Genesys Enhances Suite of Self-service and Omni-channel Customer Experience Solutions

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SpeechStorm Customer ExperienceAllowing consumers to engage with a business how, when and where they want to engage is a hallmark of omni-channel customer engagement. Seamlessly interrelated channels can provide a customer experience that offers the freedom and flexibility digital savvy and socially connected consumers now seek.

The trick for brands, however, is to adopt both the internal organizational mindset and the right technology needed to make this omni-channel dream a reality. Genesys, a provider of omni-channel customer experience and contact center solutions, has just acquired a powerful new suite of self-service applications to help companies achieve this goal.

To this end, Genesys has just announced the acquisition of SpeechStorm, a leading purveyor of self-service applications for mobile, web and interactive voice recognition (IVR) channels. Based in Northern Ireland with offices located throughout the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States, SpeechStorm has partnered with Genesys since 2010. But with this new announcement, SpeechStorm will take a much more active role in Genesys’ customer engagement strategy.SpeechStorm Customer Experience

SpeechStorm will help Genesys significantly boost its self-service solutions. Through SpeechStorm, Genesys clients will integrate a wide range of self-service phone applications optimized for everyday end-consumer needs.

“Through the acquisition of SpeechStorm, Genesys now provides a set of over 70 pre-built phone self-service applications, fully configurable and managed through a unique business user interface,” Scott Kolman, Genesys VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, told Loyalty360.

For example, consumers will be able to quickly and easily complete a wide range of actions such as pay bills or change addresses. These phone applications also include employee and customer satisfaction surveys, self-service for telecoms operators, and various operations such as balance inquiries and transfers for banking organizations.

“Omni-channel self-service provides the ability for consumers to utilize multiple channels and modalities to accomplish tasks without the need to interact with an agent,” Kolman continued. “By leveraging omni-channel capabilities, companies can empower their customers to start an interaction in one channel – move to another channel and pick up the interaction right where they left off.  Carrying forward context from one channel to another makes the interaction easier and more seamless for the customer.”

This catalog of self-service applications can be leveraged by organizations across almost any industry. Furthermore, the interface and operational capabilities can also be fully configured and customized to meet specific business needs.

Genesys hopes that the new acquisition of SpeechStorm will enhance the seamless and personalized customer experiences of brands all across Europe and beyond.

“As our customers embrace the challenge of personalizing the customer experience and managing customer journeys, self-service solutions are the first places they need to examine in making that transformation,” said Paul Segre, Genesys CEO. “With the addition of SpeechStorm, we’re setting a new standard for both how companies create omni-channel self-service applications and design highly personalized journeys across touchpoints and channels to deliver an exceptional customer experience.”

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