Apps and Airline Miles: How British Airways Will Win The Customer Loyalty of Travelers Across China

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As a business that has faced small profit margins and high fixed costs, and an ongoing threat of new carriers, the airline industry has always been known as a very competitive space. For this reason, wining and retaining customer loyalty has always been key. In fact, loyalty programs actually originated in this industry, and they continue thrive today. Increasingly, this is also seeing the rise of new partnerships, which brands are leveraging in an attempt to strengthen their own respective programs.

One of the latest of such partnerships, however, comes not between two airlines but between an airline and a popular app. For travelers, this means that Mileslife has become the first Avios direct earning partner in China.

Avios, the loyalty program currency for the British Airways Executive Club, will now allow members to collect thousands of Avios points through Mileslife, China's innovative earning platform that allows customers to earn airline miles and points directly through their everyday spending habits.

This may prove to be a powerful combination as the British Airways Executive Club is one of the world's most successful loyalty programs. Its currency, Avios, is also renowned for the valuable and convenient customer experience it brings to members.

Internationally, Avios members can earn and use points on flights throughout the oneworld® alliance. This includes British Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qantas and Cathay Pacific.

And now Mileslife adds another dimension to this already dynamic program.

"Avios is pleased to partner with Mileslife, enabling British Airways Executive Club members to collect Avios through everyday lifestyle spending such as restaurants, leading spas, boutique hotels and luxury resorts in China,” said Marc Guiomar, Head of Markets Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific at Avios. “It offers another new way for customers to build their Avios balances quicker and enjoy flight and travel rewards."

The ability for Mileslife members to earn points through a variety of common and everyday activities is a core benefit of the app. Members can earn thousands of miles at several businesses across China that range from mid-to-high end restaurants, spas, boutique hotels, luxury resorts and more.

“As the very first Avios direct earning partner in China, Mileslife will help British Airways build its elite image among Chinese members and the partnership will also be the first move for Mileslife going global,” said Troy Liu, Founder and CEO of Mileslife.

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