Loyalty Management

  • Refining the Gift Shopping Experience for Consumers All Year Round

    Science has taught us that the act of giving is a major source of happiness for most people. But amid the scramble to find the perfect gift, the stress caused... Read More

  • Top 3 Ways to Succeed in Omnichannel Marketing

    Omnichannel marketing is a trending topic in loyalty management circles, but not everyone has a completely accurate understanding of it. Many confuse it with multichannel marketing, which is the practice... Read More

  • A Look at Loyalty Leadership

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    Best Practices for Leading Change Across Your Customer Experience Organization When asked about your career, how do you respond – do you manage a program or do you lead change?... Read More

  • 3 Ways Verification Technology Protects Businesses from Redemption Fraud

    Offering special promotions, experiences, and discounts to targeted groups of customers is a proven strategy for reaching new customers, increasing incremental revenue, and strengthening brand loyalty. But what happens when... Read More

  • Product Promotions That Drive Customer Engagement – Simple is Good. Instant is Best.

    Offers. Deals. Promotions. Rebates. Coupons. No matter what they are called, offers are a mainstay of loyalty marketing. Customers expect offers from brands and deals have become an integral part... Read More

  • Local Merchants Can Make a Triple Play: Loyal, Mobile and Social Customers are Driving Growth

    One of the biggest challenges facing small merchants is differentiating from the competition. Local businesses are continually on a quest to provide their customers with a pleasant experience and keep... Read More

  • Reconsider Rebates - 95% of Your Customers Have

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    After years of hassles and headaches, many marketers axed rebates from their marketing portfolios and swore they would never go back. Running a rebate program in the past required an... Read More

  • 6 Trends in Mobile Customer Engagement

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    Mobile is an exciting, engaging, and seemingly ever-changing form of communication. There seem to be new ways of engaging customers via mobile every day. Below we take a look at... Read More

  • SoLoMo and the Evolution of Restaurant Loyalty Programs in 2013: What Guests Expect from Social, Local and Mobile

    The data is in and diners are hungry – not just for what’s on their plates at restaurants but what’s on their smartphones and tablets too,... Read More

  • Real Results for Win-Back Loyalty Promotions

    Leveraging customer loyalty data to deliver highly effective promotions is one of the benefits a loyalty program brings to any marketing team. Motivating a customer to come back for a... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Shopper Motivations & the New Rules of Point of Sale Engagement

    Times are tough and that means grocery shoppers are looking around to get the best deals. But what you might not expect is the level of retailer disloyalty they are... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Mobile Coupon

    Coupon. The word itself has some odd connotations, doesn’t it? For many, it brings to mind thoughts of spending hours with scissors and the Sunday newspaper, or perhaps... Read More

  • Taking the Leap from Plastic to Mobile

    A successful customer loyalty program is a two-way street. The program owner rewards customers for desired behavior, in exchange for higher sales and repeat customer visits.  Ultimately, loyalty is... Read More

  • Are Discounts and Coupons the Best Option?

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    Q: For the last few years, our focus has been on discounting and coupons. We’re concerned about what this approach does to our brand message as well... Read More

  • State of the Industry: If This is What We Mean by Loyal, I’m Worried

    For retailers, the final quarter of the calendar year is when sales targets are either made or missed. Marketers try every method in the book to attract shoppers into stores,... Read More

  • Bringing Holiday Cheer to Retail Mobile-style

    For many brick and mortar retailers, the stats are frightening: 15 percent year-on-year increase in US holiday season online sales1 20 percent average increase in online sales a year in Asia in... Read More

  • New Strategies for Local Retailers: How to Enhance Customer’s Loyalty in Today’s Busy Market?

    Due to the crowded market and fierce competition, capturing customers’ attention has become quite a challenge nowadays. Let’s say the retailers succeed and grab their customers’... Read More

  • A New Era in Airline Loyalty

    There’s a fundamental shift underway. Whereas traditional airline loyalty programs were essentially intended to reward those already loyal—by dint of them being... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Groupon Challenge New vs. Old

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    First off, I am not writing this article as a “band wagon” piece to jump in on the financial results released by Groupon last week, and did not... Read More

  • Nectar Daily Deals

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    Last month, Nectar, the UK’s largest loyalty program, launched Nectar Daily Deals, a new initiative that offers daily discounted deals on products and services from leading brands, as... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The New Customer, New Loyalty

    It’s been a long time since we were clipping coupons from the Sunday paper to save a few dollars on groceries. We were content to clip our coupons... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Research Shows Increasing Price Sensitivity: Opportunity or Obstacle?

    For students learning about the 4Ps of marketing today, there is a clear winner: Price. The great recession forced shoppers to learn how to be frugal and spend smarter and... Read More

  • Hyper-local, Mobile and Deals

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    Everything is converging to the three pillars of new commerce: hyper-local, mobile and deals. Venerable brand Valpak, a coupon and deals company for over 40 years, is evolving its well-honed... Read More

  • The Effect of Local-Mobile Search Trends on Search Marketing and Digital Advertising

    Today’s digital marketers have a multitude of search marketing tactics at their disposal for reaching their target audiences, including SEO (search engine optimization), local search, PPC (pay per... Read More

  • Delivering Relevance

    In the new landscape of loyalty and engagement marketing, brands today are striving to offer greater personalization and relevancy.  Providing messaging and offers specific to the consumers needs and... Read More

  • The Basic Elements of Customer Engagement

    Just as in real estate, marketing programs can increase or decrease in value due to location. The number one rule in real estate is now becoming the number one rule... Read More

  • The Loyalty Marketing Revolution: What’s Next?

    Today’s shoppers are being presented with a dazzling array of loyal programs that reward everything from making purchases, to merely walking into a store, to “liking”... Read More

  • Industry Insights 2012 (Part 4)

    The final installment in Loyalty 360’s four part series, “Industry Insights 2012” wraps with predictions and trends from: ChoicePrivileges, CCG, Medallia, RewardsNOW and Relational Capitol Group. Company thought... Read More

  • Case Study: Executing a Multi-Brand, Varied Promotional Strategy with Consumer Incentives

    In today’s marketing landscape, effective segmentation and targeting is critical. Broad-based marketing is simply not enough. Today’s consumer wants to be directly targeted – based on... Read More

  • Deepen or Cheapen? Loyalty in the Age of the Deal - Part Two

    Do deals still build customer loyalty in the emerging Age of the Deal?  Is traditional customer loyalty even possible when “everything’s on deal”?  This... Read More

  • A New Era of Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty is always a top priority for any retailer, but with the effects of the economic downturn still being felt by many, it is now more important than ever... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation - September 2011

    RewardLoop A universal consumer loyalty network for the mobile age. Its patent-pending customer loyalty technology, which prints secure, transaction-identifying rewards program barcodes (QR codes) on bills and receipts, can measurably... Read More

  • The 360° of Mobile Marketing

    With over 303 million mobile phone users in the U.S., which accounts for 90 percent of Americans, it is no wonder why merchants and brands are asking for mobile solutions to... Read More

  • Your Voice - January 2011

    We asked members, fans and followers of Loyalty 360's social networks: "Couponing, a strategy to build customer loyalty?" Here's what they had to say! "My company comes at loyalty... Read More