The New MilleMiglia Gallery Promises a “Brand New” Customer Experience for Frequent Fliers

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MillMiglia Loyalty ProgramWith all the leading airlines that carry travelers all across Europe, Asia and Africa, finding the right customer engagement strategy is becoming a growing challenge. If they are executed properly, some loyalty programs can provide a competitive differentiator. But, increasingly, offering only standard points or frequent flyer schemes is simply not enough. Not anymore.

Some innovative brands, therefore, are looking to further bolster their programs by introducing customer experiences that go beyond offering mere miles. Alitalia, Italy's largest airline, is taking this approach with a new partnership with Loylogic, an e-commerce and e-payment solutions firm that drives loyalty and value for major brands everywhere.

Alitalia and Loylogic have devised a plan to create a new rewards platform that gives Alitalia's frequent flyer members access to more rewards and greater flexibility through the New MilleMiglia Gallery, which is something the brand purports to be a “brand new shopping experience.”

MilleMiglia Galleria features a rich catalogue of rewards and unique experiences chosen exclusively for MilleMiglia Members. MilleMiglia Gallery also promises to significantly enhance the overall value of the existing MilleMiglia Program by allowing members to receive even more items such as gift cards, high tech gadgets, fashion accessories, home and lifestyle decor, toys and more.

"We believe that current and future MilleMiglia members will see great value in the new reward offering that we have created, giving them the power to choose rewards tailored to their specific needs and wishes,” said Dominic Hofer, Loylogic CEO and Founder.

Hofer’s thoughts also speak to the need for loyalty programs to become more personalized and to engage consumers on a far more 1:1 level. There is a growing need for brands across all industry verticals to provide a greater level of meaning and relevance to consumers. This type of customer engagement is becoming a growing priority to innovative marketers.MilleMiglia Loyalty Program

"We will constantly work to make the program more and more rewarding, delivering a series of exciting novelties and features to the current reward proposition,” Lucio Attinà, Alitalia Loyalty CEO. “We are thrilled about this new and exciting launch."

MilleMiglia Gallery has officially been in effect for just over one month. And alongside Italy, it is available to fliers in 31 additional countries across the world.

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