In a Digital World, Bebuzzd Helps Local UAE Merchants Offer Relevant Customer Experiences

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For years, loyalty programs were leveraged only by some of the biggest organizations from across the most established industries. Only those that had the internal resources and operational capabilities had the luxury to administer such a strategic initiative. Times, however, have changed. And, just as it is the driving force behind so much change across nearly every aspect of business and marketing, technology, again, is the reason behind it all.

Today, even the smallest and most intimately local organizations can implement and operate a successful loyalty program. The rise of third party technology providers and even an array of do-it-yourself mobile app integrations are making this possible for businesses of all sizes and means.

Blackhawk Solutions DM, a Dubai-based technology firm, is one of the solutions providers helping to make this possible, and it recently expanded its efforts with the launch of Bebuzzd.

Bebuzzd is a new digital platform designed to offer UAE local businesses a simple way to implement a cost-effective loyalty program. The idea is to provide businesses the opportunity to become a part of a common connected platform. This would not only increase convenience among UAE consumers, it will also increase the value proposition of those local merchants that choose to feature Bebuzzd.

Through a simple to use app that links to smartphones and digital devices, Bebuzzd will deliver personalized digital vouchers, various promotional offers, and relevant event notifications. And in the event that a consumer does not need any particular offer, they can send it to a friend through Bebuzzd’s social sharing capabilities.

At its core, Bebuzzd both allows local businesses to easily increase customer engagement, while also offering a loyalty program that is more modernized and relevant than a traditional loyalty program.

In an age of online connectivity and digital customer engagement, this is something that all brands, larger or small, must now consider.

“Traditional loyalty programs as we know them today, have reached the limit of their utility for both the consumers and for the merchants,” Abdul Nazeer, CEO of Bebuzzd, said. “Customers are showing apathy to traditional concept (too complicated or demanding process of registration, hard to use, one more plastic or paper card in your wallet, and so on). It is in this context, we realized the importance to keep shoppers happy and to ensure that they keep coming back.’’

For the UAE, it looks as if Bebuzzd is poised to stay in step with many of the contemporary habits of most consumers.

“Everyone is digital today,” said Mujeeb Rahman, COO of Bebuzzd. “Just like the rest of the world, the UAE and Dubai are being taken over by the mobile revolution as well. Take a look at the fact that in 2016, mobile subscribers exceeding 16 million subscriptions and mobile penetration of nearly 200 per cent. There is no wonder that the UAE is considered the second largest m-commerce market in the world.”

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