Loyalty Management

  • FIS Global Q&A: Loyalty Solutions Custom Built for Every Brand

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    FIS Global designs and integrates successful customer loyalty programs for financial organizations and major retailers. From the initial design phase and implementation, to ongoing consultation and rewards-based services, FIS Global... Read More

  • Five Reasons Why CrowdTwist Is A Leader in The Forrester Loyalty Wave

    Loyalty is changing rapidly and becoming far more crucial to brands. According to Forrester, 82 percent of global marketers are making loyalty a top priority in the next year. The only... Read More

  • PARTNERS+simons Survey Reveals That Americans Trust Dr. Oz More Than Six of The Top Presidential Candidates

    The media is seemingly fixated on stories regarding businesses and organizations that betray the consumer’s trust, and in our current world of social media, a brand’s... Read More

  • Why A Well-Built Brand is Important To Current & Potential Customers: 4 Points to Consider

    Think about the brands you like, whether they are a product, a service, or the local bar. What is it about them that you like? I bet a lot of... Read More

  • Allstate Sees Innovation as a Critical Piece of Customer Experience

    Innovation is such an important word in today’s loyalty marketing world, one that hinges creativity and brand success. For Allstate Corporation, innovation means everything. Orlando Mercado, Allstate&rsquo... Read More

  • Auntie Anne’s Loyalty Program Exceeds Expectations

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    Meredith Wenz, Director of Marketing for Auntie Anne’s, believes the company’s My Pretzel Perks loyalty program has far exceeded all expectations. Auntie Anne’s passionate... Read More

  • Top 4 Tips to Implement a Successful NPS Strategy

    These days, companies are focused on creating an excellent customer experience with an eye toward building loyalty, retaining customers and developing advocates who can help them expand market share. To... Read More

  • Six Steps to Build a Loyalty Program That Increases Customer Engagement

    As competition increases, retailers are doing anything they can to engage new customers and draw their best ones closer. In order to turn shoppers into avid supporters, companies must deliver... Read More

  • Your Customers Want Coupons, Give Them What They Want

    There were many negative and unintended consequences of the economic recession of 2007. From a retail perspective, one outcome that still lingers is heavy discounting. Retail shoppers are now trained to... Read More

  • Ways to Avoid a Holiday Marketing Catastrophe in 2016

    With the holiday rush in the rear-view mirror, brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike are now assessing their end-of-year performance, and many won’t like what they see. Last year,... Read More

  • Survey Reveals Customer Loyalty-Building Tips for Retailers to Consider Beyond the Holiday Season

    Providing a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience ultimately helps retailers to build long-lasting customer relationships. To help encourage customer loyalty far beyond the holiday season, retailers should consider the following... Read More

  • Mobile Wallets: Changing the Gift Card Game and Improving the Customer Loyalty Opportunity

    Now that the holidays are behind us, you’re likely recovering from making merriment with family and friends. As you enter into the New Year with presents and gadgets... Read More

  • Canadian Red Cross Builds Brand Loyalty in Nonprofit Sector

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    The Canadian Red Cross faces many of the same challenges as other brands, but the way it approaches these hurdles is very different. Most notably, the nonprofit organization is unable... Read More

  • When Twice Is Not As Nice – CRM and Loyalty Program Disconnects

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    I can’t think of a single time in my career when an executive has thought it a great idea to do something twice just for the fun of... Read More

  • Loyalty Equals Customer Experience

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    If you’re still thinking about loyalty as a program, you are missing real opportunities with your customers and prospective customers. Loyalty no longer sits as a silo program... Read More

  • 49ers Listen to Fans to Drive Loyalty Program

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    Officials for the San Francisco 49ers realize that to drive a successful loyalty program, they have to listen to their most important customers: The fans. The team’s loyalty... Read More

  • Red Lion’s New Loyalty Program says Goodbye to Points and Hello to Customer Engagement

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    In a majority of loyalty programs, customers look for any way that they can get more points. From using that one specific credit card, to buying that one specific item,... Read More

  • Why Black Friday 2015 Was a Missed Opportunity for Loyalty

    Despite poor bricks-and-mortar sales, preliminary numbers indicate that increased e-commerce drove a successful Black Friday for retailers. But as James Berry, E-commerce Director at Collinson Latitude, explains, a more strategic ... Read More

  • The Key to Customer Loyalty in the Banking Industry

    The banking industry is changing in the digital era, and new competition is on the rise with mobile-only banks, financial focused start-ups, and mobile payment options. A recent study by... Read More

  • Trending Now

    PERSONALIZED VIDEO Personalized video, also known as viewer-driven video, smart video or interactive video, is catching on in industries where customers’ confusion about bills and statements can negatively... Read More

  • Theft Right Under Your Nose: The High Cost of Loyalty Fraud

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    Loyalty fraud is on the rise — fighting it is a must to protect customers as well as your own bottom line. Here is the lowdown on this troubling trend... Read More

  • Best Western Delivers Sophisticated Customer Engagement by Revitalizing Direct Mail

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    It is true that digital innovation has changed most of our lives for the better. As information travels faster, the world gets smaller. New relationships and business opportunities exist around... Read More

  • eBags.com Seeks Differentiation Through Customer Loyalty

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    An enticing, attractive, and thoroughly rewarding customer loyalty program can go a long way toward forging a key point of differentiation for any brand. And for Peter Cobb, Founder/EVP... Read More

  • Meaningful Motivation in the Workplace Can Yield Success

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    Workplace motivation can be a challenge, especially with a multigenerational office. What inspires Baby Boomers, won’t necessarily excite Generation Xers, and Millennials won’t be inspired... Read More

  • Hospitality Triggers Customer Loyalty at Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries

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    Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone wants a memorable experience wherever they go. At Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries, those two aspirational goals come together in a seamless,... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty at Bavarian Inn Lodge Is All About Creating Enjoyable Experiences

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    Mission statements can often be an obligatory practice for many marketers that aren’t considered, in detail, on a daily basis.At the Bavarian Inn Lodge, located in Frankenmuth,... Read More

  • AARP’s Loyalty Program Engages, Educates, and Rewards a Highly Active Community

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    AARP is on a mission to help aging people live better lives. As a nonprofit organization, the social impact that AARP makes can be seen throughout its extremely diverse array... Read More

  • Technology Sparks Kimpton Karma Rewards Loyalty Program

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    Technology moves so fast these days that often marketers have to make difficult decisions on the fly. Stepping back and assessing those decisions thoroughly is a safer way to finding... Read More

  • Building Business and Customer Loyalty the Digital Way

    The convergence of today’s digital technologies – including social media, mobile computing, the cloud and analytics – has resulted in both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges for customer... Read More

  • How to Get the Fastest ROI from Your Customer Service Technology Investment

    Today’s consumers expect businesses to be customer-centric and provide a stellar customer experience across all channels. What used to be a brand differentiator is now an expectation. With... Read More

  • “Millennial Brand Loyalty” is NOT an Oxymoron

    As more marketers have focused on the Millennial Generation with efforts focused on capturing this cohort’s attentions and loyalty, major budgets are being planned in the mistaken belief... Read More

  • The Retail Customer Experience – Which Elements of the Shopping Experience Matter Most?

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    When it comes to shopping behavior, price is always a key motivator.  However, to sustain a customer’s loyalty over the long term, retailers often find it valuable... Read More

  • Grow Customer Retention. Grow Company Revenue.

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    Most corporate marketing departments have one clear distinction when it comes to allocating the marketing budget:  How much do we invest to acquire new customers and how much do... Read More

  • Referrals and Loyalty Programs: The Missing Piece

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    What is the missing piece from the classic marketing funnel? Everyone talks about turning loyalty into new customers. What’s missing is the arrow that you see in marketing... Read More

  • DataCandy Q&A: A Simple, Relevant, and Integrated Customer Experience

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    There is a growing realization that relevance and simplicity are now crucial customer experience characteristics. The world, and almost everything in it, is becoming increasingly complex. A multitude of traditional,... Read More

  • No Tricks, Just Treats: How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

    Digital technology has fundamentally changed the rules of business. Expectations are skyrocketing, competitive landscapes are being reshaped, opportunities appear and disappear faster than ever before, established business models are becoming... Read More

  • The Real Story Behind Apple Wallet and Customer Loyalty

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    With the release of iOS 9 this Fall, Apple’s latest solution to replace leather billfolds arrives in full force: Apple Wallet. Boasting significant upgrades over the company’s... Read More

  • How to Find the Best Airline Rewards Loyalty Programs

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    There isn’t a perfect airline rewards loyalty program, but there are several that are more attractive to customers. U.S. News & World Report released its 2015 list of... Read More

  • Pizza Hut Receives Brand Loyalty Through Consumer Trust

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    In a recent QSR benchmark study from InMoment, Pizza Hut was the only large brand that stood out for food satisfaction, value, and brand loyalty. Loyalty360 caught up with Doug... Read More

  • Affordability - Does Your Loyalty Program Stack Up?

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    Most businesses will periodically conduct a wholesale review of their loyalty strategy and if they have a loyalty program will ask the question "does our program stack up? Is there... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs Take Off with Voice of the Customer Analytics

    Loyalty programs have grown exponentially in popularity over the years, offering a great window into customer sentiment and an opportunity for brands to gain insight into their relationships with some... Read More

  • Converting Happy Customers into Active Advocates

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    What is Active Customer Advocacy? It’s one thing for a customer to promise they would recommend you in a Voice of the Customer survey.  It’s... Read More

  • New Washington Redskins Loyalty Program Start of Long-term Customer Engagement Strategy

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    Professional sports teams have become entrenched in customer loyalty, evidenced by such loyalty programs from the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Sabres, San Diego Padres, and Sporting Kansas City. ... Read More

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Always Seeks Insights to Gain Deeper Customer Engagement

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    Scott Hudler, Vice President of Global Consumer Engagement at Dunkin’ Brands, told Loyalty360 that marketers are bombarded with customer data that can be overwhelming. The key, Hudler believes, is... Read More

  • Inte Q Acquires Teleformix: Eyes Expansion of Customer Pay Loyalty Program Opportunities

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    Steve Kietz, president of Inte Q, a leader in the loyalty and database marketing industry, is very excited about his company’s recent acquisition of Teleformix LLC, a leading... Read More

  • 7-Eleven Actively Listens and Responds to Win Customer Loyalty

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    7-Eleven’s mission to provide a customer experience that offers consumers “whatever they need, whenever they need it” has seen the brand evolve far beyond the original... Read More

  • Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program Wants to Know Who Plans a Better Vacation: Adults or Kids?

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    Officials for the Wyndham Rewards loyalty program wanted to find out who plans a better vacation: Adults or kids. A new national study from global hotel loyalty program Wyndham Rewards... Read More

  • Find the Balance Between Transactional and Relational Loyalty Programs

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    How do the best brands show their customers love? Chances are, if a customer is a big fan of a particular retailer, restaurant, airline, or hotel, he or she is... Read More

  • Global Hotel Alliance Discovers a New Echelon of Global Customer Engagement

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    Ask someone to recount a memorable trip, or an exciting experience away from home, and they probably won’t mention how many loyalty program points they earned at the... Read More

  • Looking Outside of Your Loyalty Program Data for Insight

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    Truly effective loyalty programs get their members to spend more, as George Clopp and I noted in our previous article Unveiling the Personality of ‘the Other 80%’ of Your... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs as a Barrier to Exit – More than Just a Monetary Reward

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    Positioning your loyalty program as a brand differentiator is a key to success for loyalty marketers. In today’s competitive marketing landscape, one way marketers can do this is... Read More

  • Charles Dickens and Retail Loyalty Programs

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    Dickens opened A Tale of Two Cities by writing the oft-quoted phrase, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Fast forward 156 years and... Read More

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All for Customer Experience

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    Statistics show that the average household belongs to over 12 loyalty programs, but only actively participates in four to five of them. Over saturation of loyalty programs in nearly every industry... Read More

  • What’s in a Name? Your Loyalty Program’s Web Address May Not Be So Sweet…

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    What’s in a name?  Maybe to Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, nothing…but certainly to marketers it can be everything.    Most brands have... Read More

  • Ten Ways to Create a Loyalty Program That Your Customers Will Love

    While it may be hard to obtain customer loyalty, it is even more difficult to sustain it. Many companies in the hospitality industry issue loyalty cards in order to incentivize... Read More

  • Does Your Loyalty Program Drive the Right Behaviors?

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    Close, as the saying goes, only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades – and “close” certainly isn’t good enough when you’re assessing the success... Read More

  • Home Shopping Network Connects Customer Journeys to Build Brand Loyalty

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    Great marketing has always been about great storytelling, but today customer engagement also encompasses so much more. Brands now need to deliver the right message at the right time and... Read More

  • Wyndham Hotel Group Offers Simple, Compelling Customer Loyalty Advice: Listen to Your Customers

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    The Wyndham Hotel Group stays on top of rapidly changing technologies to always provide the ultimate customer experience. But Noah Brodsky, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Loyalty and Engagement, Wyndham Worldwide... Read More

  • Balancing Multi-Generational Retail Strategies – Winning Over Millennials Without Losing Boomers

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    It is no secret that baby boomers are a shopping force and have provided many retailers with a major  source of income for the past decade.   At 65... Read More

  • The Domino Effect of Engagement

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    Making a perfect alignment of dominos takes time, dedication and strategy; much like an office environment. Managers and their employees work closely together, forming sequences that lead to success. They... Read More

  • Mobile is Heating Up This Summer – What Loyalty Marketers Need to Know

    Summer is a time for vacation, a time for fun and a time to  be ‘on the go’.  As a result, many consumers take breaks from... Read More

  • 3 Innovative Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty

    Any business owner will tell you: Building customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a commitment to putting your customers first at each and every touch... Read More

  • Don’t Let Your Loyalty Program Be A Gift That No One Wants

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    Everyone has that one friend or relative who just can’t get it right when it comes to gift giving. They bestow “gifts” that are impractical, useless... Read More

  • The Future of Loyalty is Referral

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    When you want more customers in your loyalty program, how do you get them? Create bonus incentives for joining? In-store and point-of-sale initiatives? Campaigns focused on signing up? These are... Read More

  • Prudential Individual Life Insurance Ensures Customer Loyalty through Relevancy

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    For decades, Prudential Individual Life Insurance has been there for people seeking to protect what they value most. Dedicated to helping families find security in a dynamic and changing world,... Read More

  • Simple Customer Experience Leads to Rave Reviews for Viggle

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    Viggle, the mobile entertainment marketing and rewards platform, is cashing in on its simplistic approach to customer experience that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of users. Via... Read More

  • Customer Experience at Johnny Cupcakes? It’s Like Your Birthday

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    Founded by Earle in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes is a successful clothing brand that uses cupcakes as the prominent design motif of its merchandise, often replacing iconic symbols with cupcakes. The... Read More

  • Finding Customer Success at the Intersection of Mobile and Loyalty

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    Ask any CEO about his or her most important asset, and he or she will tell you one thing: the customer.  In order for a business to thrive, or... Read More

  • Clutch CEO on the State of Loyalty Marketing

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    Loyalty360 always wants to provide marketers commentary on current trends related to loyalty marketing. Ned Moore, co-founder & CEO, Clutch offered his unique and expert views on various topics related... Read More

  • Leveraging Loyalty to Improve Patient Care

    Loyalty programs have flourished in many consumer-facing industries (e.g., Retail, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, etc.) for many years and the many benefits are quite obvious, including: increased long-term... Read More

  • The Magic Bullet: Voice of the Customer and Employee Engagement

    If you are like every other business in the world, you are looking for that magic bullet that drives profits, increases market share, and cuts your operational costs. Extensive research... Read More

  • Loyalty for Marketers with Indirect or Hybrid Distribution Models

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    Modern loyalty programs began in the travel industry, not to reward best customers, but to identify them. In the antediluvian 1980s, airlines did not know their customers by name; travel... Read More

  • Tony Roma’s Builds Customer and Community Relationships to Drive Brand Loyalty

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    Tony Roma’s does not operate a formal loyalty program, but that does not mean it considers customer loyalty to be any less vital. Considerations of customer loyalty are... Read More

  • Building Brand Loyalty With Customers: NCR Corp. Case Study

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    NCR Corporation, a global leader in consumer transaction technologies, always wants to build brand loyalty by helping its customers/clients develop loyal customers. And for Jon Lawrence, NCR’s... Read More

  • Caesars Total Rewards: Evolving the Loyalty Program

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    Yes, there are laurels in the logo of Caesars Entertainment. But when it comes to  customer engagement and customer loyalty, the company doesn’t rest on those laurels. ... Read More

  • Understanding Your VIP-Cravers and Discount-Hunters to Better Drive Loyalty

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    Customers want you to align with their values before they commit their loyalty. Understanding what motivates your customer will allow you to develop a collaborative relationship based on each individual... Read More

  • Leveraging Multichannel Loyalty Programs to Nurture and Engage Superfans

    Superfans—they’re a hallmark of every successful brand. These highly active, socially media-savvy individuals will happily buy from a brand, tweet about an experience, review a product,... Read More

  • Rite Aid Q&A: A Major Coalition Loyalty Program Becomes a Reality in the U.S.

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    Plenti is a new coalition loyalty program that will let consumers quickly collect points and redeem rewards by engaging with several major brands. As the first loyalty program of its... Read More

  • Surprising and Delighting Customer to Loyalty

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    Loyalty programs are frequently clustered into “types.” These categories include points or currency based programs that give customers a real or fictitious currency in exchange for “good... Read More

  • Letterman’s Leaving the Late Show: Key Takeaways for Email Marketers

    After delivering jokes, sarcasm and laughter for 21 years, David Letterman is retiring from his prime time spot on The Late Show. Over the decades, he’s created more than... Read More

  • Customer Engagement and Customer Experience Keys for USA Track & Field’s Loyalty Program

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    In late January, USA Track & Field (USATF) celebrated the first anniversary of its highly successful loyalty program called USATF Rewards. USATF Rewards allows fans around the world to... Read More

  • Customer Experience Disconnects: 5 Steps to Creating the RIGHT Customer Experience

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    Customer Experience is maturing. I rarely hear the phrase “customer service” anymore, and most business leaders know what acronyms like CX and VoC mean – without even Googling... Read More

  • Are You Offering Incentives Your Customers Care About?

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    According to the Incentive Federation, 74 percent of companies are using non-cash incentives, amounting to an industry worth nearly $77 billion. It’s a massive industry because, simply put, incentives work.... Read More

  • Talking Customer Loyalty with Hilton Worldwide

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    Officials at Hilton Worldwide know a little something about engaging customers and earning brand loyalty. It’s not something that you turn on and off. Creating and retaining customer... Read More

  • Vintage Advantage: Marketing With a Past, Present & Future View of Your Customers

    Every marketer wishes they could look into a crystal ball for clairvoyance into consumer behavior patterns in order to maximize marketing spend.  While there is no magic in marketing,... Read More

  • Sophisticated Direct Mail Delivers Customer Loyalty at Best Western

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    Tammy Lucas, Managing Director, Marketing & Advertising, Best Western, and Debora Haskel, VP  Marketing, IWCO Direct  participated in an intriguing interview with Loyalty360 to discuss Best Western&rsquo... Read More

  • Can B2B Companies Really Deliver A Personalized Experience?

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    B2B companies are doomed. It is impossible to match the intimate and customized experience that consumer companies provide. If you agree with the statement above, you need to rethink... Read More

  • Integrated Loyalty: The New Paradigms of Ease, Simplicity, Speed

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    This article is the second of a year-long series titled “Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Loyalty Strategies.” For context and additional reading, see the first... Read More

  • Increasing Program Touch Points Drives Loyalty Program Success

    What do you do when there is limited engagement with your loyalty program? That’s the problem facing many businesses today. In fact, a survey recently conducted by Forrester... Read More

  • Journey Mapping Has a New Customer – The Marketing Department

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    There is no denying that consumers are in charge of the way business is conducted today. Customer expectations, buying habits and communications channels are shifting the development of marketing strategies.... Read More

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club Rewards Loyal Customers

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    BJ’s Wholesale Club is well known for its high-quality assortment at everyday low prices, and that’s how officials say they’ve attracted and retained loyal... Read More

  • Five Ways Improving Your Social Customer Service Program Can Build Loyalty

    What comes to mind when you think of your favorite brand? Is it their sophisticated product offering, or have you experienced great customer service? Often, a customer’s preferred... Read More

  • Keeping your Message Simple Helps to Drive Loyalty to Your Brand

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    “Don’t let your channel be the driver of the content – synchronize your offer set and campaign around a message and not a channel or segment.”... Read More

  • Pandora Finds Customer Engagement Leads to Brand Loyalty

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    Music streaming site Pandora is the No. 1 station in 14 of the top 15 local radio markets in the U.S., according to a 2014 study by IFPI. Pandora has a steadfast following... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty Vitally Important at Western Union

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    Retaining loyal customers and adding new ones are two incredibly important strategic points for any marketer. Having a loyalty program that truly deepens existing customer relationships, while creating others, magnifies... Read More

  • The James Hotel Combines Beauty and Elite Customer Experience for its Loyalty Guests

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    The James is redefining luxury boutique hotels in New York, Chicago and soon in West Hollywood for its loyal guests. The hotel focuses on providing beautiful designs and outstanding customer... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy is a Cut Above at TONI&GUY

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    In a highly competitive business where customer loyalty is hard to come by, Debbie Webster, President of Academy and Salon Divisions for TONI&GUY Hairdressing, told Loyalty360 that the... Read More

  • Wyndham Rewards Reimagines the Possibilities of a Hotel Loyalty Program

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    Hotels have been notorious for making it increasingly difficult for travelers to earn points, redeem rewards, and to successfully participate in loyalty programs in general. Whether it’s an... Read More

  • Building a Smart Loyalty with Data From Digital Channels’ Interaction.

    Over the past 10 years, the loyalty programs have become popular in different industries, from aviation to telco, from credit cards to commercial distribution. These programs are born as instruments of... Read More

  • Why The Best Forms of Loyalty Don’t Look Anything Like Loyalty

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    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who blindly recite their contact information when retailers ask them for their email or phone number, and those who refuse... Read More