Loyalty Management

  • Publicis Outwits Contemporary Customer Experience Problems

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    The sheer amount of noise that crackles throughout and across our growing network of digital, social, and traditional channels is almost deafening. Marketers are facing this growing challenge by trying... Read More

  • Three Imperatives to Win Over Millennial Customers

    There are 80 million millennials in the US alone spending $600 billion a year, projected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020, according to Accenture. How do you get the lion’s share... Read More

  • Ask the Experts

    With the advent of social, mobile and other emerging technologies, how do brands effectively improve the customer experience and engage their audiences in this challenging and very dynamic marketing environment? ... Read More

  • Why Social Customer Care Is About More Than Just Issue Resolution

    Customer service, as an industry and discipline, is having a renaissance moment.  Conversations that were once routinely private and routed through call centers or email systems are increasingly taking... Read More

  • Three Best Practices In Visual Commerce

    In an age of smartphone selfies, photos, and videos being posted to social media in record numbers, savvy marketers have discovered how to leverage such media to increase their sales... Read More

  • Driving Shopper Engagement Through Digital Technology

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    The habits of many retail shoppers are changing. They are becoming omni-channel shoppers, meaning  they use any and all digital resources available to shop and purchase in and out... Read More

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty Through In-App Engagement

    Retail mobile apps are being adopted by shoppers at lightening speed, and the use of retail mobile apps rose by 174% in 2014 alone. Many of today’s tech-savvy shoppers aren... Read More

  • 5 Tips for Better Social Listening

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    All customer feedback, regardless of the source, should be treated as the infinitely valuable resource it is. And because of its public and immediate nature of social conversations, taking a... Read More

  • Balancing Multi-Generational Retail Strategies – Winning Over Millennials Without Losing Boomers

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    It is no secret that baby boomers are a shopping force and have provided many retailers with a major  source of income for the past decade.   At 65... Read More

  • 3 Innovative Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty

    Any business owner will tell you: Building customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a commitment to putting your customers first at each and every touch... Read More

  • From Reach to Resolution

    Introduction You and your customers have a complex relationship and much of that complexity involves customers’ expectations. For the most part, they expect an ongoing relationship, or at least... Read More

  • Give Your Travel Rewards Customers Something to Tweet About (And Several Other Ideas to Boost Engagement)

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    “See the world,” wrote Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, “It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” Fellow writer, Kate Douglas Wiggin... Read More

  • Can Social Influence Impact your Loyalty Strategy?

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    As more brands have found ways to connect with customers in preferred channels, particularly online, there are examples we wanted to share that provide insight for other brands still trying... Read More

  • Tuning In And Turning On: Leveraging Customer Engagement Data For Maximum Return

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    In the past few years, the number of touchpoints through which customers engage with brands has exploded. Everyone wants to incorporate all these different nodes on the journey map into... Read More

  • The Millennial Traveler: How To Attract Tomorrow’s Economic Rising Stars

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    Travel rewards have historically led the charge in terms of motivating consumer loyalty. With millennials’ interest in experiencing new places and cultures, this trend will likely continue. A recent... Read More

  • Greekgear.Com Generates Insights into Social Sharing Psychology of its Customers to Devise Winning Social Commerce Strategy

    GreekGear.com is the largest supplier of high quality fraternity and sorority merchandise. Premier supplier of Greek merchandise, GreekGear.com is ranked 277 in the list of top 500 social commerce retailers. ... Read More

  • Software That Will Enhance Your Event

    The world of event management is forever changing. No longer just about a speaker, some hand outs and an attentive audience, events now demand the usage of technology in order... Read More

  • 7 Ways to Power Brand Loyalty Programs with Facebook

    Brand loyalty and rewards programs have proven to be an extremely successful way to drive sales through reliable, consistent and passionate customers. These loyal customers deliver 80% of a brand&rsquo... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview with Jason Levesque, Argo Marketing Group

    Jason Levesque, CEO and Founder, Argo Marketing Group, participated in an engaging Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss emerging technologies in marketing with social media and mobile opportunities. ... Read More

  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Drive Customer Retention & Loyalty

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    One in five customers use social media to engage with a brand after a purchase to make sure they are getting as much value out of their product or service... Read More

  • Summary of the New Golden Guidelines for Actionable Social Engagement

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    Businesses have long dreamed of a means to make their social strategy truly actionable. The next wave of actionability will require much more than aggregate audience-level insight. While... Read More

  • Why Omnipresence is the Key to Customer Service

    If you’re not everywhere, you’re nowhere. That’s the modern mantra for customer service. You have to be omnipresent. Now, this may appear like &ldquo... Read More

  • EU eBay Stays on Top of Customer-centric Model

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    For Eben Sermon, Director Relationship Marketing and Loyalty (EU) at eBay, maintaining and enhancing a companywide customer-centric focus is a daily and ongoing goal. Sermon says brands also need... Read More

  • 4 Reasons Your Brand Needs Social Media Customer Service

    The constant connectivity of social media inspires an almost implicit expectation that, if you have a question, someone will respond to it. Customers are watching social media feeds in... Read More

  • Brands Have to Take Proactive Approach with Twitter to Engage Customers

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    Brands must take a proactive approach to using social media to effectively engage customers and drive loyalty according to Adam Wexler, Founder/Chief Strategy Officer for social engagement optimization company... Read More

  • Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings: Loyalty 360 Interview with Deirdre Bannon, VP, Product, SocialGuide

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    On Oct. 7 Nielsen announced the commercial launch of Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, the first-ever measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings... Read More

  • How to Increase Brand Loyalty Through Pinterest Marketing

    The visual social network Pinterest emerged on the scene last year and has quickly become the online social community of choice for companies looking to drive visual brand engagement and... Read More

  • Search and Social: The Actors and Awards Shows of Discovery Marketing

    I love comparisons, and search and social go together like actors and awards shows, like football and players, like seeds and trees. You simply can’t have one without... Read More

  • Engage with Moosejaw and “Love the Madness”: A Loyalty 360 Interview with CEO Eoin Comerford

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    Outdoor sporting goods and apparel merchant Moosejaw is known for its solid messaging, interactive and energetic marketing, not taking itself too seriously, and making customers laugh. Customer engagement may be... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty and Your Social Media Toolbox

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    As marketing professionals responsible for increasing customer loyalty and LTV, there are many levers to consider when planning how to meet our objectives. One of our biggest challenges is that... Read More

  • A Global Marketing & Data Perspective

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    Christian Peck is vice president and managing director for Acxiom United Kingdom.   As managing director Christian leads the entire Acxiom UK enterprise, with oversight of product, sales, delivery and... Read More

  • Ctrl Alt Delete: Q&A with Social Media Expert Mitch Joel

    When the loyalty expert sits down with the social media guru, everything we thought we knew about digital engagement is rebooted. Bryan Pearson, CEO of global loyalty marketing firm LoyaltyOne,... Read More

  • Local Merchants Can Make a Triple Play: Loyal, Mobile and Social Customers are Driving Growth

    One of the biggest challenges facing small merchants is differentiating from the competition. Local businesses are continually on a quest to provide their customers with a pleasant experience and keep... Read More

  • Creating a Social Identity is Crucial For Brands

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    Brands often speak of their identities as they relate to their customers. But in this day and age creating a powerful, lasting social identity is crucial for current and future... Read More

  • What’s Wrong with Being Radical?

    Our world has changed dramatically over the last 100, 50, 20, 10 and even 5 years. The pace of innovation has accelerated with no end in sight. In technology, Moore’s Law once stated... Read More

  • Social Shopper Media and the Future of Retail Marketing

    Most professional marketers describe shopper media in terms of its best known products -- the free standing inserts, retail circulars, broadcast ads, door shrouds, loyalty discounts, coupons, aisle violators, sweepstakes,... Read More

  • Understanding Brand Loyalty (Plus 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You to Increase Yours)

    Way back in 2006 (a lifetime ago in digital-era years), Heather B. Armstrong, a celebrity blogger known across the Internet as “Dooce,” purchased a $1300 washing machine from Maytag. Within... Read More

  • The Social Customer Experience

    A friend in Singapore recently lamented to me that when he was younger, kids in restaurants would say grace before meals, now children are using Instagram before their meals. While... Read More

  • 6 Trends in Mobile Customer Engagement

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    Mobile is an exciting, engaging, and seemingly ever-changing form of communication. There seem to be new ways of engaging customers via mobile every day. Below we take a look at... Read More

  • Customer Service: Why Wiping Your Nose Won’t Cure Your Cold

    Negative brand mentions are an inevitable consequence of a social media-savvy consumer marketplace. Armed with a high-tech array of mobile gadgetry, consumers can instantly tweet, post and even take pictures... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Social Influence

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    The indicators used to measure loyalty and customer value have changed, proving that calculating loyalty is more powerful when companies can measure more. Enjoy the following Q&A with... Read More

  • SoLoMo and the Evolution of Restaurant Loyalty Programs in 2013: What Guests Expect from Social, Local and Mobile

    The data is in and diners are hungry – not just for what’s on their plates at restaurants but what’s on their smartphones and tablets too,... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation

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    Drop Tank: “Pump Rollback Cards” Who doesn’t like to see prices at the pump rollback?  Drop Tank’s new cents-off-per-gallon cards, called Dropoints cards,... Read More

  • Capturing the Value of a Like

    Marketers have invested millions of dollars in gaining social media followers, yet few have had much luck following the sales that result. the speed and breadth with which social... Read More

  • Super Bowl Marketers Hit Pay Dirt with Customer Engagement

    The New Orleans Superdome was in the dark, literally, for 34 minutes during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, but many marketers involved in the most watched television event of... Read More

  • 2013 Predictions: Marketer Trends

    The New Year is always a time when our industry reflects on how things went, but it’s also a time to peer into our crystal ball and boldly... Read More

  • Social Advancements

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    BJ Emerson is an award winning social technology executive who has a long and consistent track record of innovation and leadership within the organizations he serves. His curious blend of... Read More

  • How Small Businesses Can Convert Social Media to Sales

    The message to merchants is clear: go social or go home. According to the Burson-Marsteller’s Global Social Checkup report for 2012, 93% of Fortune 100 companies update a Facebook page at... Read More

  • Three Critical Decisions Marketers Must Make to Seize 2013 and Beyond

    As another blazingly fast year comes to a close, we must look forward to 2013 and the decisions that will shape programs through 2014.  So, as loyalty marketers and major brands... Read More

  • Shop Talk: What Motivates Shoppers Over 40 Years?

    Do the same shopping motivations still matter in 2012 that inspired shoppers in 1972 when Watergate was news, flares were HOT, ABBA was IN and The Brady Bunch was on,... Read More

  • Leveraging Facebook: Play.com’s Social Success

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    Play.com, the online entertainment retailer owned by Japanese digital firm Rakuten, has found social success using Facebook to engage fans and earn referrals from top advocates. In fact, in 2011... Read More

  • Beyond Loyalty: Why We Need to Get Smarter about Customer Engagement

    What do you think of when someone says “loyalty program”? A wallet crammed with retailer reward cards, perhaps? The latest developments in payment methods and digital technology have... Read More

  • jcp cares: Customer Loyalty through Cause Marketing

    The concept of cause marketing originated in 1976 by Bruce Burtch. Burtch orchestrated the first cause marketing campaign by creating a symbiotic relationship between the Marriott Corporation and the March of... Read More

  • Top Trends for 2013

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    Loyalty 360 asked today’s industry thought leadership to share their predictions for the top trends influencing the customer journey in 2013. Explore mobile, payments, analytics, social advancements and more. ... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Jim Taschetta, FreeMonee

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    FreeMonee CMO, Jim Taschetta has 25 years of leadership experience across a name-brand selection of blue-chip companies and start-ups. Jim previously served as the CMO of Bare Escentuals, FRS Healthy Energy... Read More

  • Connecting with Customers through the Power of Social Media and Mobile

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    Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft all have the same goal — to connect with consumers. Thanks to the democratization of information technology, the global retail landscape has drastically... Read More

  • 7 Customer Retention Tips for Your Client-Facing Teams

    In recent years, customer relationship goals have evolved from a linear client satisfaction to a more holistic, 360-degree customer experience. And not without reason. A difficult economy forces sales personnel... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Susan Gruber, Destination Rewards

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    Sue is the Director of Marketing Communications at Destination Rewards, provider of loyalty, engagement and incentive solutions. Sue oversees the creation of various marketing communications for multiple clients. Her areas... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Engagement & Experience Expo Lessons and Trends

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    Loyalty marketers are facing a host of opportunities and challenges as they look to build or maximize the potential of their programs, according to loyalty experts who discussed industry trends... Read More

  • By the Numbers - 2012: Q3

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    Read More

  • Executive Insights: Kim Brault, Vertical Solutions, Inc.

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    In a Q&A with Loyalty 360 Kim offers her loyalty philosophy, a perspective on emerging technologies and best practices for engaging consumers today.  What is the state of... Read More

  • State of the Industry: The Showrooming Effect - Find Product. Buy….Elsewhere.

    If retailers were lawmakers, showrooming would be a punishable offense.  The act of consumers examining a product in-store, not purchasing it there, then finding a lower price elsewhere, is... Read More

  • Loyalty Reads - 2012: Q3

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    The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave  James Amos, Chairman and CEO, Tasti D-Lite & BJ Emerson, VP Technology,... Read More

  • Strategies for Multi-Language Loyalty Marketing

    It’s a given of loyalty marketing that the more engaged your customers are with your brand, the more likely they are to stick around. Keeping the spark... Read More

  • The Power of Consumer-to-Consumer Recommendations

    One of the hottest topics facing marketers today is how to engage consumers in conversation about their brands, products and services. Recently, Keller Fay conducted a... Read More

  • Using Social CRM Solutions to Identify Influencers

    From Klout to Kred to Peer Index, social influence has been a hot topic garnering much debate recently. Businesses work to identify the influencers in their industry because getting their... Read More

  • State of the Industry: How integrating customer interactions across all communication channels impacts customer engagement

    The last decade was spent chasing the proverbial “360 degree” or comprehensive view of the customer. A shift is now underway to the consumer driving the conversation, causing a... Read More

  • Five Steps to Make Your Organization Seem Human Online

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You have them … probably for yourself, and maybe even for your organization, too. It’s easy enough to chat with a Facebook friend about your... Read More

  • Rewards Program Innovation: Engaging Consumers with New Value Propositions and Channels

    Despite various references to the potential negative impact of recent payments industry difficulties on rewards programs, they continue to form a central part of payment products,... Read More

  • A New Era in Airline Loyalty

    There’s a fundamental shift underway. Whereas traditional airline loyalty programs were essentially intended to reward those already loyal—by dint of them being... Read More

  • The 4 C’s of Loyalty: Collaboration, Community, Content & Commerce

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    As the challenging economic environment persists, we continue to see opportunities to create true brand loyalty in the market. We also see dissonance in the expectations ... Read More

  • Marketers Embrace Communications that Enable and Extend the Customer Experience

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    More than 955 million people are active on Facebook each month. Over 800 million different people visit YouTube each month, watching more than 3 billion hours of content. Twitter recently reported that more... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Old school word of mouth powers new school social market

    Local businesses seem to be slaves to the daily deals, offering huge discounts for customer acquisition (but rarely retention), and consumers are addicted to the deal, making decisions about where... Read More

  • Why Social Recognition Matters

    Monetary incentives don’t buy workplace happiness. The age old methodology of motivation, using monetary ‘carrots’ – such as perks or financial remuneration – has a weak... Read More

  • By the Numbers - 2012: Q2

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    Read More

  • Shifting the Balance: How to Protect Your Company’s Social Brand

    Managing customer sentiment has always been a difficult task.  It’s now even tougher, thanks to customers’ ability to air their opinions—good or bad&mdash... Read More

  • Multi-Channel Customer Engagement: Overcoming the Biggest Marketing Challenge

    Today’s marketers are increasingly challenged with how to integrate data, campaigns and measurement across multiple customer channels. Recent Experian marketing services survey data revealed that 46% of marketers named... Read More

  • Inside Scoop: Referral Program’s Social Success

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    Sierra Trading Post, a multichannel retailer known nationwide for offering “Great Deals. Great Brands,” has been providing customers everyday savings on outdoor gear, shoes, men’s clothing,... Read More

  • The Many Roles Social Media Plays In Loyalty

    “Social media” is the loyalty buzz phrase of the day.  There is an endless stream of commentary and recommendations on how to best leverage social media in... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Creating a Cadence of Communications with your Customers

    Through economic evolution, experience has become the soul of engagement. Think about our economic history: We pulled vegetables out of the ground in agrarian society. We harnessed the power of... Read More

  • Clarabridge CEO Discusses Evolution of Text Analytics

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    Text analytics is evolving from a technology that simply analyzes text at the contact center into a technology that not only analyzes text, but also provides recommendations on how to... Read More

  • 5 steps to Immediately Influence Customer Behavior Through Technology

    Successful businesses have the power to influence customers utilizing the power of recognition to encourage a customer to purchase.  Because personalization technology has become easily accessible for any business... Read More

  • The Effect of Local-Mobile Search Trends on Search Marketing and Digital Advertising

    Today’s digital marketers have a multitude of search marketing tactics at their disposal for reaching their target audiences, including SEO (search engine optimization), local search, PPC (pay per... Read More

  • Aimia Research Clarifies Social Media Consumption to Aid Loyalty Marketers

    Loyalty marketers are faced with many options and channels in which to spend their marketing budget, and finding the best way to engage ones target market is key.  As... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Kobie Marketing

    Loyalty 360 Executive Insights series continues as we hear from some of the thought leadership at Kobie Marketing.  Marc Glazer, VP Brand Loyalty and Joe Easley, Director of Global Product... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Mark Robeson

    Mark Robeson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing with VIPdesk, has over 18 years’ experience designing and managing bespoke B2B and B2B2C customer loyalty program enhancements for... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Dana LaSalvia

    With over 13 years of experience, Dana oversees and directs creative and content management of all marketing and communication materials for Rymax’s marketing department. This encompasses corporate events, public... Read More

  • Executive Insights: John Boyd

    John Boyd is the co-founder and chief operating officer of ShopSavvy, the leading mobile shopping assistant, with over 25 million downloads and 10 million active users. ShopSavvy recently announced $7 million in funding... Read More

  • The Container Store - Organizing an Omnichannel VoC Approach

    The Container Store, a leading retailer of storage and organization products, is listening to and engaging with their customers through a new Voice of Customer (VoC) platform; enlisting OpinionLab&rsquo... Read More

  • Bebe’s 360 View Leads to Improved Bottom Line

    In a F3Q12 earning call with the management of Bebe Walter Parks, Bebe COO, and Emilia Fabricant, President of Bebe discussed the philosophies of the brand, brand structure and... Read More

  • Arby’s is Turning Lunch into a Game

    Arby’s is using gamification elements to turn their “Good to Gourmazing” promotion into a $10,000 Giveaway for one lucky winner.  The gamified giveaway is in celebration... Read More

  • A New Social Engagement

    In a social loyalty experiment, Starwood Preferred Guest and American Express are targeting the blogosphere and social networks with a new campaign to showcase the benefits of the co-branded Starwood... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty Programs Embracing Social Media and Mobile Communication According to Recent Research

    Over half of customer loyalty programs either have a social media or mobile communication-enabled component currently in place or in development, according to research recently conducted by VIPdesk and Banyan... Read More

  • Building CPG Advocates and Loyal Customers

    Birds Eye® Voila!®, a portfolio brand of Pinnacle Foods Group LLC, is launching a new digital advocacy hub at birdseyevoila.com.   This spring, digital initiatives will... Read More

  • The Rise of Earned Media from Search and Social

    For so long all forms of online marketing have existed inside of a vacuum where nary the many variations would meet.  Whether it was out of convenience or a... Read More

  • How the Virtual World Drives Physical Business Success

    In recent years, digital platforms have taken our everyday activities and enhanced them virtually. Facebook started with the “real world” concept of friendship and gave it some online... Read More

  • Game-Based Marketing Set To Take Over The Business World – Wait What?

    Game-Based Marketing, by Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder, introduces us into a new world of marketing.  Don’t over think the meaning of game-based marketing too much; defined... Read More

  • The Inside Scoop: WHATABURGER

    Loyalty 360 had the privilege to hear from Whataburger restaurants and learn about how they are showcasing the voice of their customers and employees to embrace a growing Whataburger fanbase. Through... Read More

  • The Basic Elements of Customer Engagement

    Just as in real estate, marketing programs can increase or decrease in value due to location. The number one rule in real estate is now becoming the number one rule... Read More

  • How Luxury Brands Can Reinvent the Customer Experience

    Affluent consumers in search of an unforgettable customer experience have historically been able to trust well-known luxury brands to provide just that. Luxury icons including the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Lexus,... Read More