PINS Strengthens Its Position as One of the Most Successful Coalition Loyalty Programs in Europe

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While not as successful in some other parts of the world, coalition loyalty programs have become very popular across Europe, and for a very good reason. Imagine being able to earn and redeem points by engaging with more than 700 businesses for a wide range of activities including shopping online, traveling, dinning, buying groceries, jewelry, perfumes, children’s toys and more. This is the promise of PINS, the popular loyalty program that offers points for everyday purchases.

PINS’ goal is to become the most successful coalition loyalty program in Northern and Eastern Europe and in Russia by servicing and connecting customer-centric retailers, travel companies and financial institutions. So far, this is a mission that seems ultimately attainable. In fact, PINS has just reached another huge step in the evolution of the program.

PINS has recently signed up its two-millionth member. The member’s name is Pentti Oinonen, and he joined PINS in Helsinki, Finland, by enrolling through the Restel hotel and restaurants chain.

To mark the occasion, Mr. Oinonen was awarded 20,000 PINS at Hotel Indigo Helsinki.

“I could not imagine a better way how to kick-start a membership in a rewards program,” Oinonen said at the celebration.

Oinonen plans to use the newfound bounty of PINS to plan a summer trip to Italy, which is part of the appeal of PINS. That is, the flexibility it offers members to use points where and how they wish is significant.

Since being launched in 2014, PINS has expanded quickly across many European and Asian markets including Finland, which counts more than 20% of its overall population as PINS members.

"Finland is a very important market for our program, so it feels particularly relevant that our second millionth member comes from Helsinki,” said Gabi Kool, PINS Chief Executive Officer. “We are happy to welcome Mr Oinonen among our global community and we hope PINS will become an integral part of his daily life."

Going forward, PINS plans to expand its reach across Europe and Asia in 2016 and 2017. 

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