Loyalty360 Verified

Bond Brand Loyalty, emnos and Brierley+Partners Named Loyalty360 Verified Vendors

Loyalty360 Verified is a comprehensive authentication of vendors – by specialty – to aid brands with determining the right tools and technology partners related to building long-term and profitable relationships with customers. Vendors that are Loyalty360 Verified have earned Loyalty360’s commendation of their solutions, capabilities and outcomes. Bond Brand Loyalty, emnos and Brierley+Partners make up first set of Loyalty360 Verified Vendors, announced on April 28 at Loyalty Expo.

A rigorous process of auditing the vendors and talking with their current clients showed that each has unique core competencies and strengths. Loyalty360 Verified reports outline – in an objective way – the specific expertise that each vendor brings to client relationships, making it a valuable tool for brands that are looking for new or different partners. Please contact us for a copy of the reports.


A Sneak Peak of The Information Provided in the Reports:

Bond Brand Loyalty’s sweet spot is partnering with clients who want to strategically grow brand loyalty, including but not limited to a program. These clients are open to leveraging new technologies, strategies and design principles to build true loyalty and are looking for a partner - not simply an agency - that will work to fully understand business needs and will think creatively to meet business objectives.

emnos’ sweet spot is partnering with clients in retail, grocery and c-store environments, as well as their vendor/supplier partners. These clients have the analytics capital to tap into an easy-to-use, but powerful customer insights tool and are willing develop a “trusted advisor” partnership that enables emnos to guide decisions that truly add value to the business.

Brierley+Partners’ sweet spot is partnering with clients who need strategic guidance in designing, building and analyzing their loyalty programs, but have the desire and wherewithal to approach customer loyalty beyond a narrowly defined loyalty functionality. These clients are willing to invest in the technology and people needed to build engagement, advocacy and emotional loyalty, not just a loyalty program.


What is Loyalty360 Verified?

Both Vendors and Brands Benefit

A Loyalty360 Verified designation will ensure that vendors are included in the consideration set during the early stages of a potential client’s RFI/RFP process. The service gives vendors the chance to highlight all of the capabilities and strategic services they offer, so that potential clients can fully understand and tap into the competencies that are available to them.

With a focus on objectivity, rigor and transparency, Loyalty360 Verified will help brands take a wide view of the vendors available to them and then narrow down to an appropriate consideration set by identifying those who are Loyalty360 Verified. It will not only make the RFI/RFP process more efficient and less time consuming, but will give brands the confidence to know that the vendors they are considering have the ability to deliver on what they promise.

How it Works

Participating vendors will be asked to respond to a survey regarding their capabilities, services, support, strategies and outcomes. For each specific product, service or support solution, the vendor will be asked to provide the names and contact information for three clients who utilize those competencies. Loyalty360 will then survey each of the three clients to verify that the information shared by the vendor is accurate, and will audit the responses in order to make the final determination of Loyalty360 Verified.

What’s the Result?

Results will be published in reports that are focused on each specialty assessed. Loyalty360 Verified vendors will be highlighted as such on their member pages on Loyalty360.org, as well as the online Find a Partner and Ask the Expert resources. Loyalty360 will provide marketing collateral for Verified vendors to also use on their own media and marketing properties.

Please contact Mark Johnson, at markjohnson@loyalty360.org, for more information or to express interest in participation.