Loyalty Management

  • Viewbix Brings Intelligent Customer Engagement to Video Marketing

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    Not long ago, video was relegated to a relatively confined area of the marketing landscape. Video has certainly always played a major marketing role throughout the broadcast media, but beyond... Read More

  • Publicis Outwits Contemporary Customer Experience Problems

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    The sheer amount of noise that crackles throughout and across our growing network of digital, social, and traditional channels is almost deafening. Marketers are facing this growing challenge by trying... Read More

  • Enterprise Customer-Centricity From The Inside-Out: Gauging The Impact of Emotion-Based Employee Ambassadorship Behavior Drivers

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    As reported on the front page of a recent issue of USA Today, a key finding of the 2015 Spherion Emerging Workforce Study (Spherion/Harris) was that 93% of the... Read More

  • Understanding Customer Needs Creates Loyalty

    Have you ever received a promotional offer to purchase a new car after you made a new vehicle purchase?  Or, what about receiving information on a furniture item sale... Read More

  • PARTNERS+simons Survey Reveals That Americans Trust Dr. Oz More Than Six of The Top Presidential Candidates

    The media is seemingly fixated on stories regarding businesses and organizations that betray the consumer’s trust, and in our current world of social media, a brand’s... Read More

  • How IoT Technology Can Help Increase Your Revenue

    As consumers we have come to expect access to the information we want at the exact moment we want it. We don’t want to even think about searching... Read More

  • Using Clean Data to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

    The ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience unquestionably gives companies a competitive advantage. That’s why businesses across virtually all industry sectors are paying more attention to customer... Read More

  • TouchCommerce Overcomes the Customer Engagement Challenges of Omni-channel Integration

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    Most brands face a tidal wave of mounting customer engagement challenges today. As many traditional marketing practices collide with new innovative technologies, many organizations are left wondering where to turn... Read More

  • It’s Snowing Big Data: Targeting Trails to Reach Audiences

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    As another year comes to an end and while many of you are fine-tuning your 2016 marketing plans, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on key data trends for... Read More

  • Evergage Increases the Clarity of Digital Customer Engagement

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    Two driving forces behind customer engagement strategies today are 1:1 personalization and real-time digital integration. The ability to provide an individualized customer experience that connects websites, mobile apps and various online... Read More

  • Turning “Big Data” into “Smart Data” to Transform A Loyalty Program

    Turning "big data" into "smart data" requires a lot of number crunching, strategizing and analysis. But the results can completely transform a loyalty program if the resulting smart data helps... Read More

  • Machine Learning: A New Reason to Love Customer Complaints

    You already have your ear to the ground and eyes on the stats that drive customer loyalty. Hopefully you’re also carefully tracking negative feedback as indicators of bigger... Read More

  • Looking Outside of Your Loyalty Program Data – And Into Customers’ Share of Wallet

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    You know your house file data well, and how much loyalty program members spend with you.  It’s a value stream that keeps your business thriving.  But... Read More

  • Keys to Data Driven Marketing

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    Peter Drucker once said that “the purpose of business is to create a customer” and named the two “basic functions” of any business as marketing and... Read More

  • The Economist Finds a Connection Between Customer Experience and Revenue

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    It is hard to underestimate value of a customer experience that prioritizes a highly interpersonal and humanized touch. With the proliferation of new digital and social technologies, however, many brands... Read More

  • Looking Outside of Your Loyalty Program Data for Insight

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    Truly effective loyalty programs get their members to spend more, as George Clopp and I noted in our previous article Unveiling the Personality of ‘the Other 80%’ of Your... Read More

  • Building a Smart Loyalty with Data From Digital Channels’ Interaction.

    Over the past 10 years, the loyalty programs have become popular in different industries, from aviation to telco, from credit cards to commercial distribution. These programs are born as instruments of... Read More

  • How to Incorporate Customer Data Into Your Loyalty Program (Without Being Creepy!)

    Big data is an even bigger buzzword, and it can provide incredible insight into customer preferences and market trends. But for a loyalty program, the basic unit of measure is... Read More

  • How Small Businesses Can Analyze Big Data

    “Big Data” has typically been a big business game. To some, this just makes sense. Larger companies have more customers, more data, and more resources for analyzing their... Read More

  • Q&A With Experian Data Quality: Using Data to Build Customer Experience and Engagement

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    Loyalty360 recently sat down with Experian’s Erin Haselkorn, Analyst and Public Relations Manager of Experian Data Quality. Erin will host a webinar on January 22, 2015, discussing “Loyalty Matters:... Read More

  • Survey Findings: The Goals and Results of Loyalty Data Collection

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    The use of loyalty programs continues to explode, as documented in a recent study conducted by Experian Data Quality. As reported in Experian Data Quality’s white paper Driving... Read More

  • The Ultimate Promise of Big Data for Channel & Consumer Marketing

    Think about some of your top challenges right now in marketing to your channel, retailers and consumers. A few weeks ago, we polled a group of industry folks about challenges... Read More

  • The Top 5 Ways Digital Gift Cards are Creating New Opportunities for Loyalty and Incentive Companies

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    Not only do digital gift cards complement plastic card rewards initiatives that companies already have in place, but they also open up new opportunities for loyalty and incentives companies to... Read More

  • Banking on Loyalty: An African Snapshot

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    Africa is home to over 1 billion people, approximately one seventh of the world’s population spread across 54 very different countries. The variations in politics, geography, economics and religion from... Read More

  • Big Data Enables CPG Companies to Gain an In-Depth, Personal Connection with the End User

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    Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have accepted for many decades that the reality of the industry is that the customers are interacting with intermediaries like digital merchants and retail outlets,... Read More

  • How Behavioral Economics Leads to Intimate Brand Engagement

    Consumers are no longer just sitting back receiving brand messages; they are leaning forward and actively engaging with them. Brands have moved from noise operators to enticement factories. According to... Read More

  • Data Drives Loyalty (If You Know How to Use It)

    Once upon a time, customer data was a commodity. Today, it’s a highly-valuable currency driving business forward. As an influx of data pours in from e-commerce, POS and... Read More

  • Is There a Loyalty Model?

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    Industry experts, rife with hopeful optimism in the early days of CRM and customer loyalty programs, thought CRM was the ultimate tactic to clinch and sustain a personal rela tionship... Read More

  • How Benchmarking Brings Valuable Insight to Your Loyalty Program

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    We benchmark ourselves against one another every day.  Like it or not we have barometers all around us letting us know how we stack up.  We incorporate comparison... Read More

  • The Ultimate, Definitive, Never-Need-to-Read-another-Word on the Pros and Cons of NPS Article

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    I can’t take seeing yet another article extolling the virtues/lambasting the shortcomings of NPS. So I want to lay it all on the table – the good,... Read More

  • BigDoor provides Big Insights for Loyalty Programs

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    BigDoor provides loyalty solutions to some of the biggest brands today, partnering with companies to power full loyalty programs or augment existing ones. Equipped with insight from working with a... Read More

  • Loyalty Killers: Mystery

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    In her previous articles in the Loyalty Killers series, dunnhumby’s Naomi Kasolowsky covered PDD, needless barriers, de-list dramas, and information. Now she tackles the fifth in her series... Read More

  • Anatomy of a Customer Experience Program: Choosing Metrics and Taking Action

    In a recent Forrester report, survey respondents were asked three questions related to loyalty. They found a strong positive correlation between customer experience index scores, likelihood of recommending to a... Read More

  • New Research Highlights Steps of the New Hotel Booking Path to Purchase

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    For a consumer looking to book a stay at a hotel, the good news is that the available sources to research and purchase are immense. For a marketer looking to... Read More

  • Reevaluating Your Marketing Budget to Maximize Your Best Customers

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    When society's affinity to favor new things extends into the marketing budget, existing customers are quickly overlooked. Absorbed in the notion of chasing after new customers, companies' marketing departments... Read More

  • Loyalty Killers: Information

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    The importance of providing great information for customers at every stage in the shopping experience cannot be underestimated. To be blunt, failing to provide the right information at the... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Q&A: Aginity Data Scientist and CRM Strategist, Lexy Kassan

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    Data Scientist has been named the “sexiest job title for the 21st century.”  The question many are left with, is why?  Why are companies flocking to... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty – If You Build It, They Will Come

    Brands these days are leveraging all social media platforms available to them in order to engage customers and build important relationships. From a content perspective, this means being as authentic... Read More

  • Tuning In And Turning On: Leveraging Customer Engagement Data For Maximum Return

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    In the past few years, the number of touchpoints through which customers engage with brands has exploded. Everyone wants to incorporate all these different nodes on the journey map into... Read More

  • The Millennial Traveler: How To Attract Tomorrow’s Economic Rising Stars

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    Travel rewards have historically led the charge in terms of motivating consumer loyalty. With millennials’ interest in experiencing new places and cultures, this trend will likely continue. A recent... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview, Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada

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    Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada participated in a compelling Q&A with Loyalty360 CEO, Mark Johnson, to discuss challenges in the loyalty industry, where customer data is... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview, Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada

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    Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada participated in a compelling Q&A with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson to discuss challenges in the loyalty industry, where customer data is... Read More

  • Yearning for Loyalty, Fearing Call Volume: The Tech Support Conundrum

    The dirty little secret in technology support services is that many organizations fear inbound call volume, or service redemption, because it’s viewed as an expense – or one... Read More

  • How to Leverage Loyalty Program Data Where it Counts: At the Shelf

    Many retailers make the mistake of launching a loyalty program that is solely built to satisfy marketing objectives. Without first knowing and understanding where customer data mining can lead to,... Read More

  • Q&A: Rick Ferguson Vice President, Knowledge Development, Aimia

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    Rick Ferguson Vice President, Knowledge Development, Aimia participated in an intriguing Q&A in advance of the company’s webinar hosted by Loyalty360 titled, “Real Relationships,”... Read More

  • By the Numbers

    Mult ichannel retailers win while customer loyalty wanes for biggest U.S.retailers; satisfaction stagnates across Web and Mobile channels during 2013 holiday season. The most satisfied shoppers this holiday... Read More

  • The 10 Essentials of a High-impact CRM Strategy

    Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) needs to be at the core of your company’s customer strategy. Companies that don’t embrace CRM, or fall behind will risk... Read More

  • Three Practical Steps to Tapping Into Big Data (and Little) to Drive More Profitable Behaviors from Your Customers

    In the beginning, loyalty programs were pretty simple – a customer buys something, that customer earns points; that customer burns those points to get something. But this... Read More

  • CPG Marketers…It’s Okay to Cheat

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    Just as quickly as technology evolves, so too does the opportunityfor marketers to leverage this technology more effectively when trying to reach a target audience.    Today... Read More

  • Influencing Customer Loyalty Through Events: What Matters and How to Measure it?

    Events bring together your customers, prospects, industry influencers, media, senior executives from your company, partners, etc. While there are common goals of leveraging events to drive leads, pipeline... Read More

  • Understanding the Journey: An Opportunity to Learn from Your Peers

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    An interesting test that arises when building a loyalty program (as part of a larger loyalty process) is the effective benchmarking of your program against those of your competitors and... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: David Overman, Rewards Manager, BB&T

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    David Overman, Rewards Manager, BB&T has been in his current position for about 18 months, since his company decided to place a greater emphasis on managing its rewards program. ... Read More

  • Leaving Loyalty on the Table

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    InfoTrellis white paper dissects ‘transactional’ and ‘emotional’ loyalty Is there a gap between what most loyalty programs can achieve and what they are actually achieving? The... Read More

  • Q&A: Gianluca Pogliani, Senior Director of Consumer Insights and Analytics, Luxottica

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    Gianluca Pogliani, Senior Director of Consumer Insights and Analytics, Luxottica will be one of the featured speakers during a session at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 –... Read More

  • The DMP: A Marketer’s Frenemy?

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    Digital Ad spend is one of the fastest growing line items in any customer-centric company’s budget. Leveraging Big Data is at the heart of the matter. Digital Marketing... Read More

  • Strength and Flexibility: TIBCO Loyalty Lab Research Clears Picture for 2014

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    You can’t step in the same river twice, or so goes the Heraclitus quote. As brands are finding with their efforts to use big data and analytics to... Read More

  • Patxi’s Pizza Uses Customer Data to Power Loyalty Program

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    Since Patxi’s Pizza, a pizza chain with 12 locations in California and Colorado, launched a mobile loyalty program one year ago, there has been a noticeable uptick in customer... Read More

  • Co-Creating Purposeful Loyalty with Customers – and Their Data

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    This week, IBM’s Institute for Business Value Global Consumer Study found that many customers will share their data with retailers or brands – but that they expect a... Read More

  • Retailer Loyalty: Bring on the Big Data!

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    No two retail loyalty programs are alike – which is no surprise. No two consumers are alike, not every consumer shops every retailer the same way, and not every retailer... Read More

  • Big Data in 2014: From Collecting All the Data You Can to Collecting Only the Data You Need

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    Marketers have always seen great opportunity in combining demographic data about a consumer with data about that consumer’s behavior to create a more effective marketing message. The era... Read More

  • EU eBay Stays on Top of Customer-centric Model

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    For Eben Sermon, Director Relationship Marketing and Loyalty (EU) at eBay, maintaining and enhancing a companywide customer-centric focus is a daily and ongoing goal. Sermon says brands also need... Read More

  • How to Evaluate and Engage Your Own Loyalty Program

    Ok, so you just landed a new role leading an existing, established in-market loyalty rewards program, or perhaps, are providing consulting or agency services to evaluate, enhance and grow it.... Read More

  • 3 Loyalty Trends for 2014

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    New year, new loyalty trends. In 2013 we saw the height of surprise and delight and mobile loyalty apps, so what’s coming for 2014? Location-Based Loyalty: This is not the... Read More

  • Is Your Loyalty Program Smart Enough?

    In recent times, we’ve seen a number of new loyalty programs announced or revamped by major brands, including Staples, Best Buy, Orbitz and AT&T.  Even... Read More

  • The Benefits of Engaging Mobile Enterprise Apps

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    Leaders often say employee engagement is fully integrated into their organization’s lexicon. This is actually quite different in practice. Only 13% of employees across 142 countries have expressed that they... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty Trends in 2014 and Beyond

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    Over the past few decades the competitive landscape has changed, and resultantly, so has customer loyalty. With a plethora of options at consumers’ fingertips, the loyalty industry has become... Read More

  • You Can’t Optimize What You Can’t Measure: Demonstrating the Business Impact of Your CRM Strategy

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    Earlier this year, I launched a series of articles introducing five imperatives for the development and implementation of an effective customer relationship marketing (CRM) strategy. They are crucial competencies, necessary... Read More

  • Launching a Loyalty Program: Best Practices from TIBCO Loyalty Lab

    Retaining customers is typically more profitable than gaining new ones, but the programs that help retain customers can be costly and daunting to launch and maintain. In a new... Read More

  • Loyalty 360 Interview with MasterCard – Post Webinar Insights

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    On August 15 Loyalty 360 hosted a webinar titled, “Rewards in Interesting Times”, presented by Bob Grothe, Vice President of Strategy and Analytics with Loyalty and Reward Solutions... Read More

  • Managing Small Data: Three Success Factors

    Big Data has been a hot topic in the marketing world for the last few years, almost to the point of exhaustion. Small Data, on the other hand, is an... Read More

  • Loyalty 360 Interview with Kobie Marketing: Bram Hechtkopf, VP Business Development and Marketing

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    With a growth rate of 66% for the past four consecutive years, Kobie Marketing – the pioneer of omnichannel loyalty and a recognized leader in the loyalty marketing industry, has... Read More

  • The Challenge of Data…

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    It is interesting this idea of data (big, small, transaction, structured, unstructured, modeled), and if I have read one article on “big data,” I have read 10,000. The uniqueness... Read More

  • Making Shopper Insights Stick

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    In the age of Big Data, we know what shoppers are buying, when they’re buying it and how frequently. We know their household size, social media activity, brand... Read More

  • Do You Need a Loyalty Program to Drive Customer Loyalty?

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    In early July, shoppers at Shaw’s, Albertsons, Acme, Jewel-Osco and Star were greeted at the door and asked to hand in their store loyalty cards.  These chains,... Read More

  • Smartphones, Even Smarter Rewards Programs

    As smartphone usage has increased to more than 50% of adult Americans, more and more brands are using mobile rewards apps as a way to engage customers personally and improve brand... Read More

  • How A Connected Technology Platform Will Change Your Customer Engagement Forever

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    Who would’ve thought the office of the CMO would be the hub of marketing technology enablement? Today’s CMO must appreciate the marketing relevance of big data... Read More

  • LoyaltyOne President: “This is the Renaissance of Marketing”

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    Customer information is the biggest gift marketers have ever received, according to LoyaltyOne President Bryan Pearson. "Big Data and small data, creating meaningful value, expanding data and segregating it really... Read More

  • Painting the Customer Portrait

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    Gathering the knowledge and insight required to be a customer-centric organization is challenging and, oftentimes, daunting. However, knowing what makes customers tick is a competitive differentiator that sets true customer... Read More

  • With Big Data, Context is King

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    A friend of mine recently planned a surprise 40th birthday party for his wife. He secretly arranged for her friends to gather at her favorite bar, and booked her favorite... Read More

  • Inoculate Your Most Profitable Customers Against the Inevitable Seduction of a Competitor!

    Sounds easy doesn’t it?!  How do you start such a strategy? Do you even know who your most profitable customers are? Typically most data led organisations understand... Read More

  • A Global Marketing & Data Perspective

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    Christian Peck is vice president and managing director for Acxiom United Kingdom.   As managing director Christian leads the entire Acxiom UK enterprise, with oversight of product, sales, delivery and... Read More

  • Business Can Be Personal With the Right Segmentation

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    Companies have been segmenting their customers for years to deliver relevant products, offers and communications. Local stores may not have called it “segmentation,” but they knew who their... Read More

  • CMO’s: Add ‘Currency Management Officer’ to Your Duties

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    For most companies today, customers are viewed within the context of the organization’s functions and products. The brand or product marketing department discusses the customer from a need... Read More

  • Bare Necessities Building In-House Database, Loyalty Initiatives

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    When Bill Elliott joined intimate apparel merchant Bare Necessities last August, the only data available was at the transactional level. Elliott, VP Direct Marketing, CRM, and Email, told Loyalty 360 that... Read More

  • Ready to Manage Digital Subscription Loyalty?

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    How many digital memberships do you have?  Subscriptions were once mainly the domain of newspapers, magazines, and Cable TV, but now an increasing number of digital companies are looking... Read More

  • CMOs Should Play Lead Role in Deep Customer Insights

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    Chief Marketing Officers should play a lead role in analyzing and disseminating deep customer insights that drive business performance, according to a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit. According to... Read More

  • Customer Experience Questions Answered

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    On April 18 Loyalty 360 hosted a webinar titled, “Seize the Moments: Capturing the 10 Most Important Customer Experience Moments,” which was presented by Aimia. The webinar demonstrated how capturing... Read More

  • From Big Data to Bigger Insights

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    Big Data is certainly a hot topic these days. If you work in loyalty marketing, you probably hear about it more often than you hear about Kim Kardashian’s... Read More

  • Meet the Speaker: John Bastone, SAS

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    Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty 360, speaks with John Bastone, Director of Customer Intelligence Product Marketing at SAS.  John brings 15 years’ experience across many marketing disciplines, including direct marketing,... Read More

  • Executive Take on Big Data, Customer Engagement Issues Facing Brands Today

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    Milen Mahadevan, SVP Client Solutions for international marketing consultancy dunnhumby, holds strong opinions about a variety of topics impacting customer engagement and loyalty programs. Mahadevan offered his views to Loyalty 360... Read More

  • Data is an Asset

    Traditionally, data has been considered the exhaust of IT systems. Going forward, data will increasingly be the fuel that drives competitive advantage. Data-driven companies significantly outperform their peers, yet 90% of... Read More

  • Smarter Video: The Intersection of Customer Experience, Big Data and Contextualization

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    A brand’s knowledge of individual customer preferences is critical for nurturing long-term relationships. This ensures an optimal customer experience, which is becoming a strategic imperative for companies to... Read More

  • Modernizing for Digital Integration: New Tools for Analysis & Insight

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    To improve the brand experience and differentiate themselves in the eyes of consumers, companies must integrate digital information into the traditional customer view, and use insights to refine a brand... Read More

  • Challenges or Opportunities

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    Loyalty 360 Interview with Cindy Faust, Aimia Cindy Faust, Vice President, Product Management at Aimia, offers her insight into the technology and data-based challenges that confront today’s loyalty focused... Read More

  • Insights from Loyalty Data Fuels 107-Unit, Genghis Grill’s Growth

    Al Bhakta, CEO of Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts, sat down with Paytronix for a one-on-one interview that delves into how important data is to the chain’s sustained growth... Read More

  • When it Comes to Loyalty and Mobile, Analytics Can Drive Greater Personalization and Engagement

    Customer loyalty was a top theme at the recent National Retail Federation Big Show, where thousands of retailers gathered to discuss trends and learn from the industry’s top... Read More

  • Proactively Managing the Buyer Journey

    Customer experience leads to customer loyalty, but how do we provide exceptional customer experience? We can do so by proactively managing the buyer journey.  Customer analytics equips executives with... Read More

  • State of the Industry: How Marketers Are Tackling Big Data in 2013

    Although big data presents huge marketing opportunities, many companies simply can’t keep up with the amount of customer information being generated every day. So while marketers have become... Read More

  • Of Smarts and Hearts: The IQ/EQ of Measuring Long-Term Loyalty

    When it comes to the qualities that enable us to connect as people, and as organizations, I’ve come to believe there are two measures: the IQ and the... Read More

  • “Big ideas” to improve customer engagement in 2013

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    I love New Year’s Resolutions!  Every December, I enjoy reflecting on what I’ve learned in the last 12 months, and set goals to grow professionally and... Read More