Loyalty Management

  • A Shared Values System Powers Commitment to Superb Customer Experience at Publix

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    Every brand wants to have an internal culture that extolls shared values that permeate the entire company and the entire customer experience. That’s what exists at Publix Super... Read More

  • Video Feedback Adds New Dimensions to Customer Experience Feedback

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    Truly listening to and understanding what their customers are saying is one of the most enduring challenges for brands. New channels of engagement and changing customer habits have combined with... Read More

  • Former Delta Air Lines Social Manager Talks About the Power of Customer Engagement

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    Former Delta Air Lines customer service executive Jerry Fletcher knows a little something about the power of social media, evidenced by the fact that he helped Delta become the only... Read More

  • How IoT Technology Can Help Increase Your Revenue

    As consumers we have come to expect access to the information we want at the exact moment we want it. We don’t want to even think about searching... Read More

  • Putting the Customer First through Strengthened Mobile Engagement

    Last fall, Western Union made a major commitment to boosting the customer experience through the expansion of its digital capabilities. As part of this commitment, Western Union invested in a... Read More

  • DoubleDutch’s Event Technology Bridges the Gap Between an Offline and Online Customer Experience

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    As the world increasingly moves more toward digitized customer engagement and interpersonal interactions, those technologies that can facilitate this process will play increasingly vital roles. DoubleDutch is one technology provider... Read More

  • Best Practices in Mobile Voice of the Customer

    The case has been made for engaging your customers through mobile – apps, mobile-enabled websites and social media are all great ways to keep your customers involved with your brand.... Read More

  • Is In-Store Beacon Technology Right for You?

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    Ideally, when a consumer walks through the door of the brick-and-mortar retail location, they would be greeted at the front by a store employee who would welcome them, ask if... Read More

  • Mobile-friendly Website Keeps Klein Tools On Top of Customer Engagement

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    For Tom Barton, Product Marketing Manager for Klein Tools, being mobile-friendly keeps company officials in tune with optimum customer engagement that can lead to brand loyalty. Loyalty360 caught up with... Read More

  • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Raising the Bar on Mobile Customer Experience

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    Staying on top of rapidly moving technologies, especially ones related to mobile, can be a daunting task for any loyalty marketer. For Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, company officials have taken... Read More

  • No Tricks, Just Treats: How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

    Digital technology has fundamentally changed the rules of business. Expectations are skyrocketing, competitive landscapes are being reshaped, opportunities appear and disappear faster than ever before, established business models are becoming... Read More

  • Driving Shopper Engagement Through Digital Technology

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    The habits of many retail shoppers are changing. They are becoming omni-channel shoppers, meaning  they use any and all digital resources available to shop and purchase in and out... Read More

  • Why Every Brand Marketer Must Dive into Digital

    For brand marketers who lack a direct relationship with consumers—including the consumer packaged goods, cosmetics, manufacturing and spirits industries—digital marketing continues to be experimental. Perhaps you... Read More

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty Through In-App Engagement

    Retail mobile apps are being adopted by shoppers at lightening speed, and the use of retail mobile apps rose by 174% in 2014 alone. Many of today’s tech-savvy shoppers aren... Read More

  • Chiquita Re-Invents the Modern Sweepstakes, Grows its Digital Audience by 1 Million+ Unique Users in 6 Weeks

    Brands have been using sweepstakes to drive lead generation ever since that first primitive marketer crawled out of the primordial ooze. And, just as marketers themselves evolved -- going from... Read More

  • Mobile is Heating Up This Summer – What Loyalty Marketers Need to Know

    Summer is a time for vacation, a time for fun and a time to  be ‘on the go’.  As a result, many consumers take breaks from... Read More

  • 3 Innovative Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty

    Any business owner will tell you: Building customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a commitment to putting your customers first at each and every touch... Read More

  • Simple Customer Experience Leads to Rave Reviews for Viggle

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    Viggle, the mobile entertainment marketing and rewards platform, is cashing in on its simplistic approach to customer experience that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of users. Via... Read More

  • Finding Customer Success at the Intersection of Mobile and Loyalty

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    Ask any CEO about his or her most important asset, and he or she will tell you one thing: the customer.  In order for a business to thrive, or... Read More

  • Digital Call Center Strategies to Consider for Improving Customer Loyalty

    The digital revolution is bringing a new set of challenges and opportunities for call centers. Like any other customer service occupation, call centers will need to keep up with current... Read More

  • Tony Roma’s Builds Customer and Community Relationships to Drive Brand Loyalty

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    Tony Roma’s does not operate a formal loyalty program, but that does not mean it considers customer loyalty to be any less vital. Considerations of customer loyalty are... Read More

  • Pandora Finds Customer Engagement Leads to Brand Loyalty

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    Music streaming site Pandora is the No. 1 station in 14 of the top 15 local radio markets in the U.S., according to a 2014 study by IFPI. Pandora has a steadfast following... Read More

  • New Digital Personalization Technologies Drive Brand Loyalty

    Every brand intensely focuses on ways to build better relationships and deeper loyalty with their consumers. Truly unique, one-to-one personal messages, especially those delivered with break-through innovation and creativity, can... Read More

  • So, You’re Delivering a Mobile-First Customer Experience? Think Again.

    How many times have you heard a friend or colleague say, “Just text me”? In our increasingly mobile-first world, this has become a common consumer mantra and habit,... Read More

  • Business Must Respond to Demand for Responsive Design

    Whether it’s checking on a store’s inventory while out running errands or needing to change travel arrangements on the road, today’s customers are increasingly... Read More

  • Don’t Let the Landslide Bring You Down: Next Steps for Retailers

    Certain common marketing practices that were once effective in the retail landscape now need to be reconsidered as a result of tremendous digital advancements and access to new technologies. The... Read More

  • Buying Your Customers’ Behavior – New Credit Card Acquisition Promotions

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    In my last article, I discussed understanding your customers’ credit card preferences from an incumbent credit card perspective.  This article focuses on using promotions as a way to... Read More

  • LG Electronics Building Customer Relationships from the Ground Up

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    Having only entered the market in 2005, LG Electronics has a lot to prove in the considered purchase category, which includes products like appliances and televisions. Transforming customer engagement into customer... Read More

  • Millennials and Their Brands: A Look at a One Generation’s Overwhelming Loyalty to Brands

    Millennials have been a frequent topic of discussion lately, particularly within the marketing world. Adweek, for example, recently put together an infographic that detailed the technology and buying habits of... Read More

  • 3 Ways to Optimize CX via Mobile Appointments Reminders

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    We all have a story about waiting all day for the “cable guy.”  As frustration mounts, you try calling and end up wading through a sea of... Read More

  • Improving the Profitability and Value of Mobile Phone Trade-In Programs

    Trade-in programs can be a profitable way for mobile retailers to attract and retain customers, but they are now experiencing a financially crippling challenge. With the adoption of anti-theft apps... Read More

  • Mobile is the Traveler’s Content Compass

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    Was it a weekend in Vegas or a tour in Rome or a beach week in Cape Hatteras? Where did you spend your summer vacation? An overwhelming majority of people... Read More

  • The Millennial Traveler: How To Attract Tomorrow’s Economic Rising Stars

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    Travel rewards have historically led the charge in terms of motivating consumer loyalty. With millennials’ interest in experiencing new places and cultures, this trend will likely continue. A recent... Read More

  • What’s the Future for Loyalty Schemes?

    Points are no longer enough Every time I go to lunch to get my favourite noodle soup, I forget my stamp card. It’s annoying, but it’s... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Q&A with Marcia Donner, Mobeam COO

    Marcia Donner, COO of Mobeam participated in an engaging Q&A session with Loyalty 360. During this session, Marcia provided insight on evidence-based analytics that deepen customer relationships to go... Read More

  • The Changing Face of Messaging and the Importance of Price

    The pace at which the mobile sector moves has always been incredibly fast, dramatically changing over years as new technologies come to the fore. The arrival of the Smartphone has... Read More

  • What Role Does Mobile Play In Financial Services?

    Before launching (or re-launching) a native mobile app, it’s imperative to truly understand your current visitor journey and how an Android, iOS, or Windows Phone app would enhance... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview with Jason Levesque, Argo Marketing Group

    Jason Levesque, CEO and Founder, Argo Marketing Group, participated in an engaging Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss emerging technologies in marketing with social media and mobile opportunities. ... Read More

  • Q&A Executive Insights

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    George Skaff, Chief Marketing Officer at TouchCommerce, spoke with Loyalty 360 during a Q&A session about customer engagement & multi-channel opportunities with mobile devices as well as offering marketing... Read More

  • Mobile Engagement:  The Key to Great Customer Experience

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    Many companies are facing the same problem – only portions of their organization have adopted mobile as a means for impactful customer engagement.  While some mobile adoption is better... Read More

  • Three Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Customer Engagement

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    With more than one mobile device per person on the planet, it’s imperative for companies to embrace mobile customer engagement to deliver a better customer experience. And as... Read More

  • Is Mobile Gamification and Beacons the Future of Customer Engagement?

    Is Mobile Gamification and Beacons the Future of Customer Engagement? By Aneesh Reddy, CEO and Co-Founder of Capillary Technologies The retail industry has completely changed dynamics over the last two... Read More

  • Putting the SMAC in your Travel App Loyalty

    The disruptive technology of Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud [SMAC] has captivated travelers. The effect of using this technology which allows customers to use an iPhone as a boarding... Read More

  • Q&A: Pierre Bourbonniére, CMO of Montreal’s STM

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    Pierre Bourbonniére, CMO of STM, will be one of the featured speakers during a session at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketer... Read More

  • Let Mobile Location Messaging Be a Beacon for Retailers

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    Five years ago, Apple introduced the tagline: "There's an app for that," but who would’ve thought how quickly that tagline would become reality. Mobile apps today, whether... Read More

  • Social, Not (Just) Social Media

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    Many loyalty programs in operation today were conceived and launched well before the arrival of the digital backbone of today’s marketing landscape, including social networks like Facebook, Twitter,... Read More

  • Mobile Customer Engagement Top of Mind for SCENE

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    Shawn Bloom, General Manager for the SCENE loyalty program movie rewards program, told Loyalty 360 that mobile customer engagement is “top of mind” for his company. “We&rsquo... Read More

  • A Mobile Reminder Gets an “A” for Effort

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    Now more than ever, students are faced with high tuition costs and their parents are not in the position that parents of earlier decades were to face these debts. ... Read More

  • How to Create Mobile Apps Consumers Will Actually Use

    By the time you finish reading this sentence, 10,000 apps will have been downloaded on mobile devices across the world. Of those, 7,000 will sit forgotten, collecting virtual dust. Companies can avoid... Read More

  • The Benefits of Engaging Mobile Enterprise Apps

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    Leaders often say employee engagement is fully integrated into their organization’s lexicon. This is actually quite different in practice. Only 13% of employees across 142 countries have expressed that they... Read More

  • Case Study: How a Branded Mobile Payment App Boosted Customer Loyalty

    Introduction Customer relations is an important component to any business, but it’s sometimes difficult to truly know who exactly your customers are. After launching a mobile loyalty program,... Read More

  • Building Brand Loyalty Through Technology

    Technology has transformed both the way we market and how we connect with consumers.  Having an online presence is now as important as a traditional storefront. Social Media has... Read More

  • A Loyalty 360 Interview with Jed Paulson: Director of Marketing and Ecommerce for Free People

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    Specialty clothing brand Free People – included under the Urban Outfitters umbrella -- features the latest trends and vintage collections for women who live free through fashion, art, music, and... Read More

  • The Loyalty Divide

    How Can the Use of Mobile Technology Enhance Your Customers Experience Whilst Helping You Market More Effectively? The use of the mobile device is perfectly suited to the delivery of... Read More

  • How Can the Use of Mobile Technology Enhance Your Customers Experience Whilst Helping You Market More Effectively?

    The use of the mobile device is perfectly suited to the delivery of the core requirement in any successful loyalty program - member engagement. Using the mobile device as the... Read More

  • Playing the Loyalty Scheme

    Loyalty card schemes are as popular as ever in the UK and continue to experience positive growth. In fact, a new survey shows the overall number of cards rose by... Read More

  • The Mobile Evolution of the Grocery Loyalty Program

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    There has been a lot of news recently about grocers eliminating their loyalty programs. Northeast grocer, Shaw’s, even posted on their website, “the card isn’t... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty Can be Fun. . . And It Should Be!

    These days mobile technologies open up a realm of possibilities for engaging customers and building brand loyalty that the guys in MadMen could have only dreamed about. Brian Solis, recognized... Read More

  • New Report: Mobile Marketing Triggers Improved Customer Loyalty

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    Canadians would buy more from brands if they were presented with promotional offers on their smartphones while out shopping, according to a new report conducted by SAS/Leger. According to... Read More

  • Using Technology To Get to the Next Stage In the Loyalty Lifecycle

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    Businesses have an enormous opportunity today to propel their loyalty strategy into the next realm of customer engagement. This next realm is also the next stage in the loyalty lifecycle,... Read More

  • Mobile Marketing: Best Practice For Reaching The Ubiquitous Consumer

    In a world where consumers are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day it is hard to be heard above all the noise. However, with over 6 billion mobile subscriptions... Read More

  • Loyalty 360 Interview: Richard Char of Citi Enterprise Payments

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    Richard Char is the Managing Director and Global Head of Digital Networks and Retail Services for Citi Enterprise Payments (CEP) – which, among other things, delivers offers on behalf of... Read More

  • Is there an App for that?

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    Most travel and hospitality brands are laser-focused on engaging guests while they’re on-property.  And it makes sense, right? Guests are right there, in reach, interacting in-person with... Read More

  • Local Merchants Can Make a Triple Play: Loyal, Mobile and Social Customers are Driving Growth

    One of the biggest challenges facing small merchants is differentiating from the competition. Local businesses are continually on a quest to provide their customers with a pleasant experience and keep... Read More

  • 6 Trends in Mobile Customer Engagement

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    Mobile is an exciting, engaging, and seemingly ever-changing form of communication. There seem to be new ways of engaging customers via mobile every day. Below we take a look at... Read More

  • U.S. Wireless Customer Loyalty Programs Need to Add Value

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    When it comes to loyalty among mobile phone users in the U.S., wireless carriers should start thinking long and hard about their ability to retain customers. According to a... Read More

  • Mobilizing the Point of Decision

    Fifty-three percent of mobile industry leaders believe that improving customers’ retail experience will be essential to creating a successful mobile wallet scheme. That’s what a recent SAP... Read More

  • SoLoMo and the Evolution of Restaurant Loyalty Programs in 2013: What Guests Expect from Social, Local and Mobile

    The data is in and diners are hungry – not just for what’s on their plates at restaurants but what’s on their smartphones and tablets too,... Read More

  • The Mobile Loyalty Users: Behaviors Begin to Paint a Portrait

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    In a recent report forecasting mobile growth, Cisco Systems, Inc. revealed an astounding statistic: the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the number of people on earth by the end of 2012.... Read More

  • Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience with Mobile

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    Doug Dwyre, President of Mocapay chats with Geoff Alexander, Vice president and Managing partner of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises’ Wow Bao division. The two will be sharing details of... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs Must Go Mobile- Is It That Easy?

    The future of the mobile wallet is upon us! 27% of you are already offering a mobile wallet and 67% of you are evaluating technologies for your solution or to upgrade and... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation

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    Drop Tank: “Pump Rollback Cards” Who doesn’t like to see prices at the pump rollback?  Drop Tank’s new cents-off-per-gallon cards, called Dropoints cards,... Read More

  • Four Keys for Laying Your Mobile Marketing Foundation

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    For many loyalty programs, mobile marketing offers the potential to explore new heights in record time, creating positive customer experiences and ensuring customer loyalty. Like building a house, your loyalty... Read More

  • What the Upcoming Mobile Wallet Means for Loyalty

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    The emergence of the mobile wallet is about to change everything. Maybe not this year or next, but within five years it will happen. Consumer’s expectations of loyalty... Read More

  • Best Practices for Using SMS to Influence Customer Behavior

    Why use SMS for Marketing and CRM? Using SMS for marketing or operational purposes will allow you to send messages directly to your customers’ mobile, meaning that you can... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Multiple ways retailers can make multi-channel work

    The UK’s high-street woes have continued into 2013 as winter brings dark days for some well-known brands. Music retailer HMV followed photographic equipment specialist Jessops into administration, with movie... Read More

  • How Small Businesses Can Convert Social Media to Sales

    The message to merchants is clear: go social or go home. According to the Burson-Marsteller’s Global Social Checkup report for 2012, 93% of Fortune 100 companies update a Facebook page at... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Mobile Coupon

    Coupon. The word itself has some odd connotations, doesn’t it? For many, it brings to mind thoughts of spending hours with scissors and the Sunday newspaper, or perhaps... Read More

  • Taking the Leap from Plastic to Mobile

    A successful customer loyalty program is a two-way street. The program owner rewards customers for desired behavior, in exchange for higher sales and repeat customer visits.  Ultimately, loyalty is... Read More

  • Three Critical Decisions Marketers Must Make to Seize 2013 and Beyond

    As another blazingly fast year comes to a close, we must look forward to 2013 and the decisions that will shape programs through 2014.  So, as loyalty marketers and major brands... Read More

  • Bringing Holiday Cheer to Retail Mobile-style

    For many brick and mortar retailers, the stats are frightening: 15 percent year-on-year increase in US holiday season online sales1 20 percent average increase in online sales a year in Asia in... Read More

  • Top Trends for 2013

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    Loyalty 360 asked today’s industry thought leadership to share their predictions for the top trends influencing the customer journey in 2013. Explore mobile, payments, analytics, social advancements and more. ... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Jim Taschetta, FreeMonee

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    FreeMonee CMO, Jim Taschetta has 25 years of leadership experience across a name-brand selection of blue-chip companies and start-ups. Jim previously served as the CMO of Bare Escentuals, FRS Healthy Energy... Read More

  • State of the Industry: 2012 Trends and 2013 Predictions- Hand in Hand

    2012 has been the year of “testing” new mobile and payment technologies including loyalty and reward programs. These new technologies have driven more change in the payments industry in... Read More

  • Connecting with Customers through the Power of Social Media and Mobile

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    Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft all have the same goal — to connect with consumers. Thanks to the democratization of information technology, the global retail landscape has drastically... Read More

  • Keys to Choosing a Successful Long-Term Mobile Marketing Partner

    The market is increasingly crowded with multiple entities claiming expertise in mobile marketing – legacy software vendors, integrated marketing agencies, marketing consultants, rebranded startups – the list goes on. But... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Engagement & Experience Expo Lessons and Trends

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    Loyalty marketers are facing a host of opportunities and challenges as they look to build or maximize the potential of their programs, according to loyalty experts who discussed industry trends... Read More

  • 5 Rewards Insights from Best Buy

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    In building its rewards program, RewardsOne, Best Buy learned five important insights about loyalty promotions, Ana Grace, senior manager of emerging platforms, said during a recent Loyalty360 webinar on What... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Kim Brault, Vertical Solutions, Inc.

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    In a Q&A with Loyalty 360 Kim offers her loyalty philosophy, a perspective on emerging technologies and best practices for engaging consumers today.  What is the state of... Read More

  • Consumer Mobile Services: Planning for Success

    When building a consumer mobile service, the initial focus is on working toward a successful launch, meeting deadlines and ensuring the system works properly for the “grand opening,”... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Showrooming Effect - Find Product. Buy….Elsewhere.

    If retailers were lawmakers, showrooming would be a punishable offense.  The act of consumers examining a product in-store, not purchasing it there, then finding a lower price elsewhere, is... Read More

  • Why You Need Gold Medal Balance for Mobile Loyalty

    It’s a new era for loyalty programs, an era of balance and mobility. Led by empowered consumers, fast-paced technology adoption and data-driven interactions, loyalty today is... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - 2012: Q3

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    The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave  James Amos, Chairman and CEO, Tasti D-Lite & BJ Emerson, VP Technology,... Read More

  • Strategies for Multi-Language Loyalty Marketing

    It’s a given of loyalty marketing that the more engaged your customers are with your brand, the more likely they are to stick around. Keeping the spark... Read More

  • State of the Industry: How integrating customer interactions across all communication channels impacts customer engagement

    The last decade was spent chasing the proverbial “360 degree” or comprehensive view of the customer. A shift is now underway to the consumer driving the conversation, causing a... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - Excerpt from: Fast Shopper, Slow Store

    From Best Buy to Borders, retail stores are closing their doors forever: the shop has lost its connection to its shopper. FAST SHOPPER, SLOW STORE:  A Guide to Courting ... Read More

  • The Mobile Avenue: Engagement That Inspires the Modern Customer

    In an age where attention spans are short and marketing avenues are many, how can you successfully reach, maintain and nurture your customer relationships to drive... Read More

  • Rewards Program Innovation: Engaging Consumers with New Value Propositions and Channels

    Despite various references to the potential negative impact of recent payments industry difficulties on rewards programs, they continue to form a central part of payment products,... Read More

  • A New Era in Airline Loyalty

    There’s a fundamental shift underway. Whereas traditional airline loyalty programs were essentially intended to reward those already loyal—by dint of them being... Read More

  • Three Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Customer Loyalty

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    While there are many successful loyalty programs, there are three common mistakes that many companies make as their programs are developed or evolve, according to Mike Romano, senior vice president... Read More