Brussels Airlines Loyalty Program Takes Flight with New Comarch Platform

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Brussels Airlines Loyalty ProgramNew loyalty programs continue to spread across the skies of Europe. As a customer engagement strategy, such initiatives, when properly executed, continue to provide a powerful marketing tool to surprise and delight travellers. Since the airline industry is always evolving and constantly facing intense global competition, a solid loyalty program can effectively demonstrate the respect and gratitude brands need to display for customers. And in a new age of consumer empowerment, where most people expect excellent care and service, this should be a top priority for every airline.

The importance of this high level of customer engagement is not lost on Brussels Airlines. As Belgium’s largest air carrier, Brussels Airlines has chosen Comarch to launch its new loyalty management platform. The program is called LOOP, and it will help the airline reward the more than 6 million passengers that fly to over 90 locations across Europe, Africa and North America every year.

“LOOP is one of the most generous loyalty programs currently on the market,” Nathalie Erdmanis, Brussels Airlines VP of Marketing. “It is built around two principles: simplicity and allowing customers to get what they want most as fast as possible – a free flight. LOOP is the perfect complement to our already existing Miles & More. With LOOP we now offer more advantages to customers who loyally choose Brussels Airlines but do not necessarily fly every week.”Brussels Airlines Loyalty Program

Comarch, a global firm that specialized in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT and telecommunications services and software, will give Brussels Airlines the ability to leverage data to predict purchasing habits and make the dynamic decisions that will increase customers’ emotional connections to the brand. 

Comarch will accomplish this through a deep analysis of collected passenger data surrounding a wide array of demographic, communicational and transactional factors. In addition to offering a strong value proposition for both frequent and casual flyers alike, LOOP will enhance the airline’s mission of making airline travel more personable and pleasurable.

“Brussels Airlines is redefining airline loyalty by targeting the growing segment of not-so-frequent flyers,” said Bruno Carpreau, Brussels Airlines Head of Loyalty Management. “LOOP, our new loyalty program, gives them what they value most: clear, tangible value without the hassle. Comarch has partnered with us to build this disruptive program from the ground up, leveraging loyalty best practices from other industries.”

Brussels Airlines is confident that LOOP will continue to help transform it into one of the most customer-centric airlines in the world.”

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