Loyalty Management

  • Acxiom TV Targets Personalized and Digitized Customer Engagement

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    When a medium becomes digital, it becomes addressable at the household level, and then it becomes a growth market for Acxiom. That is according to Rick Erwin, president and general... Read More

  • Five Reasons Why CrowdTwist Is A Leader in The Forrester Loyalty Wave

    Loyalty is changing rapidly and becoming far more crucial to brands. According to Forrester, 82 percent of global marketers are making loyalty a top priority in the next year. The only... Read More

  • Talk to Your Customers – Just Make Sure They Can Understand You

    It’s something many take as a given, but for all the time and effort companies put into reaching customers, engaging them, and keeping them happy, marketers could be... Read More

  • Building Emotional Customer Engagement at FedEx

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    Customer loyalty can’t be defined in a single sentence, especially for marketers hoping to create emotional connections and long-lasting relationships. At FedEx, customer loyalty goes far beyond Net... Read More

  • Content Quality Triggers Customer Engagement at Niemann Foods

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    Technology will always change, but providing quality content can significantly enhance customer engagement and brand loyalty. That’s the premise for Niemann Foods. Niemann Foods, operating under the County... Read More

  • Expedia Builds Effective Products, Customer Engagement Follows

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    True customer loyalty isn’t always about how fast a brand can innovate. Expedia officials believe there is another piece to the customer loyalty/customer engagement puzzle. Expedia CMO... Read More

  • Brand Advocacy Basics: How to Turn Loyal Customers into Outspoken Supporters

    Buyers today expect more from the brands they’re evaluating than they did in eras past. For one thing, they won’t submit to a sales pitch off... Read More

  • 7-Eleven Actively Listens and Responds to Win Customer Loyalty

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    7-Eleven’s mission to provide a customer experience that offers consumers “whatever they need, whenever they need it” has seen the brand evolve far beyond the original... Read More

  • The Finish Line Goal: Provide a Friction-free Omnichannel Customer Experience

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    If there is one thing that officials at The Finish Line realize, it’s that there is no finish line when it comes to customer engagement, customer experience, and... Read More

  • Safelite Auto Glass Finds Brand Loyalty through Customer Driven Philosophy

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    For Kerry Hurff, Safelite AutoGlass AVP, Customer and Brand Technology, the company’s Customer Driven philosophy continues to create brand loyalty. Hurff talked to Loyalty360 about this and other... Read More

  • InMoment’s Two New Customer Experience Tools Take Brands Beyond the Metrics

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    InMoment, a customer experience optimization platform, is always trying to innovate around the customer. In keeping with that theme, the company recently launched two new and exciting tools: Global Text... Read More

  • How to Make Authenticity Your Company’s Unfair Advantage

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    Great Clips might not conjure a world-class feel, but after 30 years in business, it’s grown into a salon powerhouse, representing nearly 50 percent of all franchised hair salons in... Read More

  • Building Brand Loyalty With Customers: NCR Corp. Case Study

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    NCR Corporation, a global leader in consumer transaction technologies, always wants to build brand loyalty by helping its customers/clients develop loyal customers. And for Jon Lawrence, NCR’s... Read More

  • Pandora Finds Customer Engagement Leads to Brand Loyalty

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    Music streaming site Pandora is the No. 1 station in 14 of the top 15 local radio markets in the U.S., according to a 2014 study by IFPI. Pandora has a steadfast following... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy is a Cut Above at TONI&GUY

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    In a highly competitive business where customer loyalty is hard to come by, Debbie Webster, President of Academy and Salon Divisions for TONI&GUY Hairdressing, told Loyalty360 that the... Read More

  • Hyatt Looks Beyond the Hotel Industry to Build Brand Loyalty

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    In our rapidly changing consumer landscape, brands can no longer afford to maintain an insular industry perspective. Savvy marketers are now extending their gaze far beyond the boundaries of their... Read More

  • New Digital Personalization Technologies Drive Brand Loyalty

    Every brand intensely focuses on ways to build better relationships and deeper loyalty with their consumers. Truly unique, one-to-one personal messages, especially those delivered with break-through innovation and creativity, can... Read More

  • Best Way to Engage Customers, Gather Feedback and Engender Brand Loyalty? Think Customer Advisory Boards

    These days, there seems to be a lot of articles, blogs and other media attention dedicated to the topic of customer experience. Indeed, ensuring that companies optimize interactions with their... Read More

  • Customers Show Brand Loyalty at IHOP

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    Customers at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) show their brand loyalty every day, according to Kirk Thompson, Vice President of Marketing for IHOP. For them, IHOP is always top-of-mind... Read More

  • The Ultimate Promise of Big Data for Channel & Consumer Marketing

    Think about some of your top challenges right now in marketing to your channel, retailers and consumers. A few weeks ago, we polled a group of industry folks about challenges... Read More

  • Pearle Vision’s Customer Engagement Vision: Behaving Like a Loyal and Trusted Neighbor

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    Pearle Vision, the iconic and leading eye care brand, recently launched a new campaign that features Pearle Vision eye care professionals making an “at home visit” at an... Read More

  • Safelite AutoGlass Exemplifies Customer Engagement and Customer-centricity

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    Safelite AutoGlass exceeds most marketers when it comes to brand messaging, providing a customer-centric culture, leveraging key customer insights, and delivering memorable customer experiences. Direct evidence of Safelite’s... Read More

  • Faithful 49 Loyalty Program Off to Engaging Start for 49ers

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    As the San Francisco 49ers desperately try and stay in the playoff picture as the regular season wanes toward completion, the team’s new loyalty program−Faithful 49&minus... Read More

  • Safeway Stays Close to Customers, Reaps Brand Loyalty

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    Safeway has an intensely close relationship with its customers that has resulted in memorable customer experiences, superb customer engagement, a highly successful loyalty program, and top-notch brand loyalty. The program... Read More

  • A Memory that Lasts a Lifetime - How a Great Experience Can Turn Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers

    Customer Experience. It’s a popular term used by loyalty marketers.  Loyalty programs have long lead the industry in capturing customer data, and the best programs have operationalized... Read More

  • Technology a Cornerstone of Customer Friendly Sporting Kansas City

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    Sporting Kansas City, champions of MLS (Major League Soccer) in 2013, has such a compelling and efficient technology system installed at its Sporting Park stadium that it has attracted fans from... Read More

  • How to Keep Your Loyalist Base Growing (Part 3 of 3)

    Driving nearly half of a brand’s total revenue, loyalists hold the fate of your brand in their hands. Having a firm understanding of your loyalist base is critical... Read More

  • Kobie’s Thompson Moran Discusses Retail Trends, Customer Insights, State of the Marketplace

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    Erica Thompson Moran recently joined Kobie Marketing as a Retail Advisory Consultant, bringing 20 years of experience in the retail marketing industry. Erica participated in a fascinating Q&A with... Read More

  • Go Tell it on the Mountain: Creating Brand Evangelists through CRM

    White Paper: Inflection Points: Seizing the Moment in Customer Loyalty What is a marketing trend you see today? Loyalty is not just about spend and transactions any longer. One... Read More

  • Publix Super Markets Treats Customers Like Royalty

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    On its company website, Publix offers the following message aimed at always delivering exemplary customer service: “Publix aims to be a great employer. We hire associates who have a... Read More

  • Marriott Rewards VP: Company Wants to Engage With Customers Outside of Traveling As Well

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    Many established brands today are looking for ways to effectively understand, engage, and communicate with the younger generation−the generation that’s tech savvy, doesn’t know... Read More

  • Pizza Patrón Uniquely Engages Mexican Customers

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    For more than 20 years, Pizza Patrón has been committed to celebrating the diversity of the Latin culture. While most companies merely market to Hispanics, Pizza Patrón... Read More

  • New Balance Reshapes Customer-centric Path Toward Loyalty

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    Rob DeMartini, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Balance, Inc. sat down with Loyalty360 to discuss the loyalty and customer experience industry and what path his company views on the... Read More

  • Taco John’s® Teams Up with InMoment to Optimize Customer Feedback

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    Taco John’s®, a Mexican quick service restaurant chain with locations in 25 states, not only feeds its hungry customers daily–it listens to them every day as... Read More

  • Millennials and Their Brands: A Look at a One Generation’s Overwhelming Loyalty to Brands

    Millennials have been a frequent topic of discussion lately, particularly within the marketing world. Adweek, for example, recently put together an infographic that detailed the technology and buying habits of... Read More

  • How Coca Cola can Defend and Restore Home Base Customer Loyalty

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    Coca Cola has been the #1 soda (or pop depending on where you are in the US) in the United States for decades based on sound marketing principles and a strong... Read More

  • Customer Experience is Loyalty’s Vinyl LP

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    Something strange and amazing is happening to music: vinyl records are making a comeback. Long relegated to dusty basements and second-hand shops, the medium known for its crackle and pop... Read More

  • BigDoor provides Big Insights for Loyalty Programs

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    BigDoor provides loyalty solutions to some of the biggest brands today, partnering with companies to power full loyalty programs or augment existing ones. Equipped with insight from working with a... Read More

  • Moosejaw CEO: Create a Brand That Customers Will Passionately Love

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    Outdoor sporting goods and apparel merchant Moosejaw is known for its solid messaging, interactive and energetic marketing, not taking itself too seriously, and making customers laugh. Customer engagement may be... Read More

  • In Marketing as in Life, Relationships Require Constant Effort

    In your personal life, you’ve heard it a thousand times that good, enduring relationships require constant effort. Like a garden, you wouldn’t expect your personal relationships,... Read More

  • Unveiling Your Secret Admirers (Part 1 of 3)

    All brands have them—those wonderful, yet mysterious “secret admirers” who engage on all social media platforms, subscribe to mailing lists and purchase new products almost instinctively.... Read More

  • Sprint’s Framily Plan - Creative Advertising Meets Brand Loyalty Positioning

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    In an era of full-fledged brand inundation via more communication channels than ever before, forging loyalty with customers has never been more important. Fortunately, there are also more tools than... Read More

  • 49ers Seek Deeper Fan Engagement through Faithful 49 Loyalty Program

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    As the San Francisco 49ers prepare for their first season in a new home–Levi’s Stadium−in Santa Clara, the iconic franchise has also launched a... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Q&A: Aginity Data Scientist and CRM Strategist, Lexy Kassan

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    Data Scientist has been named the “sexiest job title for the 21st century.”  The question many are left with, is why?  Why are companies flocking to... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

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    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low, Cannon told attendees during his session, ... Read More

  • Why Social Media is the Key to Unlocking Brand Loyalty

    Social media is the best opportunity today for businesses to build brand loyalty and influence perception among their target audiences. Americans on average spend more than 3 hours a day on... Read More

  • Rethinking Gamification and How it Drives Positive Results for Your Brand

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    Gamification is being redefined in the marketplace. Back in 2011, I attended an Epsilon loyalty event in which Amy Jo Kim, game designer and co-founder of Shufflebrain, was the keynote speaker.... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

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    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low for the iconic global brand, Cannon... Read More

  • Retail Innovation - Ebeltoft International Report

    Retail innovation is happening all around us, thanks to new technology helping retailers find better ways of doing business as well as their constant need to find a sharper competitive... Read More

  • Brand Alignment – A Design Imperative for Successful Loyalty Initiatives

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    Take a moment and think about how many plastic loyalty cards are being carried in the purses and wallets of your Members. Surely they’re participating in more than... Read More

  • Increasing Your Business and Brand Equity by Marketing in the Moment of Truth

    Consumers can experience a moment of truth at any phase during the purchasing process. Since this “A-ha!” moment may take place at any time, a marketers’ success... Read More

  • Embracing the Benefits of your Enthusiastic Customers

    When it comes to customer loyalty it’s very easy for businesses to focus on those people that have had problems or issues and want to complain. In some... Read More

  • Ketchup Delivers ‘WOOW’ Factor

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    When the Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB), a leader in Persian Gulf-area banking, wanted to expand their world-renowned investment bank brand into the retail sector, they knew that leveraging customer loyalty... Read More

  • LOYALTY FORUM: Q&A Ask the Experts

    Q: Our marketing plan is putting more and more focus on content. What are some tips formaking sense of all of the technology that’s... Read More

  • Delivering Relevant Content is an Essential Goal in Any Marketing Strategy. But What Does Relevance Mean? Why is it Important? And are Brands Truly Delivering on it?

    WHAT IS RELEVANCE?   “Relevance is the key thing for people involved in content strat-egy to be aware of for the future. Content should fill a consumer interest... Read More

  • Q&A: Gianluca Pogliani, Senior Director of Consumer Insights and Analytics, Luxottica

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    Gianluca Pogliani, Senior Director of Consumer Insights and Analytics, Luxottica will be one of the featured speakers during a session at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 –... Read More

  • Reputation Management: What You Need to Know

    Your online reputation isn't your problem. At least not in the way you may think. Often times, when you're taking a hit in reviews and online conversation, it... Read More

  • Best Practices Drive Results

    Travel back with me to a nostalgically simpler time . . . think summer, baseball, the smell of dirt and cut grass, ice cream . . . You may be wondering, what does summertime have to... Read More

  • Luxury Rewards Build Millenials’ Loyalty

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    Millennials are different from the generations that came before. From their world outlook, the way they use technology, to the retail products they purchase, this generation is breaking all the... Read More

  • Lift Iron Tribe Members to Life-Changing Experiences

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    All brands could learn a thing or two about commitment, ongoing engagement, personalized experiences, a sense of community, and fierce loyalty from Birmingham, AL-based Iron Tribe Fitness. Iron Tribe COO... Read More

  • Predictions for Marketers in 2014

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    We all are conscious of the current economic environment and some of the uncertainty in the political environment and, therefore, these impacts will flow into the marketing and... Read More

  • Behind the Brand

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    As President of Connexions Loyalty, Scott Lazear is responsible for the overall growth and strategic direction of the organization, including the product roadmap, global expansion and core business relationships. Scott... Read More

  • 4 Brands to Watch in Multicultural Advertising Right Now

    With overwhelming statistics that reveal the growth and spending power of multicultural markets, it’s no longer a question of whether or not a brand should implement multicultural advertising.... Read More

  • Brands Have to Take Proactive Approach with Twitter to Engage Customers

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    Brands must take a proactive approach to using social media to effectively engage customers and drive loyalty according to Adam Wexler, Founder/Chief Strategy Officer for social engagement optimization company... Read More

  • CONTENT, an Ironic Loyalty Homonym

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    Relevance = Satisfaction. We conducted a national consumer loyalty study, The Maritz Loyalty Report 2013, and revealed a tight link between Member satisfaction and the extent to which Members deem loyalty communications... Read More

  • Best Practices for Measuring Content Return on Investment

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    Accurately determining the value that content brings to a company is something we’ve heard many marketers say they are struggling with. Nearly all brands, across all industries and... Read More

  • Bridging the Gap Between Brand Awareness and Generating Sales

    Successful marketers know that creating and maintaining brand awareness is an important key to marketing success; you can't drive sales if your prospects have never heard of you. However,... Read More

  • Case Study: How a Branded Mobile Payment App Boosted Customer Loyalty

    Introduction Customer relations is an important component to any business, but it’s sometimes difficult to truly know who exactly your customers are. After launching a mobile loyalty program,... Read More

  • Uncovering the Coalition Loyalty Program Potential for US Travel Brands

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    If you are a frequent traveler or member of a loyalty program in Europe or Canada, there’s a good chance “coalition loyalty”, a loyalty framework that... Read More

  • 3 Ways to Create Serendipity Through Content

    When it comes to creating serendipity — “the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it” — from a marketing perspective, the principle... Read More

  • New Study: Hispanics are Actively Engaged on Social Media after Acquiring Loyalty Cards

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    Nearly two-thirds of Hispanic shoppers' social posts about loyalty programs occur after a purchase has been made, and as much as 20% of the conversation around loyalty programs comes from non-members,... Read More

  • Re-imagining Sephora’s BEAUTY INSIDER: A Loyalty 360 Interview with Sarah Choi

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    In 2007 Sephora launched the BEAUTY INSIDER client loyalty program as a way of thanking clients with special products, exclusive events, and an all-access pass to personalized beauty. The program is... Read More

  • 8 Steps to Champion Loyalty Marketing Investments

    Ask any marketer, and they will likely tell you that building loyal customers and maximizing customer lifetime value is a critical goal. Often, the problem for marketers is understanding how... Read More

  • Building Brand Loyalty Through Technology

    Technology has transformed both the way we market and how we connect with consumers.  Having an online presence is now as important as a traditional storefront. Social Media has... Read More

  • Engage the Whole Customer

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    With the NHL season again in full swing, so too is my Budweiser Red Light – a smile-inducing piece of technology that Budweiser transported from the NHL hockey arena right... Read More

  • Look at Your Employees as Assets to the Customer Experience

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    More businesses are starting to understand that employee satisfaction has a direct correlation to happy and unhappy customers, and it can have a significant impact on the success of a... Read More

  • A Perspective on Rogers Communications Launching a Co-branded Credit Card Program

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    Launching a co-branded credit card program may not be a big deal in the U.S., but in Canada it’s a bit different especially when a non-bank –... Read More

  • The Behavior Lab, Gamification: A Loyalty 360 Interview with Badgeville CEO Ken Comee

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    Badgeville -- the No. 1-ranked gamification and behavior management platform – recently launched The Behavior Lab, which is the industry's first center of excellence for behavior management solutions. The... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Eric V. Holtzclaw

    Founder and Chief Strategist of Laddering Works, and acting VP and GEM of Professional Services at PossibleNOW ERIC V. HOLTZCLAW is founder and CEO of Laddering Works, a marketing... Read More

  • Behind the Brand: Dave Mangano, Siemens Industry, Inc.

    Dave Mangano is Senior Vice President, Field Operations for Siemens Industry, Inc., Building Technologies Division for the America region. The Siemens Building Technologies Division is the world’s market... Read More

  • Listening to Customers through Social Media Catapults Wholly Guacamole to New Horizons

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    Effectively listening to your customers is becoming the single most differentiating factor among brands today. Loyalty is about behavior and the challenge for marketers is to understand their customers along... Read More

  • How To Deepen Customer Loyalty with Smarter Video

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    Rewards programs and loyalty initiatives are generally designed to drive repeat purchases, increase spending, maximize lifetime customer value and incent advocacy and referrals. Customers enrolled in loyalty programs are most... Read More

  • How to Think Like Your Customer (and Why It Matters)

    It’s an all-too-common scenario: You’re trying to get resolution, make a purchase or find an answer to your question, and the person on the other end... Read More

  • Don’t Mess With Texas: Cowboy Fans Most Loyal in NFL

    To the chagrin of passionate NFL fans across the county, Dallas Cowboy fans have been named the most loyal in the NFL, according to a recent study by Emory University... Read More

  • What’s Old is New with Customer Loyalty at Fairytale Brownies

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    David Kravetz, Co-founder, Catalog & Web Team Leader, at Fairytale Brownies, told Loyalty 360 that his company began discussing loyalty initiatives and/or programs a few years back and were unsure... Read More

  • Tauck Creates a New Type of Travel Experience

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    Innovating and successfully launching new products –be they loyalty programs or sneakers – is a difficult job requiring significant investment and navigating initiative-sinking risks.  Compounding the problem, for... Read More

  • Are Financial Institutions Missing A Trick With Their Marketing?

    In the face of continuing economic uncertainty, retail banks and insurance companies are facing the combined pressure of having to find ways of increasing revenues whilst also reducing costs. At... Read More

  • Creating a Social Identity is Crucial For Brands

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    Brands often speak of their identities as they relate to their customers. But in this day and age creating a powerful, lasting social identity is crucial for current and future... Read More

  • Social Shopper Media and the Future of Retail Marketing

    Most professional marketers describe shopper media in terms of its best known products -- the free standing inserts, retail circulars, broadcast ads, door shrouds, loyalty discounts, coupons, aisle violators, sweepstakes,... Read More

  • Customer Service: Why Wiping Your Nose Won’t Cure Your Cold

    Negative brand mentions are an inevitable consequence of a social media-savvy consumer marketplace. Armed with a high-tech array of mobile gadgetry, consumers can instantly tweet, post and even take pictures... Read More

  • Executive Take on Big Data, Customer Engagement Issues Facing Brands Today

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    Milen Mahadevan, SVP Client Solutions for international marketing consultancy dunnhumby, holds strong opinions about a variety of topics impacting customer engagement and loyalty programs. Mahadevan offered his views to Loyalty 360... Read More

  • A House Divided Will Never Brand

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    I'd feel compelled to apologize to Abraham Lincoln for my title, but he didn't originate the other, more common use of this phrase. You see, "a house divided"... Read More

  • 2013 Predictions: Marketer Trends

    The New Year is always a time when our industry reflects on how things went, but it’s also a time to peer into our crystal ball and boldly... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Quest for Being Better, aka Perpetual Rotation

    To be successful in today's marketplace, marketers must consistently take what they learn about their customers and apply it to new campaigns and promotions. The marketing goal is to... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Electing Brand Leaders

    As we’ve just elected a president, we thought it only fair to acknowledge another group of notable leaders: the brands elected to the 16th annual Brand Keys Loyalty... Read More

  • Five Steps to Make Your Organization Seem Human Online

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You have them … probably for yourself, and maybe even for your organization, too. It’s easy enough to chat with a Facebook friend about your... Read More

  • The 4 C’s of Loyalty: Collaboration, Community, Content & Commerce

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    As the challenging economic environment persists, we continue to see opportunities to create true brand loyalty in the market. We also see dissonance in the expectations ... Read More

  • Are Your Customers Brand Loyal or Category Loyal?

    THE STORE-BRAND ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM It’s not news that many brand managers are seeing their share erode in favor of private-label brands. The following trends are enough... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Martie Woods

    Martie Woods is Vice President and Chief Experience Officer at Deluxe. With expertise in consumer psychology and buying behavior, Martie’s charge is to improve customer engagement and loyalty... Read More

  • The Inside Scoop: WHATABURGER

    Loyalty 360 had the privilege to hear from Whataburger restaurants and learn about how they are showcasing the voice of their customers and employees to embrace a growing Whataburger fanbase. Through... Read More