GAP Looks for Increased B2B Customer Engagement Via National Gift Card Europe

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Earlier this year, GAP CEO Arthur Peck talked about his company’s industry and rapid changes occurring to meet and exceed customer expectations, further broadening brand loyalty.

“We knew that we were in an industry that was changing dramatically,” he said during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call. “And looking back on it now, I think we probably all underestimated the magnitude and speed of the changes taking place. It’s been pretty stark what’s been happening over the last year. I’m pleased with the progress that we’ve made, but we are in a market that is in significant disruption.”

GAP launched into the B2B sector with a gift card and digital offering hosted by National Gift card Europe, a distributor and marketer for gift cards and digital codes. The digital voucher and plastic gift card will be sold via the new B2B website where orders can be placed and fulfilled by NGC Europe; this will be complimented by a B2B sales, marketing, and account management strategy.

“GAP is the latest brand to join the National Gift Card Europe portfolio of retailers taking advantage of our expertise in gift card and digital voucher fulfilment, sales, and marketing services,” said Andrew Johnson, CEO of NGC Europe. “We are looking forward to working with the iconic and innovative brand that is GAP.”

Founded in 2004, National Gift Card Corp Europe (NGC) offers a range of fulfilment, distribution, sales, and marketing management solutions for gift cards, gift certificates, and digital codes in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. With services available to brands, corporate and non-profit business, NGC prides itself on great customer service using innovative, proprietary systems giving agents, businesses and leisure easy access to purchase gift cards, gift certificates and digital codes individually or in bulk.

What’s more, during his fourth-quarter earnings call, Peck said that if a company doesn’t get the basics right, nothing else matters.

“We are a product company and we are a retailer,” he explained. “And if we don’t get our product right, we will not win, regardless of how good we are in digital or many other things. It starts with an emotional product that she connects to that has the right quality, the right fit, and the right value proposition.”

GAP was born in 1969 and today it is a global fashion and accessories brand focused on delivering casual, American style. GAP’s collections for adults, kids, and baby are a modern interpretation of its denim roots and signature pieces that are a staple for every wardrobe. GAP embraces a youthful, infectious spirit and the freedom to express individual style.

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