Loyalty Management

  • Wining and Dining Millennials: How Restaurants Can Win the Customer Loyalty of a New Generation

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    Millennials are one of the most sought after demographics by both brands and marketers today. Because these individuals will soon pass the baby boomers as the largest representative age group... Read More

  • PARTNERS+simons Survey Reveals That Americans Trust Dr. Oz More Than Six of The Top Presidential Candidates

    The media is seemingly fixated on stories regarding businesses and organizations that betray the consumer’s trust, and in our current world of social media, a brand’s... Read More

  • 6 Tips for Making Your NPS Score More Meaningful

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    Introduced in the Harvard Business Review in 2003, NPS, or Net Promoter Score, has become the industry standard for gauging customer loyalty. NPS is appealing because it provides one consistent scale... Read More

  • Using Clean Data to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

    The ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience unquestionably gives companies a competitive advantage. That’s why businesses across virtually all industry sectors are paying more attention to customer... Read More

  • Getting to Know Your Executive Stakeholders

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    What is a stakeholder? In the customer experience discipline, stakeholders are individuals impacted by the actions taken in managing and improving the customer experience while providing necessary support for customer... Read More

  • Re-imagining CRM for the Post-PC Era

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    Kevin Grant, CRO of Helpshift, the first B2C customer care solution for mobile apps, has many thoughts regarding how his company is re-imagining CRM for the post-PC era. Grant... Read More

  • SpinGo Leads the Way for Digital Customer Engagement and Event Marketing

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    Customer engagement is difficult for all marketers now. Digital disruption has fractured attention spans and the market is flooded to such a degree that consumer choices are almost infinite. Providing... Read More

  • Top 4 Tips to Implement a Successful NPS Strategy

    These days, companies are focused on creating an excellent customer experience with an eye toward building loyalty, retaining customers and developing advocates who can help them expand market share. To... Read More

  • The 3 Fundamentals of Modern Marketing

    In this modern world of virtual office environments and cloud computing, you can sell just about anything online; this opens you and your company up to a worldwide audience, no... Read More

  • Your Customers Want Coupons, Give Them What They Want

    There were many negative and unintended consequences of the economic recession of 2007. From a retail perspective, one outcome that still lingers is heavy discounting. Retail shoppers are now trained to... Read More

  • Ways to Avoid a Holiday Marketing Catastrophe in 2016

    With the holiday rush in the rear-view mirror, brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike are now assessing their end-of-year performance, and many won’t like what they see. Last year,... Read More

  • Three Imperatives to Win Over Millennial Customers

    There are 80 million millennials in the US alone spending $600 billion a year, projected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020, according to Accenture. How do you get the lion’s share... Read More

  • When Twice Is Not As Nice – CRM and Loyalty Program Disconnects

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    I can’t think of a single time in my career when an executive has thought it a great idea to do something twice just for the fun of... Read More

  • Where Does Trust Fall in Your Marketing Strategy?

    It’s no surprise that consumers don’t really trust advertising. Fewer than 25 percent of online consumers in the U.S. say they trust print ads, and the... Read More

  • Six Ways Your Customers Wish You Were Different

    Most companies don’t realize how vital the customer experience is to their respective brands. While a positive interaction often leaves customers feeling great, satisfied, and, ultimately,... Read More

  • How to Get the Fastest ROI from Your Customer Service Technology Investment

    Today’s consumers expect businesses to be customer-centric and provide a stellar customer experience across all channels. What used to be a brand differentiator is now an expectation. With... Read More

  • The Retail Customer Experience – Which Elements of the Shopping Experience Matter Most?

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    When it comes to shopping behavior, price is always a key motivator.  However, to sustain a customer’s loyalty over the long term, retailers often find it valuable... Read More

  • Achieving Long-Term Loyalty Begins with An Authentic Customer-Centric Mindset

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    Most every company today likes to say it’s customer-centric, but if that’s not the ongoing message your customers are getting from every interaction with your brand,... Read More

  • Grow Customer Retention. Grow Company Revenue.

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    Most corporate marketing departments have one clear distinction when it comes to allocating the marketing budget:  How much do we invest to acquire new customers and how much do... Read More

  • rDialogue Unifies Customer Engagement, Experience, and Loyalty for a Modern Marketing Landscape

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    We do not live in a world of mass marketing. Not anymore. The old method of designing one overarching message to target and influence a vast audience is no longer... Read More

  • A Community-Centric Culture Defines Costa’s Authentic Customer Experience

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    It would be hard to understate the importance of community. Communities bind and tie people together, create strong support networks, and generate shared understandings than generate trust and loyalty. Communities... Read More

  • Why Every Brand Marketer Must Dive into Digital

    For brand marketers who lack a direct relationship with consumers—including the consumer packaged goods, cosmetics, manufacturing and spirits industries—digital marketing continues to be experimental. Perhaps you... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs Take Off with Voice of the Customer Analytics

    Loyalty programs have grown exponentially in popularity over the years, offering a great window into customer sentiment and an opportunity for brands to gain insight into their relationships with some... Read More

  • Smart Marketing Drives Loyalty with the Back-to-School Frenzy

    Notebooks, backpacks, sharpened pencils, laptops and the first day of school outfit.  The Back-to-School phenomenon is in full swing.  Consumers are filling the aisles of retailers and are... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs: What’s New in 2015

    A recent benchmark research study ‘for love or money 2015’ revealed some somewhat surprising insights into the the impact loyalty programs have on brand loyalty, buying behaviour and evolving... Read More

  • Why ‘Relaxed Retail’ Is the Future of Shopping

    Young consumers are shying away from over-stimulating stores in favor of stress-free shopping environments and experiences. My high school boyfriend wore Abercrombie & Fitch cologne. Its scent would waft along... Read More

  • How to Create a Company Culture That Drives Awesome Customer Service

    When you’re starting a new company and trying to get a product out the door, worrying about your organizational culture might seem frivolous. Do you really have time... Read More

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty Through In-App Engagement

    Retail mobile apps are being adopted by shoppers at lightening speed, and the use of retail mobile apps rose by 174% in 2014 alone. Many of today’s tech-savvy shoppers aren... Read More

  • 5 Tips for Better Social Listening

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    All customer feedback, regardless of the source, should be treated as the infinitely valuable resource it is. And because of its public and immediate nature of social conversations, taking a... Read More

  • New Washington Redskins Loyalty Program Start of Long-term Customer Engagement Strategy

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    Professional sports teams have become entrenched in customer loyalty, evidenced by such loyalty programs from the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Sabres, San Diego Padres, and Sporting Kansas City. ... Read More

  • Inte Q Acquires Teleformix: Eyes Expansion of Customer Pay Loyalty Program Opportunities

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    Steve Kietz, president of Inte Q, a leader in the loyalty and database marketing industry, is very excited about his company’s recent acquisition of Teleformix LLC, a leading... Read More

  • Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program Wants to Know Who Plans a Better Vacation: Adults or Kids?

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    Officials for the Wyndham Rewards loyalty program wanted to find out who plans a better vacation: Adults or kids. A new national study from global hotel loyalty program Wyndham Rewards... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs as a Barrier to Exit – More than Just a Monetary Reward

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    Positioning your loyalty program as a brand differentiator is a key to success for loyalty marketers. In today’s competitive marketing landscape, one way marketers can do this is... Read More

  • Ten Ways to Create a Loyalty Program That Your Customers Will Love

    While it may be hard to obtain customer loyalty, it is even more difficult to sustain it. Many companies in the hospitality industry issue loyalty cards in order to incentivize... Read More

  • Integrated Loyalty: Holistically Measuring Customer Health

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    This article is the third of a year-long series titled “Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Loyalty Strategies.” For context and additional reading, see the first... Read More

  • Aspire Lifestyles Keys Memorable Customer Experience with Tiered Concierge Structure

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    For Aspire Lifestyles, differentiating the customer experience through the use of Concierge is its daily mission. A key component of the Aspire Lifestyles service model is providing its clients... Read More

  • How Machine Learning Can Aid Real-Time Contact Centers

    To provide world-class service is always a challenge, primarily in the customer-facing industry where standards change frequently and the bar of excellence continues to rise at a rapid pace. I... Read More

  • Airlines Trying to Create a Better Customer Experience

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    For Richard Garlick, global travel and hospitality lead for J.D. Power, there still remains “a lot of hassle” with the airline customer experience, “but in a... Read More

  • Building Brand Loyalty With Customers: NCR Corp. Case Study

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    NCR Corporation, a global leader in consumer transaction technologies, always wants to build brand loyalty by helping its customers/clients develop loyal customers. And for Jon Lawrence, NCR’s... Read More

  • Caesars Total Rewards: Evolving the Loyalty Program

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    Yes, there are laurels in the logo of Caesars Entertainment. But when it comes to  customer engagement and customer loyalty, the company doesn’t rest on those laurels. ... Read More

  • Grocery Powerhouse Ahold Surveys Changes in the Grocer-CPG Relationship

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    The initials CPG do not stand for“Changing the Promotion Game”—but they should. “The traditional business model of food is changing,” says Rick Swinkels,... Read More

  • For Avis Budget Group, Customer Experience Drives Brand Differentiation

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    When Jeannine Haas, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, at Avis Budget Group, joined the company three years ago, she was excited about the opportunity to redefine and build upon the... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Jose Costa, President, MAACO

    Jose R. Costa is president of MAACO and has led the company’s resurgence during the past two years. Costa will be the featured speaker during a fascinating session... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Allyson Krichman, Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

    Allyson manages the product sales team overseeing the growth of key accounts and developing new client relationships. Allyson strategically aligns our brands and innovative product offerings within client programs by... Read More

  • Experience First

    Loyalty360 sat down with Wendi Hampshire, Senior Director of Client Solutions at Connexions Loyalty. Wendi helps Connexions’ clients solve  business challenges and create the best possible customer experiences... Read More

  • So… You Don’t Want To Reward Your Best Customers?

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    We have worked with retail clients and franchisees that want to build customer loyalty and drive incremental store traffic, but are not interested in funding any rewards or discounts to... Read More

  • Change Management – It’s Time for Transformation

    “Our vision is to become customer centric,” the CEO announced.  Happily, he was presenting a set of slides describing the “beauty and importance of loving the... Read More

  • Customer Journey Mapping

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    Customer journey mapping, the process of visualizing a brand's customer experience through the eye of the customer, has become a widely adopted methodology by companies who strive toward customer-centric... Read More

  • The Right Process Drives the Next Generation of Value Propositions

    There are more loyalty and credit card programs available to consumers today than ever before.  In order to differentiate oneself in the market, a company must develop a unique... Read More

  • The Hospitable Customer Experience of Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort Attracts More Than Gamers

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    Customer experiences are changing in the casino industry. No longer seeking to only build brand loyalty by catering to avid gamers, some of the most forward thinking organizations are beginning... Read More

  • Leveraging Multichannel Loyalty Programs to Nurture and Engage Superfans

    Superfans—they’re a hallmark of every successful brand. These highly active, socially media-savvy individuals will happily buy from a brand, tweet about an experience, review a product,... Read More

  • Rite Aid Q&A: A Major Coalition Loyalty Program Becomes a Reality in the U.S.

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    Plenti is a new coalition loyalty program that will let consumers quickly collect points and redeem rewards by engaging with several major brands. As the first loyalty program of its... Read More

  • Surprising and Delighting Customer to Loyalty

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    Loyalty programs are frequently clustered into “types.” These categories include points or currency based programs that give customers a real or fictitious currency in exchange for “good... Read More

  • Letterman’s Leaving the Late Show: Key Takeaways for Email Marketers

    After delivering jokes, sarcasm and laughter for 21 years, David Letterman is retiring from his prime time spot on The Late Show. Over the decades, he’s created more than... Read More

  • Customer Engagement and Customer Experience Keys for USA Track & Field’s Loyalty Program

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    In late January, USA Track & Field (USATF) celebrated the first anniversary of its highly successful loyalty program called USATF Rewards. USATF Rewards allows fans around the world to... Read More

  • Technology Paves the Road to Customer Engagement Success at Church’s Chicken

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    Changing and evolving with the times, especially as the country’s third-largest quick-service restaurant chain, is critical when it comes to customer engagement and staying relevant with memorable customer... Read More

  • Single-channel Companies Struggle with True Customer Engagement, Customer Journey Marketing

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    As Nancy Shaver, Principal Consultant, Experian Marketing Services views it, single-channel marketers struggle to find true customer engagement and   understand real customer journeys. “Single-channel folks really are... Read More

  • Customer Experience Disconnects: 5 Steps to Creating the RIGHT Customer Experience

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    Customer Experience is maturing. I rarely hear the phrase “customer service” anymore, and most business leaders know what acronyms like CX and VoC mean – without even Googling... Read More

  • Are You Offering Incentives Your Customers Care About?

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    According to the Incentive Federation, 74 percent of companies are using non-cash incentives, amounting to an industry worth nearly $77 billion. It’s a massive industry because, simply put, incentives work.... Read More

  • Aspire Lifestyles: A Customer Experience Company that Achieves through Concierge

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    Through innovation, Aspire Lifestyles Americas has grown its Concierge service into more than just a customer service/fulfillment service. Aspire Lifestyles provides its clients with a marketing solution that drives... Read More

  • MaritzCX Guides Brands Struggling to Find Footing in a Challenging Customer Experience Landscape

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    Customer loyalty can shift with the click of a mouse, which makes implementing effective customer engagement programs increasingly difficult. Socially connected, mobile savvy, and digitally empowered customers are demanding more... Read More

  • Vintage Advantage: Marketing With a Past, Present & Future View of Your Customers

    Every marketer wishes they could look into a crystal ball for clairvoyance into consumer behavior patterns in order to maximize marketing spend.  While there is no magic in marketing,... Read More

  • Klein Tools Builds Upon Generations of Advocacy through Digital Customer Engagement

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    For 158 years, Klein Tools has been a family-owned and operated company that has manufactured some of the highest quality hand tools in existence. A well-respected name in the industry, Klein... Read More

  • Customer Relationship Management is Driving Force Behind Opus Bank

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    Founded in 2010, when the financial industry was knee-deep in the Great Recession, Opus Bank emerged like a breath of fresh air. The bank, focused on successful entrepreneurs and business leaders... Read More

  • Deliver on the Seamless Customer Experience Promise with a Phased Approach to Omnichannel Personalization

    As retailers settle into 2015 armed with predictions for leading industry trends, one movement that dominates the space is omnichannel. While not new, fierce competition from ecommerce giants, emerging technologies and... Read More

  • Increasing Program Touch Points Drives Loyalty Program Success

    What do you do when there is limited engagement with your loyalty program? That’s the problem facing many businesses today. In fact, a survey recently conducted by Forrester... Read More

  • How Customer Experience and Loyalty are Like Dating and Marriage

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    You know how, when you first meet someone that you really like, the other person tries very hard to impress you? They initially put their best face forward, embellishing the... Read More

  • Journey Mapping Has a New Customer – The Marketing Department

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    There is no denying that consumers are in charge of the way business is conducted today. Customer expectations, buying habits and communications channels are shifting the development of marketing strategies.... Read More

  • Today’s Concierge: The Marketing Platform Driving a Differentiated Customer Experience

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    Mary Naylor, CEO of Aspire Lifestyles Americas, has been at the forefront of the Concierge industry since founding Capitol Concierge, the nation’s largest corporate Concierge service, in 1987. In... Read More

  • GameStop Seeks Brand Loyalty with Digital Customer Experience

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    GameStop has never had a problem when it comes to customer engagement, customer experience, and brand loyalty. Now, it wants to further engage its loyal customers via digital technology. Loyalty360... Read More

  • Five Ways Improving Your Social Customer Service Program Can Build Loyalty

    What comes to mind when you think of your favorite brand? Is it their sophisticated product offering, or have you experienced great customer service? Often, a customer’s preferred... Read More

  • Keeping your Message Simple Helps to Drive Loyalty to Your Brand

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    “Don’t let your channel be the driver of the content – synchronize your offer set and campaign around a message and not a channel or segment.”... Read More

  • Delicious and Nutritious, Two Reasons Why Sunsweet Prunes Equal Sweet Customer Experiences

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    Sunsweet is a co-operative of prune growers synonymous with quality fruit and healthy products. Roughly 300 growers in Central California nurture, grow, and harvest several tons of French prune plums each... Read More

  • Pegasystems Looks Ahead to a New Era of Real-time Customer Engagement Solutions

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    Pegasystems is quite adept at staying ahead of the customer engagement curve. And these days, that is no easy task. The world is changing fast, and customer expectations are changing... Read More

  • Building a Smart Loyalty with Data From Digital Channels’ Interaction.

    Over the past 10 years, the loyalty programs have become popular in different industries, from aviation to telco, from credit cards to commercial distribution. These programs are born as instruments of... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty Is About Channel Choice and Meeting the Customer in Preferred Channel

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    For Matthew Storm, Director, Innovation & Solutions, NICE Systems, brand loyalty is about channel choice. Storm participated in an enlightening interview with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s software... Read More

  • Why The Best Forms of Loyalty Don’t Look Anything Like Loyalty

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    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who blindly recite their contact information when retailers ask them for their email or phone number, and those who refuse... Read More

  • Gilt’s Fashion Sense is Tailor Made for A Personalized Customer Experience

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    For most retailers, successfully appealing to the distinctive styles and trends of individual tastes can be a very effective mode of customer engagement. For fashion retailers in particular, it is... Read More

  • To Cobrand Or Not To Cobrand?

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    In my last article, I discussed the similarities and differences between cobrand and private label programs.  This article focuses on determining whether there is a reasonable prospect of success... Read More

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Showrooming Wolf?

    Showrooming: the apparent scourge of bricks and mortar retailers as they invest in all the stock, the rent, and the staff only to have consumers come along and poke the... Read More

  • Chevy Shifts Into a New Paradigm of Connected Customer Engagement

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    Innovative brands like Chevy are beginning to look beyond the confines of its own industry to curate the personalized customer experiences that drivers want. Competition among automakers has always been... Read More

  • It’s All About Customer Experience for Canadian Tire

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    Shawn Stewart, Associate Vice-President, Loyalty, Canadian Tire participated in a riveting interview with Loyalty360 to discuss customer experience and what it means to his company. Who is the champion of... Read More

  • Customer Experience Means Shopper Experience at The Hershey Company

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    Frank Jimenez, Senior Director, Insights Driven Performance and Retail Evolution, The Hershey Company, participated in an intriguing Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss how Hershey views the customer/shopper... Read More

  • Digitizing the Catalog Experience: A Driver of Customer Engagement

    Do you remember making your holiday toy wish list as a child? How about waiting by the mailbox for your favorite holiday catalog to arrive?  In the late 1980&rsquo... Read More

  • Contact Management Technology May be the Key to Your Small Business’s Growth in 2015

    With the new year upon us, it is imperative to begin thinking about HOW, not IF, your business will grow in 2015.  After all, that is the resolution of virtually... Read More

  • Deepening Relationships with Your Next ‘Best’ Customers

    “When rethinking measurement, it’s important to expand your view – and the focus of your measurement and analysis – beyond good customers.  After all, customers with... Read More

  • How to Turn Loyal Customers Into a Brand’s Best Friend

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    Building relationships is a major goal of any entity: it exhibits reliability, whether it is a person, a brand or company or an object. In recent years, brands have really... Read More

  • The New Face of Prepaid GPR: Young, Educated, and Middle Class

    Travel back in time to the early stages of the economic recession and try finding a middle class, banked, mainstream American who relies on prepaid products for day to day... Read More

  • Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Customer Loyalty Strategies

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    Developing customer loyalty strategies in the modern consumer landscape represents a number of complex challenges for marketers—the marketplace is increasingly competitive, change happens at a blinding pace, and... Read More

  • Sit Down… and Listen

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    “Everybody is a teacher if you listen.” Every once in a while you come across an unexpected bit of wisdom. The above pearl is from actress Doris Roberts,... Read More

  • Customer Experience: Executive Insights from Verint

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    We all do a great deal of talking about Customer Experience, its importance in building long term customers, and keeping satisfaction and growth high.  While we all agree that... Read More

  • Eliminating the “Graffiti” in Your Customer Experience Program

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    There’s no disputing the fact that executive sponsorship is key to driving the success of customer experience programs. While an effective customer experience program is “owned”... Read More

  • Omnichannel Consumer Experience: Integrating the Best of Digital and In-Store

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    It is for good reason that “omni-channel” continues to be omni-present in retail discussions and forums today. Especially for considered purchases, the path to buying often treads across... Read More

  • Thorntons Builds Excitement and Customer Engagement with Swipe & Score Sweepstakes

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    Thorntons Refreshing Rewards customer loyalty program launched in March 2014 in Lexington and Nashville, and has been highly successful from a customer engagement perspective. On Dec. 30, Thorntons launched Swipe & Score... Read More

  • Retailers That Give Back Reap Big Rewards

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    It’s always a good thing when companies give back. When it comes to creating lasting relationships with customers and building brand loyalty, retailers especially can earn big when... Read More

  • New Philanthropic Partnership for Choice Hotels Heightens Customer Engagement

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    Jamie L. Russo, Vice President, Loyalty Programs for Choice Hotels International knows the value of customer engagement. And members of the Choice Privileges loyalty program voiced their opinions about wanting... Read More

  • A More Rewarding 2015 Looking Back to Look Forward

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    In 2013, US consumers spent a huge £78.7 billion purchasing festive gifts online and 2014’s forecast was similarly high at £89 billion – a year on year boost of 13%. In... Read More

  • Customer Experience Starts From Within at First Niagara Bank

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    Providing an exemplary customer experience can and will differentiate any brand. In the banking world, First Niagara Bank has differentiated itself through a series of focused initiatives targeting customer engagement. ... Read More

  • Choice and Control Drive Customer Experience at Hilton Worldwide

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    When you talk to Joshua Sloser, vice president of Digital Innovation at Hilton Worldwide, Customer Experience is always a key topic and overarching goal. Sloser shared with Loyalty360 his insights... Read More

  • Cobrand or Private Label – Which is Right for You?

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    In my last article, I discussed promotions and their role in credit card programs.  This article focuses on whether a cobrand credit card program, private label credit card program,... Read More