Loyalty Management

  • Wining and Dining Millennials: How Restaurants Can Win the Customer Loyalty of a New Generation

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    Millennials are one of the most sought after demographics by both brands and marketers today. Because these individuals will soon pass the baby boomers as the largest representative age group... Read More

  • Cashing In On Gift Cards: Three Trends to Keep in Mind

    The gift card is a powerful retail tool for any business looking to grow its sales. In the past year alone, three-fourths of consumers bought or received a traditional plastic... Read More

  • Survey Reveals Loyalty-Building Tips for Retailers to Consider Beyond the Holiday Season

    Providing a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience ultimately helps retailers to build long-lasting customer relationships. To help encourage customer loyalty far beyond the holiday season, retailers should consider the following... Read More

  • Mobile Wallets: Changing the Gift Card Game and Improving the Customer Loyalty Opportunity

    Now that the holidays are behind us, you’re likely recovering from making merriment with family and friends. As you enter into the New Year with presents and gadgets... Read More

  • The Future of Loyalty is Referral

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    When you want more customers in your loyalty program, how do you get them? Create bonus incentives for joining? In-store and point-of-sale initiatives? Campaigns focused on signing up? These are... Read More

  • To Cobrand Or Not To Cobrand?

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    In my last article, I discussed the similarities and differences between cobrand and private label programs.  This article focuses on determining whether there is a reasonable prospect of success... Read More

  • The New Face of Prepaid GPR: Young, Educated, and Middle Class

    Travel back in time to the early stages of the economic recession and try finding a middle class, banked, mainstream American who relies on prepaid products for day to day... Read More

  • Cobrand or Private Label – Which is Right for You?

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    In my last article, I discussed promotions and their role in credit card programs.  This article focuses on whether a cobrand credit card program, private label credit card program,... Read More

  • Loyalty Killers: Off Pricing or Just Questionable Value?

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    Is it true that price is rarely on the mind of a satisfied customer? Evidence suggests that whilst price is often on the mind of many customers, it tends to... Read More

  • Banking on Loyalty: A European Snapshot

    Put in the most simplistic terms, loyalty programs are so valuable because customer satisfaction drives better financial results for payment services providers. The success of these programs lies in the... Read More

  • Buying Your Customers’ Behavior – New Credit Card Acquisition Promotions

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    In my last article, I discussed understanding your customers’ credit card preferences from an incumbent credit card perspective.  This article focuses on using promotions as a way to... Read More

  • Mapco’s My Reward$ Loyalty Program Going Strong

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    Howard Curtis, Director of Marketing & CRM for Mapco Express, participated in a compelling interview with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s customer loyalty and customer engagement efforts, along... Read More

  • The Evolution of Loyalty Programming: BigDoor Weighs In

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    Loyalty programming—and in essence, the whole customer experience—is constantly changing based on evolving customer needs and expectations, as well as insights, trends, and technology that inform... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Q&A with Marcia Donner, Mobeam COO

    Marcia Donner, COO of Mobeam participated in an engaging Q&A session with Loyalty 360. During this session, Marcia provided insight on evidence-based analytics that deepen customer relationships to go... Read More

  • It’s All About the Product

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    In my previous articles, I covered major trends in credit card cobrand profitability and how banks calculate the profitability of your credit card program as well as the key drivers... Read More

  • In Search of Universal Mobile Payment and Loyalty

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    Without a doubt, smartphones are becoming our “go-to” payment method. Banks, technology providers, telecom companies and app developers are all chasing the dream of creating the ultimate mobile... Read More

  • Study Reveals Gift Cards Can Entice Customers Back to Stores

    With the increasing popularity of showrooming, and the competition from online retailers like Amazon, brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for innovative ways to earn back shopper loyalty. At Amazon, consumers are... Read More

  • Happy Card-Linked Offer Year!

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    If you have a credit card or even just a bank account, chances are you’ve been exposed to a card-linked offer over the last year. Most major banks... Read More

  • New Research Shows Overall Rise in Popularity for Digital Gift Cards

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    The rising popularity in digital gift cards doesn’t just coincide with the current holiday season, according to Mike Fletcher, SVP Marketing and Sales, Digital Solutions, for InComm. Fletcher... Read More

  • How Loyalty is Moving Digital Wallets to the Mainstream

    Crossing the Chasm, a landmark 1991 book, explored the challenges high-technology markets face while moving from obscurity to ubiquity – early adopters and mainstream users have very different needs. What&rsquo... Read More

  • The Road to Branded Currency: Building the Foundation for Successful Mobile Payments and Loyalty Programs

    The mobile payments space is crowded and confusing. With many players and technology options emerging, retailers are confused as to which mobile strategy is right for their business. Because of... Read More

  • A Perspective on Rogers Communications Launching a Co-branded Credit Card Program

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    Launching a co-branded credit card program may not be a big deal in the U.S., but in Canada it’s a bit different especially when a non-bank –... Read More

  • Understanding Elusive Expenses

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    In my previous articles, I covered some major trends in credit card cobrand profitability and how banks calculate the profitability of your credit card program as well as the key... Read More

  • Abracadabra: The Magic of Revenue Growth

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    In my previous articles, I covered some major trends in credit card cobrand profitability and how banks calculate the profitability of your credit card program.  In this article, I... Read More

  • Understanding How Banks Value Your Program is Challenging, but Necessary for Growth

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    In the last article, I covered some major trends in credit card cobrand profitability and how the value of credit cards has changed over the last twenty years or so.... Read More

  • What the Upcoming Mobile Wallet Means for Loyalty

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    The emergence of the mobile wallet is about to change everything. Maybe not this year or next, but within five years it will happen. Consumer’s expectations of loyalty... Read More

  • Following the Money

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    Often retailers and other organizations don’t understand how banks make money on credit products offered to their customers (like private label and cobrand cards tied to loyalty programs)... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Shopper Motivations & the New Rules of Point of Sale Engagement

    Times are tough and that means grocery shoppers are looking around to get the best deals. But what you might not expect is the level of retailer disloyalty they are... Read More

  • Three Critical Decisions Marketers Must Make to Seize 2013 and Beyond

    As another blazingly fast year comes to a close, we must look forward to 2013 and the decisions that will shape programs through 2014.  So, as loyalty marketers and major brands... Read More

  • Enhance Business Incentive Programs with Prepaid Gift Cards

    In order to drive employee retention and maintain company morale, it’s critical for business leaders to understand how to effectively acknowledge and reward employees.   Fortunately, new... Read More

  • Top Trends for 2013

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    Loyalty 360 asked today’s industry thought leadership to share their predictions for the top trends influencing the customer journey in 2013. Explore mobile, payments, analytics, social advancements and more. ... Read More

  • State of the Industry: 2012 Trends and 2013 Predictions- Hand in Hand

    2012 has been the year of “testing” new mobile and payment technologies including loyalty and reward programs. These new technologies have driven more change in the payments industry in... Read More

  • New Strategies for Local Retailers: How to Enhance Customer’s Loyalty in Today’s Busy Market?

    Due to the crowded market and fierce competition, capturing customers’ attention has become quite a challenge nowadays. Let’s say the retailers succeed and grab their customers’... Read More

  • The New Era of Rewards Redemption has Finally Arrived: Best Buy Brings Rewards to POS

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    For 8+ years I (as well as many of you) have been talking about the importance of bringing point and mile currencies to the point of sale.  Today, innovative retailers... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The New Customer, New Loyalty

    It’s been a long time since we were clipping coupons from the Sunday paper to save a few dollars on groceries. We were content to clip our coupons... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Point of Sale Rewards Redemption: Holy Grail, Real Value or Too Expensive?

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    Imagine for a moment: You have landed five, 10 or maybe 20 years in the future. As a loyalty marketer, you are excited to learn that the ultimate customer loyalty experience has... Read More

  • By the Numbers - 2012: Q2

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    Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - 2012: Q2

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    Brandwashed—Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy Martin Lindstrom with Foreword by Morgan Spurlock Crown Business | September 2011 From the bestselling author of... Read More

  • Inside Scoop: SVM: A New Coalition for Fuel Rewards

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    Gift and prepaid card provider SVM LP has formed a new business unit that will focus on gasoline rewards.  The new business, named FuelCircle, will initially use SVM'... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs: Tender-Neutral vs. Credit Card

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    Q: "I see retailers like Bloomingdales and Express moving toward tender neutral loyalty programs.  We are looking to launch a new loyalty program in the retail space&mdash... Read More

  • Payment Issues Can Cost Sales: Report

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    Merchants can boost sales by improving customers’ payment experience, according to a new report from Digital River World Payments, Minneapolis, Minn. Few online merchants pay much attention to customers... Read More

  • Replacing Cash in Business Transactions

    The next wave of mobile financial services will include new payment options for business and nonprofit organizations, enabling faster payments, adding security and reducing risk.   Person-to-person, or P2P,... Read More

  • Delivering Relevance

    In the new landscape of loyalty and engagement marketing, brands today are striving to offer greater personalization and relevancy.  Providing messaging and offers specific to the consumers needs and... Read More

  • E-Gift Cards and Their Future in Loyalty & Mobile

    E-Gift cards are hot among consumers and a number of marketers have added e-Gift cards to their existing physical gift card shopping cart in the past year. During the holiday... Read More

  • Is Your Brand’s Mobile Wallet Empty?

    Demystifying the Use of a Mobile Loyalty Wallet and NFC TOP Mistakes and Strategies for Deployment Today Authors: Bob Gold and Jeff Fraser Presenters of a Loyalty Expo Workshop on... Read More

  • Industry Insights 2012 (Part 2)

    The four part series continues. In part 2 we hear from company leadership at: Aviva, Saepio, Affinion Group, Destination Interactive, and Covario. Company thought leaders from various backgrounds and industries shared... Read More

  • How to Drive 10x Conversion on the Loyalty Channel Leveraging MOBILE

    Mobile commerce is not only about payment but the ability to optimize the path to this payment. Farhan Ahmad, Director of Emerging Payments at Discover Financial Services, the issuer of... Read More

  • By the Numbers - December 2011

    Research Highlights from Recent Industry Research - The Customer Experience Report notes that 85 percent of consumers would be willing to pay more—up to 25 percent more—to ensure... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation - December 2011

    GoRebate Mobile GoRebate mobile apps, launched by the leader in rebates, provides consumers and businesses a valuable shopping tool  Parago (www.parago.com), a leading provider of innovative reward... Read More

  • Technology partnership creates new opportunities for building loyalty, benefitting retail merchants, card issuers and consumers alike

    A new technology partnership announced by Cardlytics and ActivePath presents an innovative opportunity for loyalty marketers. The program builds customer loyalty and drives adoption of eStatements for banks and card... Read More

  • 2011: The Year of ‘Mobile-Assisted Shopping’

    Will holiday shoppers bring mobile purchasing into the mainstream this year? They’re ready, according to a recent joint survey done recently by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and... Read More

  • Preventing Fraud with Mobile

    With all the talk about mobile wallets these days, there’s also a lot of concern about security. If you lose your phone, and your wallet’s in... Read More

  • A Mobile Wallet?

    Near Field Communications (NFC) is the latest innovation to revolutionize a technology driven world marketplace. With developing opportunities in mobile payments, ticketing, couponing, loyalty and engagement tactics, NFC applications are... Read More

  • Meeting the Franchise Loyalty Challenge

    The extraordinary growth of consumer loyalty programs over the last two decades is indicative of their success at improving customer retention and providing insight into customer purchasing behavior. However, business... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation - January 2011

    Isis For the first time, three of the largest U.S. wireless service providers—AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless—have united to build a... Read More

  • The Inside Scoop: Tasti D-Lite

    Launched in 1987, Tasti D-Lite, the great-tasting, healthier frozen treat chain, has garnered a cult following among health-conscious consumers and celebrities. Since its inception, Tasti D-Lite’s popularity has grown... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation - May 2011

    Moontoast It almost doesn’t matter what market you’re in anymore, with a worldwide audience of nearly 700 million, at least part of your audience lives on Facebook.... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - May 2011

    BRAND SENSE: Sensory Secrets Behind the Stuff We Buy by Martin Lindstrom Crown Business | April 2010 Did you know that the gratifying smell that accompanies the purchase of a new automobile... Read More