Loyalty Management

  • Getting to Know Your Executive Stakeholders

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    What is a stakeholder? In the customer experience discipline, stakeholders are individuals impacted by the actions taken in managing and improving the customer experience while providing necessary support for customer... Read More

  • Enterprise Customer-Centricity From The Inside-Out

    As reported on the front page of a recent issue of USA Today, a key finding of the 2015 Spherion Emerging Workforce Study (Spherion/Harris) was that 93% of the... Read More

  • Meaningful Motivation in the Workplace Can Yield Success

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    Workplace motivation can be a challenge, especially with a multigenerational office. What inspires Baby Boomers, won’t necessarily excite Generation Xers, and Millennials won’t be inspired... Read More

  • Short-Term vs. Long-Term Motivation. Which One Do You Choose?

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    When you think of motivation and engagement, what comes to mind? As employees, co-workers or sales channel partners, we should strive to create motivation and engagement every day. One definition... Read More

  • Motivate Employees By Incorporating Desirable Products Into Recognition Program

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    Events are a unique tool for businesses, especially when they’re hosted for employees as part of an employee loyalty program. For company leaders, it takes more than a... Read More

  • The Secret Sauce for a Captivating Company Culture

    There’s a long list of perks for employees at today’s average company and it seems to have something for everyone: ping pong tables, kegs in the... Read More

  • Reciprocity in Loyalty Programs

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    Employee engagement is increasingly top of mind for most executives.  The fact that the happiness and motivations of people throughout the business has a direct relationship on their everyday... Read More

  • Increase Customer Engagement by Increasing Employee Appreciation

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    Let’s be honest, any successful organization understands this concept:  “People treat others like the leader treats them.” To be increase and sustain customer engagement, you... Read More

  • How Rymax’s 20 Year Mission Can Take Your Company to the Next Level

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    For the last 20 years Rymax Marketing Services has succeeded in becoming the most trusted loyalty marketing provider in the industry. Part of this success can be attributed to the fact... Read More

  • Spread the ‘Loyalty Bug’ Inside your Organization, and your Customers will ‘Catch-it’ Too

    When you stop and do the math, employee turnover is expensive.  Replacing employees can cost up to 43% of their annual salary, so ensuring your employees stay loyal to your... Read More

  • Never Forget that Your Priceless Customer Loyalty is being Driven by Your Cheapest Hourly Employees

    Last week I came upon a loyalty card from a well-known auto service center that provided the user with a $10 discount on each of five oil changes, the sixth oil... Read More

  • Effective Rebranding Needs to Start with Internal Employee Engagement

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    When Mindshare Technologies, a leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies, acquired Empathica last fall, it wasn’t clear then there would be a rebranding involved. “It... Read More

  • How to Implement an Employee Reward Program

    Your company may have already discovered the power of customer loyalty programs. What could be better than increasing your return on investment simply by rewarding those buyers most loyal to... Read More

  • Xerox Engaging Call Center Employees in Fun, Innovative Way

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    The daily tasks of call center agents around the world may seem mundane to many, but to brand executives, they are the heart and soul of any successful company. Companies... Read More

  • Exceptional Employee Engagement: A Q&A with Sykes

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    Perhaps we tapped into a trend when we tackled the issue of employee engagement late last year, or perhaps it’s a strategic initiative that’s time has... Read More

  • Q&A Executive Insights

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    George Skaff, Chief Marketing Officer at TouchCommerce, spoke with Loyalty 360 during a Q&A session about customer engagement & multi-channel opportunities with mobile devices as well as offering marketing... Read More

  • State of Loyalty

    Loyalty 360 had the opportunity of sitting down with Luke Aulin, Co-founder and Mayor of RTOWN.  RTOWN is a growing team of digital professionals aligned around a very audacious mission:... Read More

  • Focus Employees On Customer Metrics for Lasting Loyalty on Both Fronts

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    Companies across all verticals are experiencing an engagement challenge with their two primary constituencies, employees and customers. The real solution may lie in solving both at the same time. ... Read More

  • Why Understanding Profitability Matters

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    Although sharing is often seen as good and noble, making sure that you get your fair share of the pie is still important. Unless you, the cardholder, and the issuing... Read More

  • A Look at Loyalty Leadership

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    Best Practices for Leading Change Across Your Customer Experience Organization When asked about your career, how do you respond – do you manage a program or do you lead change?... Read More

  • Best Practices for Retaining the Brightest College Grads

    According to the National Center for Education Statistics, NCES, 1.6 million students with a bachelor's will graduate as the class of 2014. While recent graduates are entirely aware of the competition... Read More

  • Q&A: Barry Altland, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development, Community Health Centers, Inc.

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    Barry Altland, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development, Community Health Centers, Inc., will be one of the featured speakers during a session at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 ... Read More

  • Three Predictions Set Course for TIBCO Report

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    The new year has brought a glut of marketing prognosticators sifting through the tea leaves to offer predictions on what 2014 will bring. Separating the wheat from the chaff—or... Read More

  • 3 Ways Verification Technology Protects Businesses from Redemption Fraud

    Offering special promotions, experiences, and discounts to targeted groups of customers is a proven strategy for reaching new customers, increasing incremental revenue, and strengthening brand loyalty. But what happens when... Read More

  • Loyalty Marketing: Looking For More Than Required Skills in 2014

    As a recruiter who has specialized in loyalty marketing for more than 20 years, I’ve worked from literally thousands of CRM and loyalty-related job descriptions and written dozens of... Read More

  • Predictions for Marketers in 2014

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    We all are conscious of the current economic environment and some of the uncertainty in the political environment and, therefore, these impacts will flow into the marketing and... Read More

  • Understanding Elusive Expenses

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    In my previous articles, I covered some major trends in credit card cobrand profitability and how banks calculate the profitability of your credit card program as well as the key... Read More

  • Behind the Brand: Dave Mangano, Siemens Industry, Inc.

    Dave Mangano is Senior Vice President, Field Operations for Siemens Industry, Inc., Building Technologies Division for the America region. The Siemens Building Technologies Division is the world’s market... Read More

  • Loyalty Communication Tactics for the Generations

    Employee buy-in through all levels of the organization is one of the biggest challenges facing any incentive program manager. The key to employee buy-in starts with a strategic cross-promotional multi-channel... Read More

  • Q2 Loyalty Management: Ask the Experts

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    Q.  I'd like to empower my employees to provide a personalized customer experience.  How do we enable a personal experience without crossing the line to creepy?  ... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads: June 2013

    New & Interesting Reads in Customer Expereience, Engagement & Loyatly!   Creative Control: The Secret to Perfect Innovation  Author:  Brian W Bickford  Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads: Excerpt from, “Creative Control: The Secret to Perfect Innovation”

    The Key to Perfect Innovation - C.R.E.A.T.E. The creation of something new feels individual and can be the most rewarding and satisfying event you and... Read More

  • CMO’s: Add ‘Currency Management Officer’ to Your Duties

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    For most companies today, customers are viewed within the context of the organization’s functions and products. The brand or product marketing department discusses the customer from a need... Read More

  • Ctrl Alt Delete: Q&A with Social Media Expert Mitch Joel

    When the loyalty expert sits down with the social media guru, everything we thought we knew about digital engagement is rebooted. Bryan Pearson, CEO of global loyalty marketing firm LoyaltyOne,... Read More

  • CMOs Should Play Lead Role in Deep Customer Insights

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    Chief Marketing Officers should play a lead role in analyzing and disseminating deep customer insights that drive business performance, according to a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit. According to... Read More

  • Empowering the Employee to Create a Positive Customer Experience

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    Experiences.   Every day we have thousands of experiences, but only a few that really stand out, that really make an impact.   Impact most likely comes in... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - 2012: Q4

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    Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business  Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine  New Harvest | August 2012  What simple innovation brought billions in... Read More

  • Enhance Business Incentive Programs with Prepaid Gift Cards

    In order to drive employee retention and maintain company morale, it’s critical for business leaders to understand how to effectively acknowledge and reward employees.   Fortunately, new... Read More

  • 8 Critical Elements To Take Your Organization From Engaged To Entangled

    It is widely proven that employee engagement is directly linked to the profitability and sustainability of a business.  Why is it, then, that—according to the Gallup Organization ... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Minding the Gap—between employee engagement and customer experience

    Think about it. When was the last time you felt you came away having just had a great customer experience—after dealing with an employee that appeared to act... Read More

  • The Communication Connection: Benefits and Loyalty

    The link between employee benefits and loyalty is clear. The fact is, employees are more likely to stick around if they feel like they’re getting great... Read More

  • Trends & Perspectives on Employee Satisfaction and Long-Term Loyalty

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    A recent Maritz Motivation Solutions study, of more than 1,000 U.S. employees across several industry sectors, found that more than 50 percent of employees in the current workforce do not feel... Read More

  • Sodexo Culture, Training, Helps Health Care Providers Aid Patients

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    Sodexo Health Care, “the largest company you never heard of,” provides meal, housekeeping and similar services for thousands of health care and senior care facilities across the country. ... Read More

  • Why Social Recognition Matters

    Monetary incentives don’t buy workplace happiness. The age old methodology of motivation, using monetary ‘carrots’ – such as perks or financial remuneration – has a weak... Read More

  • Petco Relies on Manager Training to Enhance Customer Service, Loyalty

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    Petco, the specialty pet retailer, has seen its market position increasingly challenged by discount general merchandise stores, such as Wal-Mart, and large grocery chains that have expanded their product lines... Read More

  • Sprint Loyalty & Engagement

    In 2011 Sprint phased out their Premier loyalty program, a difficult transition for any marketer to tackle.  In an interview with Loyalty 360, Melinda Parks, Director of Marketing and Kim... Read More

  • The Inside Scoop: WHATABURGER

    Loyalty 360 had the privilege to hear from Whataburger restaurants and learn about how they are showcasing the voice of their customers and employees to embrace a growing Whataburger fanbase. Through... Read More

  • The Impact of Employee Engagement on Healthcare Organizations

    For organizations in the healthcare industry, such as hospital networks, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms, the needs to comply with regulatory mandates, manage costs and provide excellent patient care... Read More

  • One Company’s Initiative to Improve the Customer Experience & Elevate Employee Engagement – Everyone Learn to Code

    Stay ahead of the competition or get buried – it’s as simple as that. As leading technology companies around the world have shown, to compete in today&rsquo... Read More

  • Building Loyalty Through Warmth And Competence

    For our ancestors who lived thousands of years ago, the ability to recognize people, to correctly judge their intentions, and to build trusting relationships was crucial to their survival. Today,... Read More

  • Creating a Customer-Centric Culture: Five Best Practices For Empowering your Frontline

    For companies hoping to improve their brand/customer relationships, hiring a consultant may seem like the best choice. However, consultants can’t make your culture more customer-centric—only... Read More

  • Behind the Brand/People: Anita Emoff, President - Boost Rewards

    Boost Rewards™, an award winning WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is a trusted partner for organizations committed to achieving total workforce engagement.  As the President of Boost... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - December 2011

    Profiles in Marketing Excellence by Pamela Lockard DMN3 Institute | 2011 Marketers spend the majority of their career focused on buyers. In a recently published book, “Profiles in Marketing Excellence,”... Read More

  • Employee Motivation: Non-Monetary Rewards Work Best

    We’ve all heard the statistics about employee engagement and that current trends show organizations are seeing a drop in employee engagement levels throughout the world. Mercer’s... Read More

  • The Rise of Social Media as a Lever for Employee Engagement

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    Nielsen recently reported that people are spending more time on Facebook than Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Wikipedia combined. Think about that for a second. It’s important not just... Read More

  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Formal recognition can be the catalytic spark that inspires. If you reward someone for “doing the right things, right,” it is like having an insurance policy that assures... Read More

  • CEMEX USA: Customer Experience Strategy

    Loyalty marketers have been exploring programs, engagement and customer experience for some time. But, the B2B space has never quite pulled these strategies into their business approach. CEMEX USA... Read More