Loyalty Management

  • “Millennial Brand Loyalty” is NOT an Oxymoron

    As more marketers have focused on the Millennial Generation with efforts focused on capturing this cohort’s attentions and loyalty, major budgets are being planned in the mistaken belief... Read More

  • Keys to Data Driven Marketing

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    Peter Drucker once said that “the purpose of business is to create a customer” and named the two “basic functions” of any business as marketing and... Read More

  • Clutch CEO on the State of Loyalty Marketing

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    Loyalty360 always wants to provide marketers commentary on current trends related to loyalty marketing. Ned Moore, co-founder & CEO, Clutch offered his unique and expert views on various topics related... Read More

  • 3 Tips for Customer Focused Content Versus Self-Serving Content

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    There is a lot of buzz about content. However, there is a critical difference between relevant content focused on your customer’s needs versus content that is sales oriented... Read More

  • Reevaluating Your Marketing Budget to Maximize Your Best Customers

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    When society's affinity to favor new things extends into the marketing budget, existing customers are quickly overlooked. Absorbed in the notion of chasing after new customers, companies' marketing departments... Read More

  • By the Numbers: the Loyalty360 Awards at a Glance [Infographic]

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  • The Challenge of Listening: Lost in Translation! The Adjacent Possible!!

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    I have had the fortune - or perhaps the misfortune - of traveling more this year than in the past 18 months and I have had the opportunity to attend more... Read More

  • Behind the Brand - with Kale Sligh, C Spire

    Please give us a little background on your focus at C Spire and how it’s evolving to answer the needs of today’s customer. I’m... Read More

  • The Pace of Change Accelerates

    Ebeltoft Group has been formally tracking trends in retail innovation around the globe for nearly a decade and our member companies for a far longer period of time. There... Read More

  • Retail Innovation - Ebeltoft International Report

    Retail innovation is happening all around us, thanks to new technology helping retailers find better ways of doing business as well as their constant need to find a sharper competitive... Read More