Loyalty Management

  • A Shared Values System Powers Commitment to Superb Customer Experience at Publix

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    Every brand wants to have an internal culture that extolls shared values that permeate the entire company and the entire customer experience. That’s what exists at Publix Super... Read More

  • Former Delta Air Lines Social Manager Talks About the Power of Customer Engagement

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    Former Delta Air Lines customer service executive Jerry Fletcher knows a little something about the power of social media, evidenced by the fact that he helped Delta become the only... Read More

  • Auntie Anne’s Loyalty Program Exceeds Expectations

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    Meredith Wenz, Director of Marketing for Auntie Anne’s, believes the company’s My Pretzel Perks loyalty program has far exceeded all expectations. Auntie Anne’s passionate... Read More

  • Simplicity at Hertz Means Great Customer Experience

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    Many marketers, intentionally or not, complicate matters that often lead to unfulfilling customer experiences. Keeping things simple and easy to follow for customers usually always leads to memorable customer... Read More

  • Wheaton | Bekins Revamps Customer Experience

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    For Stephanie Linville, Director, Market Intelligence, Quality & Training at Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines, redesigning a customer survey has led to compelling customer experience insights in the... Read More

  • How Does QVC Stay on Top of the Customer Loyalty/Customer Experience 

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    QVC knows a little something about memorable customer experiences, acquiring and retaining customers, and driving significant brand loyalty. In its 27-year history, QVC, the world’s leading video... Read More

  • Best Western Delivers Sophisticated Customer Engagement by Revitalizing Direct Mail

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    It is true that digital innovation has changed most of our lives for the better. As information travels faster, the world gets smaller. New relationships and business opportunities exist around... Read More

  • Forging Emotional Bonds: Hilton’s Customer-centric Culture

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    It’s always interesting for brands to hear what other brands are doing or thinking about the state of marketing, customer loyalty, customer engagement, technologies being used to reach... Read More

  • Meineke Repairs the Car Care Industry’s Approach to Customer Engagement

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    For most auto owners, proper car care and maintenance is a fact of life. Attracting and retaining these drivers as loyal customers is an essential part of the automotive care... Read More

  • Passionate Customers Lead to Supreme Brand Loyalty at Auntie Anne’s

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    When Heather Neary, Vice President of Global Marketing for Auntie Anne’s – the world’s largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise – wears her company shirt accompanied by... Read More

  • Family Atmosphere at Harley-Davidson Instills Brand Loyalty

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    When anyone hears the name Harley-Davidson, it immediately evokes two things: A revered motorcycle and consummate brand loyalty.For Shonna Smith, Marketing Director & Experience Coordinator, Blue Spring Harley-Davidson in... Read More

  • Content Quality Triggers Customer Engagement at Niemann Foods

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    Technology will always change, but providing quality content can significantly enhance customer engagement and brand loyalty. That’s the premise for Niemann Foods. Niemann Foods, operating under the County... Read More

  • Noodles & Company Creates High Impact Guest Experiences that Resonate Across Communities

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    People crave authentic connections. Just like sleeping or eating, it’s often considered to be a fundamental need. New mobile and social technologies constantly purport to bring us closer... Read More

  • AARP’s Loyalty Program Engages, Educates, and Rewards a Highly Active Community

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    AARP is on a mission to help aging people live better lives. As a nonprofit organization, the social impact that AARP makes can be seen throughout its extremely diverse array... Read More

  • Arby’s Focuses on Measuring Right Data Points for Better Customer Engagement

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    Analyzing volumes of customer data can be tedious and overwhelming for marketers. Focusing on what exactly a company measures within that data can significantly boost customer engagement and brand loyalty. ... Read More

  • Technology Sparks Kimpton Karma Rewards Loyalty Program

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    Technology moves so fast these days that often marketers have to make difficult decisions on the fly. Stepping back and assessing those decisions thoroughly is a safer way to finding... Read More

  • Mobile-friendly Website Keeps Klein Tools On Top of Customer Engagement

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    For Tom Barton, Product Marketing Manager for Klein Tools, being mobile-friendly keeps company officials in tune with optimum customer engagement that can lead to brand loyalty. Loyalty360 caught up with... Read More

  • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Raising the Bar on Mobile Customer Experience

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    Staying on top of rapidly moving technologies, especially ones related to mobile, can be a daunting task for any loyalty marketer. For Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, company officials have taken... Read More

  • Overstock.com: Growing Customer Loyalty Through a Great Customer Experience

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    Talking about customer loyalty, customer engagement, and customer experience is one thing. Executing on these massively important customer engagement tools is another. At Overstock.com, President Stormy Simon is fully... Read More

  • The Economist Finds a Connection Between Customer Experience and Revenue

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    It is hard to underestimate value of a customer experience that prioritizes a highly interpersonal and humanized touch. With the proliferation of new digital and social technologies, however, many brands... Read More

  • Pizza Hut Receives Brand Loyalty Through Consumer Trust

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    In a recent QSR benchmark study from InMoment, Pizza Hut was the only large brand that stood out for food satisfaction, value, and brand loyalty. Loyalty360 caught up with Doug... Read More

  • A Community-Centric Culture Defines Costa’s Authentic Customer Experience

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    It would be hard to understate the importance of community. Communities bind and tie people together, create strong support networks, and generate shared understandings than generate trust and loyalty. Communities... Read More

  • New Washington Redskins Loyalty Program Start of Long-term Customer Engagement Strategy

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    Professional sports teams have become entrenched in customer loyalty, evidenced by such loyalty programs from the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Sabres, San Diego Padres, and Sporting Kansas City. ... Read More

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Always Seeks Insights to Gain Deeper Customer Engagement

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    Scott Hudler, Vice President of Global Consumer Engagement at Dunkin’ Brands, told Loyalty360 that marketers are bombarded with customer data that can be overwhelming. The key, Hudler believes, is... Read More

  • Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program Wants to Know Who Plans a Better Vacation: Adults or Kids?

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    Officials for the Wyndham Rewards loyalty program wanted to find out who plans a better vacation: Adults or kids. A new national study from global hotel loyalty program Wyndham Rewards... Read More

  • Global Hotel Alliance Discovers a New Echelon of Global Customer Engagement

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    Ask someone to recount a memorable trip, or an exciting experience away from home, and they probably won’t mention how many loyalty program points they earned at the... Read More

  • Chiquita Re-Invents the Modern Sweepstakes, Grows its Digital Audience by 1 Million+ Unique Users in 6 Weeks

    Brands have been using sweepstakes to drive lead generation ever since that first primitive marketer crawled out of the primordial ooze. And, just as marketers themselves evolved -- going from... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs as a Barrier to Exit – More than Just a Monetary Reward

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    Positioning your loyalty program as a brand differentiator is a key to success for loyalty marketers. In today’s competitive marketing landscape, one way marketers can do this is... Read More

  • Home Shopping Network Connects Customer Journeys to Build Brand Loyalty

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    Great marketing has always been about great storytelling, but today customer engagement also encompasses so much more. Brands now need to deliver the right message at the right time and... Read More

  • Wyndham Hotel Group Offers Simple, Compelling Customer Loyalty Advice: Listen to Your Customers

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    The Wyndham Hotel Group stays on top of rapidly changing technologies to always provide the ultimate customer experience. But Noah Brodsky, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Loyalty and Engagement, Wyndham Worldwide... Read More

  • Safelite Auto Glass Finds Brand Loyalty through Customer Driven Philosophy

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    For Kerry Hurff, Safelite AutoGlass AVP, Customer and Brand Technology, the company’s Customer Driven philosophy continues to create brand loyalty. Hurff talked to Loyalty360 about this and other... Read More

  • Caesars Total Rewards: Evolving the Loyalty Program

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    Yes, there are laurels in the logo of Caesars Entertainment. But when it comes to  customer engagement and customer loyalty, the company doesn’t rest on those laurels. ... Read More

  • For Avis Budget Group, Customer Experience Drives Brand Differentiation

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    When Jeannine Haas, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, at Avis Budget Group, joined the company three years ago, she was excited about the opportunity to redefine and build upon the... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Jose Costa, President, MAACO

    Jose R. Costa is president of MAACO and has led the company’s resurgence during the past two years. Costa will be the featured speaker during a fascinating session... Read More

  • The Hospitable Customer Experience of Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort Attracts More Than Gamers

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    Customer experiences are changing in the casino industry. No longer seeking to only build brand loyalty by catering to avid gamers, some of the most forward thinking organizations are beginning... Read More

  • Technology Paves the Road to Customer Engagement Success at Church’s Chicken

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    Changing and evolving with the times, especially as the country’s third-largest quick-service restaurant chain, is critical when it comes to customer engagement and staying relevant with memorable customer... Read More

  • Talking Customer Loyalty with Hilton Worldwide

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    Officials at Hilton Worldwide know a little something about engaging customers and earning brand loyalty. It’s not something that you turn on and off. Creating and retaining customer... Read More

  • GameStop Seeks Brand Loyalty with Digital Customer Experience

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    GameStop has never had a problem when it comes to customer engagement, customer experience, and brand loyalty. Now, it wants to further engage its loyal customers via digital technology. Loyalty360... Read More

  • Pandora Finds Customer Engagement Leads to Brand Loyalty

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    Music streaming site Pandora is the No. 1 station in 14 of the top 15 local radio markets in the U.S., according to a 2014 study by IFPI. Pandora has a steadfast following... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty Vitally Important at Western Union

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    Retaining loyal customers and adding new ones are two incredibly important strategic points for any marketer. Having a loyalty program that truly deepens existing customer relationships, while creating others, magnifies... Read More

  • Delicious and Nutritious, Two Reasons Why Sunsweet Prunes Equal Sweet Customer Experiences

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    Sunsweet is a co-operative of prune growers synonymous with quality fruit and healthy products. Roughly 300 growers in Central California nurture, grow, and harvest several tons of French prune plums each... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy is a Cut Above at TONI&GUY

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    In a highly competitive business where customer loyalty is hard to come by, Debbie Webster, President of Academy and Salon Divisions for TONI&GUY Hairdressing, told Loyalty360 that the... Read More

  • Taco John’s Guest-Centric Customer Engagement Program Pleases More Than Just Diners

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    Taco John’s has become one of America’s leading quick-serve Mexican restaurants for a good reason. After realizing that successful customer engagement depends on hearing what guests... Read More

  • Chevy Shifts Into a New Paradigm of Connected Customer Engagement

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    Innovative brands like Chevy are beginning to look beyond the confines of its own industry to curate the personalized customer experiences that drivers want. Competition among automakers has always been... Read More

  • How Netflix Proves What You Know About Loyalty Marketing Is Wrong

    To build loyalty and increase customer retention, brands must create habit and engage their consumers. Netflix broke the mold with it’s original programming, and may have forever changed... Read More

  • It’s All About Customer Experience for Canadian Tire

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    Shawn Stewart, Associate Vice-President, Loyalty, Canadian Tire participated in a riveting interview with Loyalty360 to discuss customer experience and what it means to his company. Who is the champion of... Read More

  • Customer Experience Means Shopper Experience at The Hershey Company

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    Frank Jimenez, Senior Director, Insights Driven Performance and Retail Evolution, The Hershey Company, participated in an intriguing Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss how Hershey views the customer/shopper... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty is All About Preferences at La Quinta Inns & Suites

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    For Rob Taylor, Director of Loyalty Marketing for La Quinta Returns, the loyalty program at La Quinta Inns & Suites, customer loyalty is a result of focusing on the right... Read More

  • Hyatt Looks Beyond the Hotel Industry to Build Brand Loyalty

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    In our rapidly changing consumer landscape, brands can no longer afford to maintain an insular industry perspective. Savvy marketers are now extending their gaze far beyond the boundaries of their... Read More

  • Thorntons Builds Excitement and Customer Engagement with Swipe & Score Sweepstakes

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    Thorntons Refreshing Rewards customer loyalty program launched in March 2014 in Lexington and Nashville, and has been highly successful from a customer engagement perspective. On Dec. 30, Thorntons launched Swipe & Score... Read More

  • Customers Show Brand Loyalty at IHOP

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    Customers at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) show their brand loyalty every day, according to Kirk Thompson, Vice President of Marketing for IHOP. For them, IHOP is always top-of-mind... Read More

  • New Philanthropic Partnership for Choice Hotels Heightens Customer Engagement

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    Jamie L. Russo, Vice President, Loyalty Programs for Choice Hotels International knows the value of customer engagement. And members of the Choice Privileges loyalty program voiced their opinions about wanting... Read More

  • Choice and Control Drive Customer Experience at Hilton Worldwide

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    When you talk to Joshua Sloser, vice president of Digital Innovation at Hilton Worldwide, Customer Experience is always a key topic and overarching goal. Sloser shared with Loyalty360 his insights... Read More

  • Hurricane Grill & Wings Credits Loyalty Program for Increase in Guest Visits and Ticket Spend

    With an endless array of casual dining concepts, the key differentiator for hungry consumers comes down to a memorable experience at a good value.  In an attempt to fill... Read More

  • InnSuites Hotels and Suites: Immediate Customer Feedback Fuels Engagement

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    For Pamela Barnhill, President and COO of InnSuites Hospitality Trust (IHT) and InnDependent Boutique Collection (IBC) Hotels, customer engagement is the key to everything in the hotel industry. “The... Read More

  • Showmars Personalizes Customers Rewards And Increases Average Check Size 37%

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    With the slogan “Everbody Loves Showmars,” customer loyalty is clearly at the core of this North Carolina fast casual restaurant chain. Based in Charlotte and started in 1982... Read More

  • Marriott Rewards: Putting the Human Face on Social Media and Customer Engagement

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    Michelle Lapierre, Senior Director Customer Experience and Social Media, Marriott Rewards, participated in an interview with Loyalty360 and offered a keen perspective on how the loyalty program leverages social media... Read More

  • Papa John’s CEO: Mobile Strategy Is a Key to Great Customer Experience

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    Recently, the Papa John’s pizza chain announced that digital and mobile channels account for more than 50 percent of its total U.S. sales (delivery and carryout), making it... Read More

  • Recyclebank: Rewards, Education and Metrics to Achieve Real-World Impact

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    Recyclebank CEO Javier Flaim is excited about where the organization is headed, and hopes that more customer engagement becomes a reality in 2015. Recyclebank uses a mix of education, rewards, customer... Read More

  • Barclaycard: Data-Driven Customer Insights Reap Rewards

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    Barclaycard’s customer focus has made it the leading and fastest-growing card partnership option in the U.S. The U.K.-based company now offers a credit card under... Read More

  • Customers No. 1 Priority at Aramark

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    Aramark Corp., the food services and facilities management firm, walked away from the Loyalty360 Engagement & Experience Expo last month in Dallas with the Platinum award in the Customer-centric category... Read More

  • Faithful 49 Loyalty Program Off to Engaging Start for 49ers

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    As the San Francisco 49ers desperately try and stay in the playoff picture as the regular season wanes toward completion, the team’s new loyalty program−Faithful 49&minus... Read More

  • Raley’s Keeps It Simple, Intuitive, and Compelling for Its Customers

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    In the aftermath of the recession of the late 2000s, retailers across the country were faced with the challenge of examining how they could engage with customers in smarter ways... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Kristi Gole, Global Hotel Alliance

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    Kristi is a passionate marketing executive who extends the concept of loyalty across the entire customer experience. She serves as the Director of Loyalty Marketing for Global Hotel Alliance, the... Read More

  • Safeway Stays Close to Customers, Reaps Brand Loyalty

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    Safeway has an intensely close relationship with its customers that has resulted in memorable customer experiences, superb customer engagement, a highly successful loyalty program, and top-notch brand loyalty. The program... Read More

  • Cirque du Soleil Embodies Customer Engagement

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    Cirque du Soleil might very well embody the meaning of the phrase customer engagement and serve as a beacon for experiential marketing. Connecting and engaging with customers on an emotional... Read More

  • Bringing Amazing Customer Experiences to Life at Finish Line

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    Finish Line’s Winners Circle loyalty program has been highly successful, so much so that company officials wanted to enhance the customer experience with the launch of a new... Read More

  • BeautyKind.us Offers Very Unique and Personal Customer Experience

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    BeautyKind.us is a new way to shop for beauty products that enables consumers to buy prestige makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair and nail products, and 5% of the purchase price of... Read More

  • Schnuck Markets Nourishes and Engages its Loyal Customers

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    Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The family-owned company, led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Todd Schnuck, has always held... Read More

  • A Memory that Lasts a Lifetime - How a Great Experience Can Turn Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers

    Customer Experience. It’s a popular term used by loyalty marketers.  Loyalty programs have long lead the industry in capturing customer data, and the best programs have operationalized... Read More

  • Customer Experience Shared by All at Global Hotel Alliance

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    Global Hotel Alliance, which took home two silver awards at the inaugural Loyalty360 CX Awards at the 4th Annual Loyalty360 Engagement & Experience Expo, holds a steady eye toward the... Read More

  • Technology a Cornerstone of Customer Friendly Sporting Kansas City

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    Sporting Kansas City, champions of MLS (Major League Soccer) in 2013, has such a compelling and efficient technology system installed at its Sporting Park stadium that it has attracted fans from... Read More

  • How Timeshare Exchange Company Interval International Retains Its 2 Million Customers By Using Rewards

    Interval International has been a pioneer and innovator in the vacation timeshare market for nearly 40 years. With an exchange network of nearly 2,900 resorts, including brands such as Hyatt, Marriott and... Read More

  • Buffalo Sabres’ New Loyalty Program One More Piece to Make Fans Feel It’s Their Team

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    The Buffalo Sabres launched a customer loyalty program called Sabres Fan Advantage, the third phase in a complete direct marketing overhaul, according to Scott Miner, the team’s Director... Read More

  • LG Electronics Building Customer Relationships from the Ground Up

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    Having only entered the market in 2005, LG Electronics has a lot to prove in the considered purchase category, which includes products like appliances and televisions. Transforming customer engagement into customer... Read More

  • Publix Super Markets Treats Customers Like Royalty

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    On its company website, Publix offers the following message aimed at always delivering exemplary customer service: “Publix aims to be a great employer. We hire associates who have a... Read More

  • Marriott Rewards VP: Company Wants to Engage With Customers Outside of Traveling As Well

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    Many established brands today are looking for ways to effectively understand, engage, and communicate with the younger generation−the generation that’s tech savvy, doesn’t know... Read More

  • Choice Hotels Making Top Loyalty Program More Relevant to Customers

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    The Choice Privileges customer loyalty program for Choice Hotels International surpassed the 20 million member global milestone in late May, and celebrated three consecutive years of placing in the Top 2 rankings... Read More

  • Pizza Patrón Uniquely Engages Mexican Customers

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    For more than 20 years, Pizza Patrón has been committed to celebrating the diversity of the Latin culture. While most companies merely market to Hispanics, Pizza Patrón... Read More

  • New Balance Reshapes Customer-centric Path Toward Loyalty

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    Rob DeMartini, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Balance, Inc. sat down with Loyalty360 to discuss the loyalty and customer experience industry and what path his company views on the... Read More

  • Taco John’s® Teams Up with InMoment to Optimize Customer Feedback

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    Taco John’s®, a Mexican quick service restaurant chain with locations in 25 states, not only feeds its hungry customers daily–it listens to them every day as... Read More

  • How Coca Cola can Defend and Restore Home Base Customer Loyalty

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    Coca Cola has been the #1 soda (or pop depending on where you are in the US) in the United States for decades based on sound marketing principles and a strong... Read More

  • Behind the Brand - with Kale Sligh, C Spire

    Please give us a little background on your focus at C Spire and how it’s evolving to answer the needs of today’s customer. I’m... Read More

  • Focus on Exemplary Customer Service Propels Best Western

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    Some companies might excel in one or two areas related to their customer loyalty programs and for most that is a notable achievement. But to excel across multiple loyalty categories,... Read More

  • Duffy’s Sports Grill Enhances MVP Loyalty Program through Highly Targeted Email

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    Everyone wants to be an MVP, of course, but at Duffy’s Sports Grill that distinction has become a key component for the highly successful restaurant chain. Sandy Nelson,... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

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    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low, Cannon told attendees during his session, ... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview, Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada

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    Ian Di Tullio, Director-Loyalty Marketing, Air Canada participated in a compelling Q&A with Loyalty360 CEO, Mark Johnson, to discuss challenges in the loyalty industry, where customer data is... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

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    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low for the iconic global brand, Cannon... Read More

  • Q&A Part 2: Melissa Studzinski, Vice President, Customer Relationship Management, CVS Pharmacy

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    This is the second part of a fascinating Loyalty360 Q&A with Melissa Studzinski, Vice President, Customer Relationship Management, CVS Pharmacy. Part 1 was posted on June 1. How long... Read More

  • Q&A Part 1: Melissa Studzinski, Vice President, Customer Relationship Management, CVS Pharmacy

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    CVS Pharmacy is the second-largest pharmacy chain after Walgreens in the United States with more than 7,600 stores, and is the second largest U.S. pharmacy based on total prescription revenue.... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Chris Duncan, CIO, Hooters of America

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    Chris Duncan, CIO, Hooters of America told Loyalty360 that he wants to know what every customer likes and attempt to fulfill that desire. “We have a very loyal customer... Read More

  • Voice of the Customer Fills Caribou Coffee’s New Loyalty Program with Surprises and Delights

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    Brands make emotional connections with customers through the heart, not the wallet. One year ago in an article titled, “2013 Predictions for the Customer Experience Industry,” Forrester Research said... Read More

  • The Adventure Begins with Adventure’s First Stop Maverik

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    With Maverik’s tagline, “Adventure’s First Stop,” you’d expect to walk into a store filled with adventure gear – an REI,... Read More

  • Jockey Seeks to Refine Loyalty Program

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    The Jockey Rewards loyalty program was implemented in 1996, but Oldenburger-Henning says the program will be reviewed as well as current CRM efforts this year to refine the overall process... Read More

  • Chico’s Goal is for Omni-channel Customer Shopping and Buying Experience

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    For Justin Tidmarsh, director of customer loyalty for women’s apparel merchant Chico’s, satisfying every customer need in every channel remains the company... Read More

  • Behind the Brand: With Gregg Sauter | Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club

    Gregg Sauter is Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club. Gregg leads all marketing, brand development, ticketing, CRM and communication functions including all things... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: David Overman, Rewards Manager, BB&T

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    David Overman, Rewards Manager, BB&T has been in his current position for about 18 months, since his company decided to place a greater emphasis on managing its rewards program. ... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Sarah Mendez, Marketing Director, Mister Car Wash

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    Sarah Mendez, Marketing Director, Mister Car Wash, told Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson that her company is starting to define itself as more member-centric. Mendez participated in an engaging interview with... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Nakati Edwards, VP, Online Marketing, AARP

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    Nakati Edwards, VP, Online Marketing for AARP, participated in a scintillating interview with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson to discuss AARP’s freshly launched loyalty program−“Rewards for... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Nicola Saraceno | Luxottica Group

    As Group Director and Vice President for such a large retailer, where do you focus most of your time? Where do you see the greatest opportunities? At the moment... Read More