Loyalty Management

  • Enterprise Customer-Centricity From The Inside-Out: Gauging The Impact of Emotion-Based Employee Ambassadorship Behavior Drivers

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    As reported on the front page of a recent issue of USA Today, a key finding of the 2015 Spherion Emerging Workforce Study (Spherion/Harris) was that 93% of the... Read More

  • Video Feedback Adds New Dimensions to Customer Experience Feedback

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    Truly listening to and understanding what their customers are saying is one of the most enduring challenges for brands. New channels of engagement and changing customer habits have combined with... Read More

  • PARTNERS+simons Survey Reveals That Americans Trust Dr. Oz More Than Six of The Top Presidential Candidates

    The media is seemingly fixated on stories regarding businesses and organizations that betray the consumer’s trust, and in our current world of social media, a brand’s... Read More

  • Getting to Know Your Executive Stakeholders

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    What is a stakeholder? In the customer experience discipline, stakeholders are individuals impacted by the actions taken in managing and improving the customer experience while providing necessary support for customer... Read More

  • Royalty Treatment for Top-Tier Customers Drives Loyalty

    As marketers, we’re continuously implementing strategies focused on sustaining loyalty, especially with our top tier consumers. According to the Pareto Principle, the majority of brands spend most of... Read More

  • Ways to Avoid a Holiday Marketing Catastrophe in 2016

    With the holiday rush in the rear-view mirror, brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike are now assessing their end-of-year performance, and many won’t like what they see. Last year,... Read More

  • Your Customers Want Coupons, Give Them What They Want

    There were many negative and unintended consequences of the economic recession of 2007. From a retail perspective, one outcome that still lingers is heavy discounting. Retail shoppers are now trained to... Read More

  • Ways to Avoid a Holiday Marketing Catastrophe in 2016

    With the holiday rush in the rear-view mirror, brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike are now assessing their end-of-year performance, and many won’t like what they see. Last year,... Read More

  • Three Imperatives to Win Over Millennial Customers

    There are 80 million millennials in the US alone spending $600 billion a year, projected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020, according to Accenture. How do you get the lion’s share... Read More

  • Survey Reveals Customer Loyalty-Building Tips for Retailers to Consider Beyond the Holiday Season

    Providing a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience ultimately helps retailers to build long-lasting customer relationships. To help encourage customer loyalty far beyond the holiday season, retailers should consider the following... Read More

  • Do Super Fans Have Branding Super Powers?

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    For decades celebrity endorsements have dominated mainstream advertising. However, these endorsements haven’t always panned out. In 1982, we saw O.J. Simpson claiming he rented cars through Hertz.... Read More

  • Best Practices in Mobile Voice of the Customer

    The case has been made for engaging your customers through mobile – apps, mobile-enabled websites and social media are all great ways to keep your customers involved with your brand.... Read More

  • Meineke Repairs the Car Care Industry’s Approach to Customer Engagement

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    For most auto owners, proper car care and maintenance is a fact of life. Attracting and retaining these drivers as loyal customers is an essential part of the automotive care... Read More

  • Three Trends for CX Success

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    What does it take to build a winning customer experience strategy? What do successful CX teams do differently than their peers? How can I take my customer experience efforts to... Read More

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Building CX Maturity and Momentum

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    Two years ago, I was part of an effort to create, develop and formalize the CX program for my organization—and still play a critical role in managing this... Read More

  • B2B: Five Reasons Why You Need A Relationship Survey

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    Introduction From time to time I hear whispers of business to business organizations questioning their need for a relationship survey.  The thinking sometimes goes: We have several transactional surveys,... Read More

  • Does Customer Feedback Matter?

    We’ve all had customer experiences where we’ve walked out of a store or hung up the phone frothing at the mouth. Maybe our expectations weren&rsquo... Read More

  • When it Comes to Omni-Channel Consistency, the (Voice of the) Customer is Always Right

    The speed of change brought about by technological advances has brought with it certain expectations. One of those expectations is that customers and prospects will have a consistent experience of... Read More

  • Kobie’s Thompson Moran Discusses Retail Trends, Customer Insights, State of the Marketplace

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    Erica Thompson Moran recently joined Kobie Marketing as a Retail Advisory Consultant, bringing 20 years of experience in the retail marketing industry. Erica participated in a fascinating Q&A with... Read More

  • Taco John’s® Teams Up with InMoment to Optimize Customer Feedback

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    Taco John’s®, a Mexican quick service restaurant chain with locations in 25 states, not only feeds its hungry customers daily–it listens to them every day as... Read More

  • BloomNation.com Founders Go All In; Loyalty Program Looms on the Horizon

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    Online floral marketer BloomNation.com has made great strides in the past 18 months, and will soon be releasing an app for florists and a loyalty program looms large on the... Read More

  • Setting the Pace with Loyalty: Stride Rite Shifts as Its Customers Shift

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    Listening to and understanding your customers might seem like a small task in the loyalty industry, but it often eludes brand officials. The essence of capturing mind share and, ultimately,... Read More

  • The Challenge of Listening: Lost in Translation! The Adjacent Possible!!

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    I have had the fortune - or perhaps the misfortune - of traveling more this year than in the past 18 months and I have had the opportunity to attend more... Read More

  • Can Loyalty Be Managed in the Age of the Empowered Consumer?

    We’re living and marketing in the age of the empowered consumer. The tech-savvy consumers we serve today have the ability to know everything about the brands from which... Read More

  • An Introduction to Social Customer Care

    How KLM Royal Dutch Airlines became one of the most responsive brands on social media and created a legion of brand ambassadors What is “Social Customer Care,” and... Read More

  • Greekgear.Com Generates Insights into Social Sharing Psychology of its Customers to Devise Winning Social Commerce Strategy

    GreekGear.com is the largest supplier of high quality fraternity and sorority merchandise. Premier supplier of Greek merchandise, GreekGear.com is ranked 277 in the list of top 500 social commerce retailers. ... Read More

  • Customer Service + Loyalty Rewards = Lifetime Customer

    There are typically two types of customer service experiences that we share with our peers: exceptional, and yes, really lousy.  It’s human nature.  On average, consumers... Read More

  • Software That Will Enhance Your Event

    The world of event management is forever changing. No longer just about a speaker, some hand outs and an attentive audience, events now demand the usage of technology in order... Read More

  • Exceptional Employee Engagement: A Q&A with Sykes

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    Perhaps we tapped into a trend when we tackled the issue of employee engagement late last year, or perhaps it’s a strategic initiative that’s time has... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview: Michael Fisher, President, Yes Lifecycle Marketing

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    Michael Fisher, President, Yes Lifecycle Marketing participated in an engaging Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss the realities of Customer Managed Relationships and why CMR should be a priority... Read More

  • Referral Marketing Can Accelerate Customer Acquisition and Retention

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    Chris Duskin, VP of Marketing & Services, Extole told Loyalty360 it’s harder and harder for brands to reach new audiences. But Duskin believes referral marketing can help accelerate... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview with J.D. Power: Consumers Win Out in the Long Run

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    J.D. Power III altered the way the industry viewed customer service, customer satisfaction, and the customer experience. He is the “voice” behind the term “Voice of... Read More

  • Using Voice of the Customer to Anticipate Customer Needs

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    How Prioritizing Customer Experience Can Help Every Business Get Ahead The companies who regularly top the charts for customer satisfaction all have something in common. They consistently deliver superior experience,... Read More

  • Reputation Management: What You Need to Know

    Your online reputation isn't your problem. At least not in the way you may think. Often times, when you're taking a hit in reviews and online conversation, it... Read More

  • DD Perks Loyalty Program: A Loyalty360 Interview with Scott Hudler of Dunkin’ Brands

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    Dunkin’ Donuts launched its DD Perks Rewards loyalty program on Jan. 27. The program offers guests nationwide points toward free Dunkin’ Donuts beverages for every visit they make at... Read More

  • The Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season—“Customer-Inspired Excellence”

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    ‘Tis the season of giving! While it may not fit nicely into a box with a big red bow, the best present a business can give is to provide... Read More

  • Customer Behavior Has Guided Hotels.Com on its Journey

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    Hotels.com, which began as a contact center more than 20 years ago, is now a leading provider of hotel accommodations worldwide, offering reservation services through its own network of localized... Read More

  • Listening to Customers through Social Media Catapults Wholly Guacamole to New Horizons

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    Effectively listening to your customers is becoming the single most differentiating factor among brands today. Loyalty is about behavior and the challenge for marketers is to understand their customers along... Read More

  • J.D. Power: The “Voice” Behind Voice of the Customer

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    Having the opportunity to interview J.D. Power was quite compelling. Having been somewhat familiar with him and the awards that bear his name, I knew there was more than... Read More

  • Does It Matter What a Customer Says?

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    In a recent poll by Connexions Loyalty, more than 47 percent of loyalty marketing professionals indicated that surveys are their primary consumer research method. Surveys help to capture peoples’ goals... Read More

  • Listening to the Customer Pays Off at JetBlue

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    Many brands pay lip service to the ongoing quest of “listening to the customer”, but at JetBlue Airways it’s not just another catchphrase. It’s... Read More

  • CMO’s: Add ‘Currency Management Officer’ to Your Duties

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    For most companies today, customers are viewed within the context of the organization’s functions and products. The brand or product marketing department discusses the customer from a need... Read More

  • CMOs Should Play Lead Role in Deep Customer Insights

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    Chief Marketing Officers should play a lead role in analyzing and disseminating deep customer insights that drive business performance, according to a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit. According to... Read More

  • What’s Wrong with Being Radical?

    Our world has changed dramatically over the last 100, 50, 20, 10 and even 5 years. The pace of innovation has accelerated with no end in sight. In technology, Moore’s Law once stated... Read More

  • The Consumer Engagement Price Point

    Consumers are more frugal than ever and also often short on time. This combination makes it especially difficult for marketers to break through to them in meaningful ways. In an... Read More

  • Building an Effective Voice of the Customer Program

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    Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a market research technique used to capture customers’ expectations, preferences and aversions. Driven by today’s need to create actionable insight out... Read More

  • How to Use Customer Insight to Spark Engagement

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    In 2009 and 2010 as many companies struggled, Barrett Distribution set its sights on the same 15% annual growth it had enjoyed for years. Barrett Distribution always paid close attention to customer opinions,... Read More

  • Three Ways to Avoid Survey Fatigue Syndrome

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    According to a 2010 study conducted by Vovici, Americans are delivered more than seven billion surveys per year. Of these, 2.6 billion actually get completed. And, if you listen to recent expert... Read More

  • Inside Scoop: Listening to Create a Great Customer Experience

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    Milista Anderson is chief customer officer for SunGard’s energy business, leading the organization in its voice of the customer program and retention strategies.  Ms. Anderson has more... Read More

  • VoC Best Practices to Drive Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

    Most executives have always known—or at least been told—that customer loyalty is the best path to long-term profitable growth. Today that knowledge is impossible to ignore... Read More

  • Loyalty Innovation - 2012: Q4

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    FIVESTARS—LOYALTY SOLUTION  The FiveStars co-founders began as top business consultants at McKinsey, where they were first exposed to the power of customer loyalty programs. They quickly realized... Read More

  • The Experience Economy: Why Customer Loyalty (and Sales) are Imbedded in Relationships

    Customer experience management has earned increased clout over the past few years. More than a strategic concept, customer experience is a real influential construct worth as much, if not more,... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Engagement & Experience Expo Lessons and Trends

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    Loyalty marketers are facing a host of opportunities and challenges as they look to build or maximize the potential of their programs, according to loyalty experts who discussed industry trends... Read More

  • Don’t Talk at Me, Listen to Me!

    The New York Times recently wrote a rebuke of companies that badger customers for feedback relentlessly. They argue American consumers are tired of weighing ... Read More

  • Five Best Practices for Voice of Customer for Financial Services

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    Voice of the Customer programs are becoming more evident throughout different lines of businesses of financial institutions as they look for a competitive advantage, according to Steven Ramirez, CEO of... Read More

  • Five Steps to Improve Customer Experience

    While most organizations use CRM applications to manage the information they have about their customers, many focus on company-centric metrics rather than the customers themselves. The goal might be to... Read More

  • Shifting the Balance: How to Protect Your Company’s Social Brand

    Managing customer sentiment has always been a difficult task.  It’s now even tougher, thanks to customers’ ability to air their opinions—good or bad&mdash... Read More

  • Clarabridge CEO Discusses Evolution of Text Analytics

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    Text analytics is evolving from a technology that simply analyzes text at the contact center into a technology that not only analyzes text, but also provides recommendations on how to... Read More

  • State of the Industry: Voice of the Customer – Do it right or lose a customer forever

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    Being committed to your customer and taking a voice of the customer approach is a current best practice for creating positive customer experiences and building strong relationships.   The... Read More

  • Most Brands Ignore Customer Feedback: Survey

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    Despite their desire to provide feedback, most U.S. consumers are disenchanted by most brands lack of responsiveness, according to a survey by Empathica Inc.’s Consumer Insights Panel. ... Read More

  • Executive Insights: Kobie Marketing

    Loyalty 360 Executive Insights series continues as we hear from some of the thought leadership at Kobie Marketing.  Marc Glazer, VP Brand Loyalty and Joe Easley, Director of Global Product... Read More

  • The Container Store - Organizing an Omnichannel VoC Approach

    The Container Store, a leading retailer of storage and organization products, is listening to and engaging with their customers through a new Voice of Customer (VoC) platform; enlisting OpinionLab&rsquo... Read More

  • Smashburger uses Empathica to Stand Out in Crowded Restaurant Market

    Smashburger like other brands faces the challenge of creating a consistent customer experience across all of their locations. Local customer feedback provides local insights for one location. In many instances,... Read More

  • Changing Customer Satisfaction at Tom & Eddie’s Table

    Restaurant experiences can turn on a dime; one minute it is a positive experience the next minute it is all going downhill fast. Restaurants with an entire staff focused on... Read More

  • Using Customer Intelligence To Drive Loyalty

    Most brands incorporate a rewards program into their customer loyalty initiatives.  With the average person having 14 loyalty cards in her wallet, it seems to reason that rewards are an... Read More

  • Strengthening Customer Relationships through Loyalty Programs

    The New Global Currency-Data According to IDC, the global volume of digital data will increase more than 40-fold by 2020. The emergence of customer data—information about customer’s... Read More

  • Your Customers are Talking. Are You Listening?

    As with most relationships, it is not what you say but how you say it that matters. These days, it is difficult to find a medium customers are not using... Read More

  • Industry Insights 2012 (Part 2)

    The four part series continues. In part 2 we hear from company leadership at: Aviva, Saepio, Affinion Group, Destination Interactive, and Covario. Company thought leaders from various backgrounds and industries shared... Read More

  • Industry Insights 2012 (Part 4)

    The final installment in Loyalty 360’s four part series, “Industry Insights 2012” wraps with predictions and trends from: ChoicePrivileges, CCG, Medallia, RewardsNOW and Relational Capitol Group. Company thought... Read More

  • Politics Aside, Public Seeking Greater Oversight of Banks

    President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau means the Bureau can more seriously exercise its power to level the playing... Read More

  • Case Study: Executing a Multi-Brand, Varied Promotional Strategy with Consumer Incentives

    In today’s marketing landscape, effective segmentation and targeting is critical. Broad-based marketing is simply not enough. Today’s consumer wants to be directly targeted – based on... Read More

  • Going Global with Loyalty: My Starbucks Rewards UK & Ireland

    The My Starbucks Rewards program has been incenting and rewarding US and Canadian Starbucks’ regulars since 2009, and this January Starbucks fans in the UK and Ireland were provided the... Read More

  • Focusing on Key Customer Loyalty Metrics

    Having run the customer loyalty program at SimplexGrinnell for the past several years, I’m often asked to provide ONE metric that will provide a clear picture of customer... Read More

  • Maximizing Actionable Insights through Multi-Channel Listening

    Everyone is talking about social media and its impact on managing customer feedback. However, most customers are still using traditional channels to engage with brands, such as email, phone and... Read More

  • Achieving CEM Goals: Customer Experience Competency Centers Drive Processes

    CECC: A central clearinghouse for all CEM analyses, its mission is simple: drive effective, coordinated and customer-focused decisions throughout the enterprise. Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been a hot topic... Read More

  • The Next Generation of Customer Feedback is Social Customer Satisfaction Intelligence

    Customer surveys. Mystery shopping. Printed comment cards. Inbound emails. Website comments. Call ins. Not too long ago, marketers relied on these traditional forms of feedback as the primary methods to... Read More

  • The Bright Side of Negative Engagement

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    Given the technological evolution of social media, discussions about customer engagement are ubiquitous. From retail to travel to banking and industries in between, companies understand the need to engage customers... Read More

  • The Four Fundamental Pillars of a Voice of the Customer Program

    Organizations have been collecting feedback from customers forever. However, over the last several years, the need for a deep understanding of customer needs has increased tremendously. With the popularity of... Read More

  • The Challenge of Engagement: The Paradox of the “Golden Rule”

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    At the recent inaugural Engagement Expo, the refrain from marketers (although more inquisitive and loquacious) remained the same: brand engagement and loyalty in this economic environment continues to be a... Read More

  • Viewpoint Voice of the Customer

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    Viewpoint Construction Software: A look at how an annual customer survey, paired with a centralized database helps Viewpoint Construction Software identify important customer-focused initiatives. With over 35 years of experience in... Read More

  • Using Social Technologies to Co-Innovate Product Evolution

    At National Instruments (NI), we develop intuitive software and modular hardware products that help engineers and scientists around the world design and deploy systems. Customers use our products for applications... Read More

  • Making the Audible Actionable: The Value of Voice Analytics

    I’m at the drive-thru of a national burger chain last week, craving that juicy super-burger that melts as it slides down my throat and becomes 800 calories of fat... Read More

  • A Healthy Business Marriage Relies on Text Analytics

    There is an old joke about a couple in divorce court sitting before the judge. “So, Mrs. Smith, you want a divorce?” the judge asked. “Tell me,... Read More

  • Behind the Brand/People: Greg Stock, CEO, Vovici

    Vovici is the leading provider of intelligent online survey management and feedback solutions. Powerful, scalable and easy to use, Vovici’s solutions help companies engage customers, employees and partners... Read More

  • Unleash the Voice of the Customer

    Software technology company FNC® Inc. builds systems that give mortgage lenders and servicers access to the most current residential real estate information available. For more than 10 years, FNC has... Read More