: A Q&A with Sykes

    Perhaps we tapped into a trend when we tackled the issue of employee engagement late last year, or perhaps it’s a strategic initiative that’s time has... Read More

  • A Look at Loyalty Leadership

    Best Practices for Leading Change Across Your Customer Experience Organization When asked about your career, how do you respond – do you manage a program or do you lead change?... Read More

  • Using Voice of the Customer to Anticipate Customer Needs

    How Prioritizing Customer Experience Can Help Every Business Get Ahead The companies who regularly top the charts for customer satisfaction all have something in common. They consistently deliver superior experience,... Read More

  • The Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season—“Customer-Inspired Excellence”

    ‘Tis the season of giving! While it may not fit nicely into a box with a big red bow, the best present a business can give is to provide... Read More

  • Look at Your Employees as Assets to the Customer Experience

    More businesses are starting to understand that employee satisfaction has a direct correlation to happy and unhappy customers, and it can have a significant impact on the success of a... Read More

  • Painting the Customer Portrait

    Gathering the knowledge and insight required to be a customer-centric organization is challenging and, oftentimes, daunting. However, knowing what makes customers tick is a competitive differentiator that sets true customer... Read More

  • Behind the Brand

    What would you like to see change in the market’s approach to the customer experience, engagement and loyalty? The market has an opportunity to define industry terms such... Read More

  • Key Pillars of Building and Maintaining VoC Executive Support

    Establishing a strong customer experience program can differentiate a business and, quite often, Voice of the Customer (VoC) initiatives play a strategic role in the support of those efforts. However,... Read More

  • Building an Effective Voice of the Customer Program

    Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a market research technique used to capture customers’ expectations, preferences and aversions. Driven by today’s need to create actionable insight out... Read More

  • Three Ways to Avoid Survey Fatigue Syndrome

    According to a 2010 study conducted by Vovici, Americans are delivered more than seven billion surveys per year. Of these, 2.6 billion actually get completed. And, if you listen to recent expert... Read More

  • Viewpoint Voice of the Customer

    Viewpoint Construction Software: A look at how an annual customer survey, paired with a centralized database helps Viewpoint Construction Software identify important customer-focused initiatives. With over 35 years of experience in... Read More